Essay On Horse In English For Class 2,3,4,6,10 In 100 To 200 Words

Essay on Horse

Essay writing is an important tool in English, since it helps students sharpen their skills in reading and writing. In this article, we are going to talk about essay on horse for classes 2 to 10.

Essay on Horse
Essay on Horse

Essay on Horse in 100 words

A “horse” is a four-legged mammal, used to transport loads and men. Although their legs are thin, they are strong enough to run several kilometers without stopping. The horse varies in a range of sizes and hues. Their diet consists of grass, straw, grains, and tree leaves.

The horse is found practically everywhere in the world. Horses are loyal and valuable household animals. They were employed as long-distance transportation in ancient times because of their speed and efficiency. It is employed in battle, circus, races, to pull carriages, and even while cultivating a field.

Essay on Horse

Essay on Horse in 150 words

The horse is a four-legged mammal. Horses are gentle and loyal animals. It can be found all over the world and is a beautiful animal to look at. The horse has two long, erect ears, but no horns. The tail of a horse is short but it is covered with long hair. The face and neck of a horse are long. Its entire body is covered with soft, thick fur. The color of the horse is usually red, but black and white horses also exist.

The horse can run very fast and is often used for racing or drawing carts. In ancient times, the horse was often used in wars and hunting. In some countries the horse is also used for ploughing. Horses generally eat grass and gram is his favorite food.
The size of horse differs geographically. Australian horses are big, while Arabian horses are very swift.

Essay on Horse

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Essay on Horse in 200 words

Horses are domesticated and vegetarian animals. Horses come in a variety of colors, including red, white, black, brown, grey, and occasionally a combination of colors. Horses are practically present everywhere in Earth. 

Horses have two eyes, a nose, two ears, a tail, and four feet. They have strong yet thin feet. They can sprint quickly and far because of their feet. They are also quite advantageous. Their genetics and breed have a role in everything. The Arabian horse is well known for sprinting very quickly. Their regular meal, both in terms of quality and quantity, also has an effect on their health.

Young horses or baby horses are called foals. Horses have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. But it does depend on their living conditions.

Horses prefer to reside in grassy places or fields where they can graze on the available grass, leaves, and other vegetation. Horses are tended to by people in stables, which are wooden structures.

Horses are used extensively by people. It took humans over 5000 years to domesticate horses. They were first used in warfare, as seen in human history. Earlier, soldiers would fight on horses against each other.

Essay on Horse

Essay on horse in English 10 lines

  • Horses are peaceful domestic animals that eat generally eat grasses and grains, and hay and straw on occasion.
  • It features a long neck, a powerful body, and a lofty head. His hooves are strong and firm.
  • They have a flexible body, which makes running very quickly much easier for them.
  • A young horse is referred to as a “colt” or “foal,” while a female horse is referred to as a “mare”, and a male horse a “stallion”.
  • Humans greatly benefit from horses, including the ability to ride them and travel on their backs.
  • They are employed in activities like horse racing and riding as well as in games like polo and horse hockey.
  • They are also employed as a form of transportation in fields and in mountainous places.
  • Horses have great hearing and smell abilities.
  • It is considered auspicious when the bridegroom rides the horse in India in his wedding.
  • Horses are amazing because they never sit down. They are usually visible standing.

Short Essay on Horse

Horses are powerful, noble, herbivorous creatures. They are quadrupedal creatures that are very helpful to humanity. Horses are incredibly devoted and vigilant animals. They can be used to transport people or things for a variety of purposes, including sports activities like racing with a jockey. The hoofed legs and sturdy body of this mammal represent power and endurance.

Horses can be any hue, from brown and black to a combination of any two. Horses are said to have strong memories and have brilliant eyes. Additionally, it is thought that horses can detect danger in their owners. Their tail is bushy. Horsetail hair is used to make brushes, violin, double bass, and other items. Horses are also utilised in the production of pharmaceuticals. Due to their perseverance and noble beauty, horses are often used as symbols of royalty. Horses play a crucial role in the ecology.

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