Essay on Science And Technology

Essay on science and technology

Science and Technology are introduced very early in our educational years. It also holds importance in the Civil Services exam, IAS exam, JEE exam and NEET exam.

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Below you can find a 500+ words Science And Technology Essay!

Introduction to Science And Technology Essay

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500+ Words Essay on Science And Technology


Technology is the spirit of the times. Science and Technology go hand in hand. Technology is the result of applied sciences. Technology is one of the areas of great and remarkable development. It is defined as the process of applying knowledge and science in various fields to meet the needs of individuals and communities. New information technology was developed in the 1940s and 1950s for the better working of military and universities.

essay on science and technology
essay on science and technology

Technology made from the world has made a small village as a result of the development of communications and transportation technologies in keeping with the development of technology. It has shortened the time and effort spent in many of the work we used to do on a daily basis, such as electrical appliances at home. New technologies have facilitated and developed the horizons of scientific research, especially with the emergence of the Internet, which provides an enormous amount of information on various topics.

Technology has developed medical fields, led to improved health and reduced mortality, through the development and introduction of new technologies to treat diseases. Science has led to the development of education, the use of computers has become an educational tool that presents the materials to be explained easily and easily in an attractive manner, away from the routine in the explanation.

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Technology has contributed to the discovery of underground mineral resources through the development of remote sensing, which contributes to the rapid economic growth of areas that discover areas of concentration of their raw resources in the ground. Astronomy research has developed and solved many mysteries about outer space as a result of the development of satellites, vehicles, and spacecraft.

Despite the great amusing multiple technologies, it also possesses various disadvantages that we should be careful of. For instance, the development of technology has led to a growing global pollution problem. A common example is that pesticides and chemical fertilizers have been developed, but this has increased the problem of soil pollution.

essay on science and technology
essay on science and technology

Technology has led to the development of machinery used in factories to reduce time and effort, but in turn, has led to the elimination of labor; to replace their workplace, resulting in increased unemployment. The development of technology in the military field has led to wars and the accompanying deaths and destruction resulting from the development of weapons. Technology has reduced the power of family connections; communication among individuals has often become electronic, leading to the emotional alienation of family members.

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Science and technology have many effects on our lives and our nation. In the present global situation, numerous powerful technologies have been developed to assist people in households and offices. Mobile phones and the Internet makes faster communication possible. New technology impacts our daily lives in every field, from cars, cell phones, computers, and networks and power.

People can finish their works easily through high-tech machines and equipment. It gives less work for humans and people are able to do their jobs faster. It makes humans feel comfortable and easy to live. and also helps people to organize their daily activities. Science and technology enable every people to live in an easy and modern way of life.

Nowadays, computer is the most useful and popular invention for every people. It provides people all the information. People use computer to solve mathematical calculations. Through science and technology, it is easier for inhabitants to communicate with other people around the globe.

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It is also significant in the field of business because transactions and other events are done through the computer. Advancement in business technology help companies get an edge on their competition as well as bring more engaging products and services into the market place. But it must be realized that as new business technology will lead to more productivity, it will also create tough competition in the global market.

It is beneficial for kids that the arrival of the internet and the cell phone. Scientific discovery and technological innovations in medical science will be able to cure cancer, HIV-AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases.

essay on science and technology
essay on science and technology

India has taken major steps in the field of science and technology and it has left its mark on every aspect of human life. From the development of various vaccines to genetically modified crops, Tissue Culture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, or the launch of Aryabhata. India has shown its immense power to the world that its science and technology are higher as compared to other countries.

Scientific development is essential for the development of any nation. It helps in creating the larger social ecosystem required for growth. It promotes new ideas, removes all feudal institutions, conservatism, superstitions and makes society open to change which is essential for the growth of society. But it also creates many unintentional challenges and also may be inadequate by itself. So it is not a solution and needs to be managed well.

Conclusion: Essay on Science And Technology

We were first introduced to the development of contemporary civilisation through science and technology. Nearly every area of our everyday lives has been significantly improved by this evolution. People can therefore benefit from these outcomes, which make life more enjoyable and relaxing.With conclusion of science and technology essay Students may discover the value of science and technology and how it affects both our lives and the country by using this science and technology essay.Above written includes Essay on Science And Technology for students with Top Tips.

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Q.1. What is conclusion of technology?

A.) Our civilization has mostly become dependent on technology. So many aspects of our daily life would be fundamentally altered without technology breakthroughs. Technology works to meet the shifting demands of society as it advances.

Q.2. What is the importance of science and technology essay?

A.) Fundamentally, contemporary civilisation has been established thanks to science and technology.

Q.3. What is the relationship between science and technology essay?

A.) Science is the methodical collection of facts used to explore the natural world using the scientific method. And technology is the field in which we employ science to develop tools that can solve issues and carry out various jobs. Science is physically applied through technology.

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