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NCERT Solutions For CBSE Students On Study Equation

studyequation.com is one-stop destination for all queries related to NCERT Books and NCERT Solutions. We share summarised chapters for better understanding with NCERT Notes for all classes. Study Equation can be your best guide for any CBSE exam with all NCERT Book Solutions. All the solutions are provided by their subject expert and explained in easiest way possible.

Study Equation create a strong foundation of concepts in students that help them later in their future examinations. Those students who like to download NCERT Notes or NCERT Solution PDFs can use our quick link section.

We also share NCERT Exemplars which are basically some extra higher level question which help students to clear all their concepts.

About Outbound Articles

Knowledge provided by NCERT books is enough to pass few exams but that doesnt assure you that you can understand all concepts, because of that we have this category which include some extra articles. These articles include every information from “how to calm your mind during exam” to “what to do after passing class 12th”.

Frequently Asked Questions

NCERT solutions of NCERT Books is not easy to find on web mostly in pdf format and thats why we share PDF format of NCERT Notes from class 9th to class 12th. To Get these Notes you can visit our Pdf section on main menu which will lead you to all possible available CBSE Book Notes of Class 12,11,10 and 9.

It is known fact that NCERT books are the best resource to prepare for CBSE Board Exam. But again remembering every chapter line by line doesn’t help you in your exam. To prepare for your exam you should create a habit of daily learning and can get help for other reference books like RS Agarwal and RD sharma. Once completing all these you can solve CBSE previous year question papers.

NCERT Solutions for all classes are available online and you can also download them from studyequation.com. Questions asked in NCERT textbooks are answered by their subject experts on studyequation.com.

Previous year solved papers can save your day by allowing you to understand basic pattern of CBSE question papers. To get NCERT solved papers you can visit our previous paper section at top menu where you can find last year question paper and sample paper from class 9 to class 12.