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Essay On Elephant

We are here to share an essay on elephants with children for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Elephants are a type of wild animal that is primarily found in Asia and Africa. Since ancient times, they have shown to be of great assistance to humanity.

Long And Short Essay On Elephant

Below are a few essays on elephants that we have offered to help the students. Today, teachers in schools and colleges use essays and paragraphs more frequently to improve their students’ skills and understanding of a variety of subjects. The essays on elephants that are provided here each have different word limitations and are all written in very simple sentences and words. The essays listed below can be chosen by students based on their needs and preferences.

Essay On Elephant In 100 Words

Essay On Elephant In 100 Words

Elephants are enormous creatures. It is also a pet animal that lives in the forest. Some individuals maintain it as a pet at home in order to make money performing with it in circuses. It is also kept in the zoo to draw children’s curiosity and increase the zoo’s reputation for excellence. Its large body is supported by four pillar-like legs, two fan-like ears, a long trunk, a short tail, and two small eyes. Tusks are two very long, white teeth that are present on male elephants. It may consume plants, cereals, soft green leaves, etc. It serves as a source of income, carries large weights, and does other tasks that make it a very useful animal to humans and a reliable friend. It can survive for up to 100 years and has a long lifespan.

Essay On Elephant In 150 Words

The elephant is one of the biggest animals. It is also regarded as being the strongest terrestrial animal. It is often a wild animal, but with the right training, it can live as a pet in a zoo or at home with a human. It has been demonstrated to be a helpful animal for humanity. It is a large mammal that is typically found in the colour grey. It has two large ears and two legs that resemble pillars and a fan. In relation to its body, its eyes are relatively small. It has a large trunk and a short tail. A small needle and very heavy trees or weights can both be picked up by it with ease through its trunk. On each side of the trunk, it possesses a pair of long, white tusks.

Elephants often consume little twigs, leaves, straws, and wild fruits because they live in the jungle, but they can also consume foods like bread, bananas, sugarcane, and other items as pets. A wild animal that only eats vegetarian food. Today, people utilize them to pull logs, perform in circuses, carry large weights, and do other things. They were employed in wars and battles by the kings and dukes of old. It has an extended lifespan (more than 100 years). Even when it dies, it is still a very important animal.

Essay On Elephant In 200 Words

On land, elephants are among the largest animals. It inhabits the forest but, with the right training, can become a pet. It may reach a height of more than eight feet. Its sturdy, pillar-like legs hold up its large, massive bulk. In order to devour leaves, plants, fruits, or trees, it uses its long trunk. On land, elephants are typically divided into two subspecies: African (scientific name: Loxodonta africana) and Asian (scientific name is Elephas maximus). It has large, dangling ears that resemble fans, and pillar-like legs. It has two tusks on either side of a long trunk with a connected mouth. Elephants have strong, flexible trunks that are used for a variety of purposes. The elephant uses it for fighting, eating, breathing, washing, and other activities.

Essay On Elephant In 200 Words

Elephants from Africa are slightly larger and have darker skin than those from Asia. They also have ears that are larger. In countries like India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Siam, elephants are rather widespread. They typically like to live in herds and grow to love the water. They are proficient swimmers. Since they are herbivorous animals, they rely on forest plants to provide them with the nourishment they need. Due to food shortages in the forest or deforestation, they relocate to settlements and other residential areas. It is regarded as a clever creature that offers many advantages to man.

Essay On Elephant In English 10 lines

Elephants are enormous creatures. The common animal should be taught more about in schools. For the benefit of the entire class, here are some English sentences about elephants. I’m hoping these lines will teach you anything about this animal. Don’t forget to read these 10 points about elephants to your children.

Essay On Elephant In English 10 lines
  1. An elephant is an enormous mammal.
  2. It is renowned for having a good memory and a sharp brain.
  3. Due to its size and rarity, people gathered to witness the elephant. The elephant in the zoo is a favourite among most children.
  4. The elephants remain in a group in the bush. A group of elephants typically consists of 20 to 25 animals. They form what is known as herds.
  5. It has two enormously huge ears, but its eyes and tail are very little.
  6. It can pick up food and water with the help of its large, lengthy trunk.
  7. The elephant can’t jump because of its big size and excessive weight. However, they are capable of running at speeds of up to 35 km/h.
  8. They adore spending time with clever animals like monkeys and people. They even cry, showing that they exhibit human-like emotions.
  9. It served as a soldier and weapon carrier during battles in earlier times.
  10. I really like the elephant.

Short Essay On Elephant

Paragraph on Elephant – Elephants are the largest quadrupedal creatures. It may be taller than eight feet. Four sturdy pillar-like legs serve as the foundation for this large bulk. African and Asian elephants are the two main subspecies. Loxodonta africana is the scientific term for the African elephant, and Elephas maximus is the name for the Asian elephant. The elephant’s trunk, dangling ears, and, in the case of some male elephants, tusks, are its most noticeable physical characteristics. Its mouth is linked to a trunk that is many feet long and both flexible and robust. It serves a variety of functions, including eating, fighting, bathing, breathing, and expressing feelings. Elephants from Africa are larger in size, have darker skin tones, and erected ears. In Africa, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, elephants can be found. It is a member of a herd steered by a powerful male elephant.

Short Essay On Elephant

The young are well-protected while the herd moves from one location to another. They prefer to dwell on land yet love the sea. A herbivore is an elephant. They rely on plants to supply them with the sustenance they need. They consume grass, vegetables, fruits, and tree branches. Elephant herds may enter settlements and hunt in wheat and paddy fields when there is a lack of food in the jungle. An intelligent creature is an elephant. They follow the master’s and the “mahout’s” directions once domesticated. The circus features amusing acts done by a trained elephant. But there are a lot of risks involved with an angry elephant. It is capable of destroying anything.

We ride elephants in the zoo. In the wild, elephants frequently assist humans by hauling large objects including logs. Making expensive and artistic products from an elephant’s tusk is common practice. Poachers frequently slaughter elephants to obtain this ivory. Such a crime ought to be condemned by all.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Elephant

Q1. Why are elephants so significant?

Ans – Elephants are crucial to wildlife, plants, and humans alike. In the dry season, they serve as water supplies for other animals. Their eating habits promote the development of new plants. They keep the environment of the savannah in balance.

Q2. Why is it bad for elephants to be in danger?

Ans – Elephants are now in danger due to human activity. The extinction of these species will seriously disrupt the ecosystem’s balance. To prevent this endangerment and save them from going extinct, we must take action.

Q3. How many eyelashes does an elephant have?

Ans – In an elephant, there are three eyelids.

Q4. When a member of their family dies, what do elephants do?

Ans – When a family member passes away, elephants grieve and experience sadness.

Q5. How long does an elephant live in the wild?

Ans – In the wild, elephants can live for 60 to 70 years.

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