Social Media Essay

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You must have used websites or applications that let you share your content with other people. Be it baking, dancing, singing, sharing your thoughts, most of us have used these applications or websites to give our opinion or showcase our talent to people all around the world. These websites and applications that enable us to create and share content or to socialize via the network are called social media.

Social Media Essay

Social Media Essay: Introduction

Social media is a service where people talk to, connect with other people. Most Social Media let us create a profile page with our pictures and information about ourself. Many Social Media are available on smartphones.

Social Media: Advantages

Social media helps in making the users feel involved. They feel that they are able to participate in things that are happening around the world because social media allow users to get access to current affairs all around the world. This leads to help the users in raising their voice against an unjust act or issue. They can come together and support a cause which can help them feel strongly about it. It helps to pressurize the above authority and makes the voice of people heard.

Social Media Essay

Social media can help people in interacting with each other and developing relationships with other people living across the country also. Keeping in touch with your favourite cousin is so easy with social media. Social media has made people meet their long lost friends, friends who used to sit together in every class but slowly drifted away as time passed can catch up easily via social media.

Social media also helps in sharing valuable information and also influences the audiences. In marketing and advertising for a product, social media creates a global presence for brands and its products and services.

Social Media: Disadvantages

Social media has a beautiful side. But it also has a dark side. Research has shown that social media can create lack of emotional connection in human beings. For example we can not see which tone or facial expression they the people actually use in social media this makes us create our own scenarios, which might not be correct every time. Social media also makes people to say hurtful things that they can not say to someone’s face. Talking to someone without the fear of getting caught has been made easy due to social media.

Social media decreases the skill of face to face communication. People these days do not know how to behave with someone when they are face to face with them. This is a very crucial skill and we need to increase it.

Social Media Essay

Social media also makes people lazy. People spend more time on their phones these days rather than going out to meet new people or have a real-life conversation. This also causes distractions. Sometimes we might be doing that is very important to us but a notification from our favourite social media may cause distraction this keeps us from doing our things at a time.

Social media also makes us create a self-conscious image at our head. We tell ourselves lies about ourselves and develop something we are not. Also, we post pictures of us looking perfect and share the only good news. We never share the bad news. We all develop a perfect image of ourselves and some of us actually try to rely on this imaginative thought we have of ourselves instead of staying true to who we are.

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Social media has a lot of benefits and a lot of disadvantages too. It depends on us and how we use social media. You may let it affect you or you may just go along with its bright side. The choice is not too hard. With the right motivation and dedication, we can overcome these silly barriers and use social media according to our benefit.


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