Speech on World Environment day In 100,150,200 Words For 1 minute

Speech on World Environment day In 100,150,200 Words For 1 minute

Speech On World Environment day in 100 Words:

World Environment day came into existence on 5th June 1973 by the united nations environmental program. Every year on the 5th of June it is celebrated to spread awareness about environmental protection and conservation. This day is celebrated to make people liable for the environmental damages that they do.

This day Addresses the issue faced by every environmental factor- Water, Air, Plants, Climate change, Global warming, melting of glaciers, etc. If we want to survive then we have to save our environment first. We breathe only because the environment is supporting us. Any damage to our Environment will result in damage to our health and life.

Speech on World Environment day In 100,150,200 Words For 1 minute
Speech on World Environment day In 100,150,200 Words For 1 minute

Speech on World Environment day in 150 Words:

World Environment day is the UN’s most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1973, it has become a global platform for public outreach that is globally celebrated.

The environment is the source of life for everyone it determines the health and growth of a person. We need food, water, shelter, etc for which we are completely dependent on the environment any harm to the environment will directly affect the life of a human being. Environment day is celebrated every year on June 5th it was declared as an annual campaign at the opening of the Stockholm Conference. This annual campaign promotes people to change their attitude towards the environment to make a safe future.

We all should participate in this annual campaign or celebration every year and should take a pledge to save our environment for a better tomorrow.

“Wasting time is useless Cleaning the Environment is Best”

Speech on World Environment day in 200 Words:

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June for encouraging actions for the protection of the environment. It was first held in 1973, with the theme “Only One Earth” at that time it was regarded as a platform for raising awareness on various environmental issues like Marine Pollution, Overpopulation, Global Warming, Air Pollution etc. World Environment Day was established in 1972, by the United Nations at Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

World environment day is celebrated to spread awareness about the environment and the need to conserve it. We need to conserve our environment so that our future generations could lead healthier lives. This day is a perfect opportunity to make people aware of the issues we are facing and how one can contribute to saving it.

Many activities are performed on Environment Day for making people aware. Various conferences, Speeches, Tree plantation programs, etc are held to celebrate and to know the importance of World Environment Day. This year 2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of 1972, Conference held in Stockholm.

we should save our environment and should thank it for everything.”Every little deed Matters” we all should contribute to saving our environment.

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Speech on World Environment day 10 lines:

1. Environment is anything that surrounds us it can be defined as the sum total of all living and nonliving elements and their effects that influence human life.

2. World Environment day is celebrated on 5th June every year all over the world, It started in 1973 and now it’s an annual campaign.

3. The main aim of this campaign or of this day is to raise awareness among people to protect the environment around them for their better future.

4. This Day was first celebrated on 5th June in 1974 with the theme of “Only One Earth”.

5. World Environment Day comes every year with a new theme assigned by the United Nations.

6. The theme of World Environment Day 2022 was, “Only One Earth”. It called for collective, transformation action on a global scale to celebrate,protect and restore our planet.

7. Issues like Pollution, global warming, climate change, biodiversity loss, melting of glaciers, etc; are the main focus of World Environment Day. On this day many programs are organized to support and protect our environment.

8. The environment is very important for our survival without it not a single life is possible on the earth. The environment supports us in many ways.

9. We all need to contribute to saving our environment by planting trees, Saving trees, Reducing plastic usage, and by saving all the natural resources for future generations.

10. The Environment has given us a lot for our survival now it’s our duty to protect and support our environment by avoiding those activities which can harm it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question-1. What is the environment?

Ans. The environment is the sum total of all the living and nonliving elements and their effects that influence human life.It can be anything that surrounds us whether Biotic or Abiotic.

Question-2. Why do we celebrate Environment day?

Ans. We celebrate Environment day on June 5 every year, and this day is commemorated to raise awareness about environmental issues, climate change, pollution, etc.

Question-3. What is the message of Environment Day?

Ans. The message for Environment day is that we must shift from harming the planet to healing it. We should all together save our environment as it is very necessary for our survival.

Question-4. What was the slogan of 1st Environment Day?

Ans. Environment day was first celebrated in 1973, with the slogan of “Only One Earth”.

Question-5. What is the best slogan for Environment Day?

Ans. There are many slogans for Environment day but the slogan which i like the most are:
1) Plant trees to make our environment pollution-free
2) Stop polluting and start living