Essay on Republic Day

Essay on Republic Day

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500+ Words Essay on Republic Day


We, the citizens of India, annually celebrate Republic Day as it is the anniversary day of India to become an independent republic. 26 January is a day of national pride. Though India’s declaration of Independence was signed on 15th August 1947, the constitution which was written for independent India came into the effect on January 26, 1950. And hence, 26th January is celebrated as Republic day of India.

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Republic Day reminds us of our Indian national struggle towards freedom. This struggle for freedom was based on principles like non-violence(ahimsa), cooperation, non-discrimination, etc. This is the reason why Indians celebrate Republic Day with exceptional zeal and enthusiasm. Republic Day reminisces us of the values and ideals portrayed in the constitution of India, which holds immense power.


Indian Constitution is the largest written democratic constitution in the world. The constitution of India is also a written one with 448 articles in 25 parts and 12 schedules in the Indian constitution. A written constitution is rigid and flexible at the same time.


All over India, people in different parts of different states hoist flags and sing the Indian National Anthem written by Rabindranath Tagore. The President of India presides the parade which is held in the national capital – New Delhi, starting from Raisina Hill close to Rashtrapati Bhavan, along the Rajpath, past India Gate, and on to the historic Red Fort within the old quarter of the city. The display of grand military pride shows and reminds us of the reason behind the security of our territorial sovereignty.

Essay on republic daya

During this parade, the armed forces display their military performance with high enthusiasm. Different infantry, cavalry, and mechanized regiments of the Indian army, the Indian navy, and the Indian Air Force march in formation, decked in all their finery and official decoration. The President of India, who is also the Commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute. The chief guest of the parade is a head of state of another nation. On this day, bravery awards are given to the children and citizens of the country to inspire and motivate the other citizens and instill in them a feeling of nationalism and patriotism. It traditionally ends with a colorful flypast by Airforce jets in a beautiful tiranga formation.


Similar parades are held in the capitals of all the states of Hindustan, where the governor of the individual states takes the salute. All the Indians the states and union territories of India display their cultural presentation which shows that India is a secular and a federal country. There are cultural programs in schools, republic day speeches, competitions in various sports programs, essays related to the Indian national freedom movement, and many more. It’s astonishing how every Indian citizen of different age and interests and religion celebrate this day.

Essay on republic day

The British Empire had India as one of its colonies and dominated India for many years. It was on 15 August 1947, that India got its freedom from the domination of British rule. A couple of years later it became the Democratic Republic. The Drafting Committee had the task of planning the permanent Constitution of India in August 1947. Dr. B R Ambedkar was the presiding chairman of this Committee. He submitted the Constitution of India to the Drafting Committee’s Assembly of India on 4 November 1947. However, it was on 26 January 1950 that the Constitution of India came into full force under the model of “Purna Swaraj”.


On the prestigious Republic day, all the Indians remember the martyrs of the brave youth of the motherland and vow to make India a better and peaceful nation. The Republic Day recalls us of our workable constitution which is the result of many hardworking hands.

Essay on republic day

The Preamble lays down the most essential national goals which every citizen and the government must try to achieve, such as socialism, secularism, and national integration. The first word of the Preamble – “We, the people”– signifies that the ultimate power is in the hands of the people of India. As India is a secular state with diverse religions and cultures, we celebrate numerous festivals in India with lots of fun and joy. The beauty and amazement of Republic Day are that all categories of nation celebrate it without making any discrimination. The Republic Day recollects the spirit, pride, and patriotism among the citizens. All the citizens of India take the pledge to be better citizens and make their country a better and peaceful place to live.

Conclusion: Essay on Republic Day

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