Essay on my favorite book for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – 100 to 300 words

Essay on my favourite book In 150 Words

Essay on my favorite book In 150 Words

Essay on my favorite book Humans’ closest friend is the book. It never abandons us. It constantly helps us to improve our emotions and knowledge. A book is the most acceptable source of information. I’ve always read a lot, and my parents and lecturers have always encouraged me to do so. I have a sizable book collection. I have an extensive collection of books. Among these, 

‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ is my favorite.

My favorite author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’ve read nearly all of his novels. Among them, Sherlock Holmes is my favorite. In this book series, Dr. Watson is also a fascinating character. When I first read Sherlock Holmes, I fell in love with mystery fiction. This novel is filled with thrills and suspense. I’ve read it three to four times and seen the film. It is astounding and fantastic.

Essay on my favorite book
Essay on my favorite book

Essay on my favorite book In 200 Words

I’ve read a lot of books. But none has captured my attention as much as the Palace of Illusions. Written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Chitra is a well-known Indian-American novelist and poet born in 1956. Chitra has degrees in English from the University of California and Wright State University in the United States.

The narrative of Panchali from the classic Mahabharat is told in her novel, The Palace of Illusions. Through Panchali, her narrator, Chitra has provided a feminist version of this grand narrative. Panchali’s life is the primary subject of the book. It includes the parts of her life that weren’t included in the previous Mahabharat adaptations. It provides a thorough narrative of Panchaali’s life, beginning with her birth. Her being born was nothing short of a miracle. She was birthed in flames by magic.

The wealthy king’s daughter was  Panchali. She later wed the five Pandavas. Her struggles after getting married are extensively described in the book. The work covers various topics, including the difficulties of exile, her interactions with her husband and mother-in-law, and her bond with Lord Krishna.

Essay on my favorite book, In 300 Words

I enjoy reading romance novels, and 2 States by Chetan Bhagat is one of the books I’ve read so far. I adore this book’s main characters and how their relationship progresses. The book is referred to as partially autobiographical. His fondness for Bhagat served as inspiration for this work. The people adored the novel so much that it was adapted for the big screen.

A fascinating tale of two states

A young Punjabi lad named Krish and a stunning South Indian girl named Ananya is the subjects of the tale. The two IIMs are both located in Ahmedabad. They quickly develop feelings for one another. They want to get married, but they cannot get over the obstacles in their way. When they link their parents together, the issue arises.

Since the two families come from different cultural backgrounds, getting together is challenging. Work hard to build a link between Ananya and the state of agriculture. However, things spiral out of control, and they make split decisions. They begin to focus on their jobs, but it isn’t easy to locate. They find it challenging to lose each other. They reconcile when things finally turn out for the best.

It’s difficult for the two families to get along since they have different cultural backgrounds. Create as much of a connection as you can involving Ananya and the state of farmers. But things spiral out of control, and they make contradicting decisions. They start concentrating on their respective tasks, although it’s hard to find. It’s hard for them to become apart from one another. When everything works out for the best, they make up.


I adore this book so much. I’ve read it multiple times, and I’ll continue to read it. Every time I have heard this novel, I truly begin to live with the characters because they feel so genuine. I also loved the movie that was inspired by this book as well.

Essay on my favorite book 10 lines

1. I enjoy reading books the most. My passion is reading various books.

2. I enjoy reading picture books. Consequently, I have a little library at home.

3. Tenali Raman is my favorite tale collection.

4. Tenali Raman, also known as Tenali Ramakrishna, was Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire’s court poet.

5. He is renowned for his genius and inspirational poetry. He rose to fame as a result of his comedy.

6. There are numerous moral stories in this book. There are several excellent and fascinating stories as well.

7. I purchased it at a bookstore. It costs only Rs. 50.

8. There are almost 100 tales in it. I’ll feel better after reading this book.

9. It educates me on how to behave appropriately and handle issues diplomatically.

10. After reading it, I put it in my library. I adore it a lot.

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Short essay on my favorite book

Everyone should develop the positive habit of reading books. It fosters inspiration, motivation, and confidence-building. I enjoy reading books because I adore them. In my house, I have a modest library. I advise everyone to read more books progressively.

It is the most effective approach to picking up new skills. We may traverse the entire globe through the written words found in books. Harry Potter is among the few kinds of literature that I genuinely enjoy. In actuality, it is my all-time favorite novel.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

J. K. Rowling, a British novelist, is the Harry Potter book series creator. She is a talented author. I’m genuinely shocked by her amount of creativity. I’ve also seen the film adaptations of this novel. That was astounding.

The narrative is unique and made up. The magical world is the main focus. The characters in this novel that I like the most are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. I love reading the “Goblet of Fire” book. The chapter is fantastic. Although I also enjoy other branches, this one seems unique to me.

After reading this novel, I have become a massive admirer of J. K. Rowling. This crafted fantasy novel brought in a lot of cash. Mostly children and young adults enjoyed this novel.


If you haven’t already, you must read Harry Potter. This book is fantastic to read. I recommend this to anybody. You will like this series if you enjoy reading fictitious stories. Despite not having many instructional elements, this book was amusing.

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5 paragraph essay on my favorite book

 Things Fall Apart

I read too many fantastic novels to choose a favorite, yet I genuinely like Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Released in 1958, years before Nigeria gained independence from British colonialism, it is a work of realistic historical fiction. The book’s narrative is a big part of why I enjoy it; it employs a distinctive narrative to convey the tale of the main character, Okonkwo, and his life in the made-up community of Umuofia before and after the British occupied it.

Young Nigerians may learn about their history while also embracing their brighter beginning after independence from Chinua Achebe’s book, which was intended to fulfill that purpose. Achebe emphasized the value of duality—the idea of upholding your fundamental principles while adapting to an environment that is continually changing.

Okonkwo serves as the novel’s primary protagonist because it is written from his point of view. The book is split into two parts; the first half focuses on Okonkwo’s present and history, giving readers a better understanding of his character and his inability to adapt to changing circumstances. This rigidity is made clear in the second half when he struggles to accept the British taking control of Umuofia and to remove his power.

After the book, his mental health has wholly deteriorated due to his incapacity to cope with change. He represents parts of the older customs and ways of life in Nigeria, which likewise progressively declined due to the British invasion. The main reason I loved this novel so much was that I understood what the writer was trying to say to his audience after reading it.


The risks that await us if we are calm and stubborn throughout most of our lives are clearly illustrated by Okonkwo’s mental deterioration as the book’s conclusion draws near. We must acknowledge that the world is continuously changing and that every region has a very different dialect, culture, and way of life. We become more tolerant and open-minded due to realizing that we are not infallible and that other people’s viewpoints matter. As a result, the world has become the melting pot of variety that it ought to be.

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