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Gender equality is a fundamental human right. It is a modern-day social issue. Hence, it is important that we form our opinions on it by reading articles, abstracts, reports, and speeches.

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500+ Words on Why is Gender Equality Important Essay


Gender equality refers that people of all genders should be given equal rights. It means equality in terms of access to opportunities, resources and economic participation, and valuing different needs, aspirations, and behaviors. The SDG ( Sustainable development goals) of the United Nations includes gender equality in one of its goals. UNDP’s HDR ( Human Development Report) measures it.

Creating a society in which men and women have the same responsibilities, rights, and opportunities is the main goal of gender equality. Even though they have similar levels of education, male and female employees enjoying a similar stature are reimbursed differently. This is an example of gender inequality. Men used to be viewed as being more significant than women. Only men were allowed to work, go to school, join the military, become police officers, etc. Women continue to be undervalued in positions of decision-making. Less than 33 percent of top management roles are held by women.

Essay on Gender Equality

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The four main categories of inequality in society are social class, gender, and health care. We need to stop many harmful practises against girls, women, and the LGBTQ community if we want to overcome gender inequality. To achieve economic sustainability and to benefit society and humanity as a whole, women and girls alike must have equal access to education, health care, decent work, and participation in political and economic decision-making processes.

Gender equality is important because it is related to sustainable development and is important for realizing human rights for all. While there has been significant progress in the area of gender equality, women and girls still face violence and discrimination on a global scale. To combat the pervasive practise of gender discrimination, the legal and regulatory framework must be strengthened.

Gender Equality Essay
Essay on Gender Equality

In the end, it still holds true that the fight for gender equality has benefited society’s growth and well-being and will continue to do so.


People of both genders should have equal rights, according to gender equality. It entails appreciating various needs, goals, and behaviours in addition to ensuring equality in terms of access to opportunities, resources, and economic involvement.

In India, there exists a number of obstacles standing in the way of establishing gender equality. Compared to girls, boys are valued more. Indian culture views girls as a burden. Because of this, girls’ education is not given the same priority, which again raises concerns about gender equality in India. The prevalence of child labour and child marriages contribute to India’s lack of gender equality.
Another barrier to gender equality in India is poverty, which forces girls into child trafficking, forced marriages, and domestic abuse. Insensitivity toward women exposes them to rapes, stalking, threats, unsafe atmosphere at workplaces and roads due to which achieving gender equality in India has become a tough task.

Gender Equality Essay
Essay on Gender Equality

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When men and women, boys and girls, are treated equally, as two individuals rather than two genders, gender equality can be attained in India. This equality must be practised at home, in the workplace, in the marital relationship, etc. In India, gender equality would also imply that women should feel secure and unafraid of violence.
We can all take tiny steps that add up to big improvements in gender equality in India. Boys need to learn from their parents to respect and value girls as equals. Mother and father can serve as examples for them in this regard. Without making education a requirement for all girls, gender equality in India cannot be achieved. The promotion of gender equality in India also heavily relies on social culture and schooling. Students should be educated about sex education, awareness campaigns, the total eradication of female feticide, the detrimental impacts of dowries, and early weddings.
India is one of several countries that suffer from a culture of gender inequity despite all the education, progress, and economic expansion. Although difficult, achieving complete gender equality in India is not insurmountable. We must be sincere in our efforts and attempt to alter society’s perception of women. Men and women must cooperate to promote positive social change in India in order to achieve true gender equality.

Gender Equality Essay

Conclusion: Essay on Gender Equality

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