Unity in Diversity: Essay

Unity in Diversity essay

Unity in Diversity: Essay. Here you will find an Essay on Unity in Diversity of 500+ words.

Unity in diversity is a phrase which means unity among different groups or individuals. Different groups or individuals means people who are different from us in terms of religion, class, language, caste, ideology, ethnicity, etc. This concept teaches us to build tolerance in various areas such as culture, language, religion, ideologies, etc.


Unity in Diversity

Our identity, culture, language, religion, beliefs shape us. It is a way of living. Everyone has their own way of living and hence an established identity. These identities are passed from generations to generations. If everyone respects each other’s diversity it helps them to create a special bond and better understanding of not only others but ourselves too. It is an established fact that in a country, growing cultural diversity enables it to be stronger and compete on a larger scale in the global economy. People from diverse backgrounds bring language skills, new ways of thinking, innovative ideas and creative solutions to difficult problems and different cuisines.

Importance of Unity in Diversity

If a country is united despite their differences, the disintegration of a country will be impossible. There will be peace and harmony in the country which allows people to bring more development in the country. A diverse country means varieties of culture, language and beliefs. This adds great value globally as the citizens of the country viewed as people of respect and morals who support each other despite not matching their standards.

Advantages of Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

There are several advantages of Unity in Diversity:

  1. Unity in diversity helps people to feel respected and free to express themselves which in turn keeps the peace and harmony of the nation.
  2. It improves relationships and teamwork among people more effective as people can feel free to communicate with others. It improves work quality and improves lifestyle as people can pick up good habits of others and implement it in their own lives. Overall it increases the performance of people and also their productivity.
  3. This helps people resolve conflicts easily and keeps social problems away.
  4. It strengthens and enriches the country’s rich heritage.
  5. Unity in diversity helps to provide more skilled and advanced professionals in various areas of the country as people have much more choices.

How to improve Unity in Diversity?

Unity in Diversity can be improved by the following factors:

  1. We need to have proportionate development. Proportionate development helps every individual be benefitted with the same resources as others. This helps to give strength to diverse groups and promotes unity.
  2. Secondly, we should respect every single individual. Every one of us should try to accept others, their will, aspirations and needs. They will show respect to us only if we show it to them too.
  3. If there is an internal conflict we should identify genuine problems, ascertain their root causes and address them appropriately address them, find their root cause and try to resolve them. Keep ing them unresolved is not beneficial in the long run.
  4. Most importantly, we should recognize that each culture, religion, language, ethnic group moreover each individual is equally important.

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Unity in Diversity in India

Unity in Diversity

India has always been a land of several religions since ancient times. Ancient India viewed the birth of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, but all these cultures and religions mix socially with others. Therefore, we Indians speak various languages, practice several religions, and view various social customs. Our country has always shown great diversity. The Indian subcontinent was geographically well settled and the cultural combination just helped it grow even more. Another name by which India was better known as Bharatavarsha or the land of Bharatas. Bharata means ‘to carry’ or ‘to be maintained’. Therefore we must carry forward this diversity too.


India is a beautiful land of diversity. It is the world’s most diverse country. We can not imagine how our lives would have been without this beautiful diversity. All the food, the beautiful festivals, the beliefs, good habits, and there are so many other benefits of diversity! Unity in diversity should be the ultimate goal of a country. Because no country develops if there is tension among its people which results in a lack of peace and harmony. Unity in diversity brings us closer to each other. It is what binds people with each other.

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