My favourite teacher essay in 10 lines,100,150,200,250 and 300 words

My favourite teacher essay

My favourite teacher essay A teacher is a person in our life who provides many important things together with a good education. Teachers are a special blessing from God to us. They are the ones who build a good nation and make the world a better place. A teacher teaches us the importance of a pen over a sword.A teacher means a lot to his/her students. He/she plays memorable roles in our lives from the beginning years of development until we mature.

They mould us and our future accordingly to make us a responsible citizen of the country. In this article, I have provided essays on our  teachers who mean a lot to us.

My favourite teacher essay in 10 Lines:

1) Teachers guide us from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge. Every student has some or the other teacher whom he admires a lot and takes as his idol.

2) My favorite teacher is Mrs. Tejassvi Rana, who teaches us English.

4) She is from Kerala and joined our school as a replacement for our old teacher.

5) SHe is a woman of simplicity and great thoughts.

6) She makes us understand the concepts in short words. She has a fantastic art of relating things with live examples, which helps us to understand concepts easily.

7) She focuses on every student in the class, and special attention is given to the weaker students.

8) Her way of teaching inspires others, and every student in my class dramatically respects her.

9) She often stays after school to help students improve their subjects.

10) She is one of the best teachers in my school and has also received the best teacher award this year

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My favourite teacher essay in 100 words:

Teachers are the one who plays a significant role in our life. They sacrifice a lot to shape our carrier and lead us through the proper path in life. From my childhood, I have met many teachers who have lit up my life with their knowledge. Among them, my favourite Teacher is my mother.

My mother has not only taught me the ABCD or cardinals but also taught me how to behave and how to live in this world. Now I have acquired a lot of formal education, but I have learned much from my mother since childhood. I can now learn anything from this world by reading books or studying in college or university, but it was a challenging task to put bricks in the foundation of my life. My mother has done it for me and shaped my life. So my mother is always my favorite Teacher.

My favourite teacher essay in 150 words:

I study at Tagore Public School. My favorite teacher is Tejassvi Rana. She is teaching English. She is always smiling and kind to the students. Her friendly approach is very much liked by everyone in the class. She teaches very well and makes you understand the subject with fun learning. We are more involved in her class than in any other subject class.

There is a lot of fun during her classes. She is also patient and easygoing when we are naughty in class. She is very enthusiastic about teaching and clears all our doubts whenever we ask questions in her classes. She does not scold or beat us in class unnecessarily. But when we do wrong, she disciplines us and teaches us good behaviour. She cares about weak students and helps them in their studies even after class hours. We all like her very much and wish her to be taking classes for us every year

My favourite teacher essay
My favourite teacher essay

My favourite teacher essay in 200 words:

A teacher shows us the right path towards knowledge and pulls us away from the darkness of ignorance and lack of knowledge. As human beings, we always need a teacher to help us mature in our future. Everybody gets a teacher right from their childhood.

Our parents are our most outstanding teachers. They give us the first knowledge of life. In schools, we receive lots of teachers who teach us academically. They are primarily responsible for providing us with knowledge about the world’s institutions. I have encountered several of them, yet my class teacher is my favourite. She speaks sweetly and is adorable.

The best part about my teacher is that she never scolds me when I get a question incorrect. With lots of patience, she points out the wrong and corrects me. For her, I am confident in solving all the sums in the book. I am grateful to her for the unconditional support she has given me.We all must respect our teachers as knowledge is useless and will never come to one without a teacher. Our teachers do a lot of hard work to make us successful; they always think for the best of their students.

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My favourite teacher essay in 250 words:

My favourite teacher was Mr Abhisekh Dutt, who taught me English and Maths for two years when I was in 11th and 12th. He was from Varanasi, however, living near the school. He took his higher studies from the Banaras Hindu University. He was very polite and kind. He knew well how to handle small children in the class.

I still remember him for his unique style of teaching. What he taught to me, I still remember very well as he has made my Maths concepts very clear. I meet him occasionally whenever I need to solve some tough questions of my Maths subject. He looks bright with a good physique, sparkling eyes and blond hair. I like his good personality and polite nature.

He always smiled when we entered the classroom and asked us about our well-being. He also assisted us in sports whenever our sports teacher was absent. He has a smiling face. However very strict in his study. He always punished to the students who were with incomplete homework. He is famous for having lots of fun during class; however, students get good marks in his subjects. He is a teacher with good teaching skills, friendly nature, a good sense of humour, and is patient and easygoing. I am one of his obedient students of him.

Sometimes he gave us chocolates on doing well in the class tests and exams. He never gave us lots of assignments at home. He is very enthusiastic and always motivates us to do our best in our studies.

My favourite teacher essay in 300 words:

A teacher is a person in our life who provides us with the Knowledge with good education and shows us the path of life. A teacher means a lot to their students. I study at Delhi Public School. There are about 38 teachers in my school. Some of them take my classes. I like all of my teachers. They all are very kind and loving, but Mr Raman is my favorite teacher. He teaches us Social Sciences. He is a brilliant tutor. He has the beautiful ability to be able to motivate students.

He is always kind, thoughtful, and generous. He treats students like friends, understands them and solves their probable the best possible and easiest way. He never shouts. He always remains calm. He is accommodating.

As a student can ask any question at any time. He makes Social studies so easy for all of us that we enjoy it. We eagerly wait for his period every day and feel very sad when he is absent. Queries never irritate him, and he answers them very politely. Most of the students do not like Social Science, but he has so good teaching skills that it is the favorite subject of most of my classmates. He is not only a good teacher but also a good person. He provides free tuition to poor students.

He motivates us always to follow the right path in life even if we face many difficult situations. He tells us not to become hopeless in difficult situations and search for an easy way to escape them. He also tells us never to think negative and always think positive as it always happens what we think and do.

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