10 Lines on My Classroom

10 lines on my classroom

10 Lines on My Classroom. Here you will find four different paragraphs on ’10 Lines on My Classroom’ for different classes and word limits.

My Classroom lines for Class 5

  1. I am a student at 5-B.
  2. My classroom is big.
  3. There are 30 children in my classroom.
  4. My classroom is on the first floor.
  5. Our class teacher is Reema Ma’am.
  6. In the wall of my classroom, we have a birthday chart and a creative wall.
  7. In the creative wall, we put our drawings.
  8. We have a dustbin at the right corner of my classroom.
  9. My classroom has three rows of desks and benches.
  10. I love my classroom.
10 Lines on My Classroom

My Classroom lines for class 10

  1. My school is St. Mary’s School, Bangalore.
  2. It is a beautiful school that is filled with happy faces.
  3. School is one of the divine places to earn knowledge and I can proudly say that my school is one of the leading schools.
  4. In my school, all the classrooms are big and clean and have blackboards, and I have a homely feeling for my classroom.
  5. My classroom, 10-C, is situated on the second floor from which we have a beautiful view of the outside.
  6. The class teacher of my classroom is Reema Ma’am, who is also our Biology teacher.
  7. My classroom has many windows which allow the beautiful sunlight to come in and provide us with a refreshing feeling.
  8. There is a creative wall in my classroom where we, the students, put up our poems, drawings, paintings and other art.
  9. My classroom has 30 students in total and we have 3 rows of 7 two-seater benches each.
  10. My classroom is my second home and I love it a lot.
10 Lines on My Classroom

10 Lines on My Classroom:

Below are 10 lines on My Classroom for different word limits.

About 250 words

  1. My name is Meera and I am a student at SFS Public School.
  2. My school is situated in a beautiful place at the heart of the city near the busy road.
  3. Here my classroom, 10-B along with 10-C and 10-A, is situated on the second floor.
  4. Although every classroom in my school is a beautiful classroom my love for my classroom is special because my classroom is situated on the second floor and it has the most beautiful cool breeze on summer days.
  5. My classroom has windows on both the sides of the classroom, one side shows us the lively sun and on the other side, you can see students going from one class to another.
  6. My classroom has one entrance which is connected to the corridor and just next to the corridor are stairs for going to the other floors.
  7. Everyone’s classroom is their second home and this is why I am very attached to my classroom emotionally since I have a lot of memories here.
  8. My classroom has a birthday chart on the wall so that we never forget anyone’s birthday and it also has pictures of our sports teams and one group photo.
  9. My classroom is a beautiful place but it would have not been the same without my wonderful friends and teacher who treat me as their family.
  10. Lastly, I would like to say that I love my classroom and on the days when I was absent, I really missed this classroom.

Have You Practiced : Essay Writing

About 120 words

  1. I am a student of class 5-C from St. Anthony’s School.
  2. My classroom is a beautiful place which has a jolly environment.
  3. My classroom is one of my favourite places because I feel like it is my second home.
  4. The wall od my classroom has pictures of fruits and scientists put up.
  5. My classroom has a big blackboard and I like the way our class teacher writes on the blackboard.
  6. The floor in which my classroom is situated on the first floor and I like that we are close to the ground.
  7. My classroom has three windows which let the wind come inside and give the students a cool effect.
  8. My classroom has 40 students and we are all friendly with each other.
  9. We have 20 benches in our classroom.
  10. I love my classroom but it is even more enjoyable with my friends around.


10 Lines on My Classroom is an important topic. It is given to write about any suitable topic (here it is My Classroom) and might contain 5-10 marks. We hope you find the above paragraphs suitable and can take up knowledge and write down your own lines.