Essay on save water

Essay on save water

Essay on save water – Water has become a highly necessary part of human being’s existence on Earth. Thus, the importance of water can be compared to the importance of air. In this chapter we will be providing a few sample essays on the same.

Essay on save water
Save Water Save Life

Sample 1 – Essay on save water

Water is perhaps the second most important substance on Earth after the air. Apart from drinking, there are other benefits of water as well. Thus, it includes cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. Water is not a vital part of the human being’s survival. Also, it important for the survival of trees and plants. Additionally, it is a precious element required for the agricultural as well as various other industrial sectors. 

Currently, the biggest problem related to global warming is a huge water depreciation on Earth. This is mainly caused due to misuse of water happening at various places. In the current scenario, it is important to understand the formula for the conversation of water and thereby save water. Because pure water resources are the primary sources for all our necessities. And when it becomes depreciated, it can lead to huge catastrophic conditions for human beings. 

Need to Save Water

Currently, there are many regions in the world that are facing extreme water scarcity due to a decrease in groundwater and scanty rainfalls. Also, in some areas, the groundwater is contaminated or it has been overused. Thus, these factors have to lead to drought situations and in these areas it has lead to water scarcity. Furthermore, urbanization and industrialization have added to the problems where groundwater has been overused to fulfill the increasing demands of the population. 

According to the WHO report, 1 out of people does not have access to safe drinking water. Seeing this, the water crisis in the future does seem inevitable. Also, it calls for an immediate action plan in order to conserve water so that precious resource can be saved for today as well for future generations. 

Save Water Initiative

This initiative can help and promote the conservation of water Also, it can be spread awareness among the people about the importance of water. Additionally, the save water campaign helps people realize that the sources of fresh and pure water are very limited. So, if it is overused that there are chances that they might not be able to fulfill the increasing demands of the population. Through this campaign, we can create awareness among the people about the benefits to saving water and using it diligently.

Sample 2 – Essay on save water

Water is an essential component of survival on Earth. Existence would not have been possible in the absence of water. Just like air, water is equally an essential element. All the life forms on the Earth’s surface – animals, plants, insects, human beings – require water for consumption and other purposes in the functioning of their daily lives. Fresh and potable water is necessary for use and survival.

Uses of water

Apart from drinking, water can be consumed for other purposes. Water that is not potable is used for washing, cooking, and cleaning. It is also extensively used for agricultural purposes – these include farming, harvest, and irrigation.

Problem of water shortage

Water resources are being massively destroyed in the past few years. On the face of global warming and a rising world population, it is very crucial to save water as much as possible. The need to conserve and save water is essential, and everyone should be aware of it.

While some of the countries have water resources in abundance to provide to their people, many places all across the globe are faced with an immense lack of enough water resources. Natural causes can be attributed to this scarcity – scanty rainfall and soil contamination of the groundwater. Human-made factors contribute majorly to the rapid utilization of water resources; industrialization and urbanization play a significant negative role in creating a scarcity of water. The land development and other processes utilize a considerable portion of the groundwater and also contaminates the rest of it.

Negative effects of water shortage

To avoid a shortage of water, everyone should participate equally and refrain from misusing and over-using water resources whenever and wherever possible. Currently, the most dangerous threat that the Earth faces is the shortage of freshwater.

The scarcity of water brings along with it several dangerous calamities, such as droughts. To urge people to save water, the governments in every country should impose some strict water-saving initiatives incentive. These may include rainwater harvesting, roof water harvesting, and reuse of water.

Rainwater harvesting and recycling of water

Rainwater harvesting involves collection and conservation of the rainwater. The saved water can be used in future. Groundwater conservation is another effective water pollution control; it is the method of saving up and storing groundwater in underground reservoirs – the saved water can be used in the future when needed.

Recycling of water should be facilitated. Recycling of water includes reusing wastewater whenever possible. For example, the water that is used during bathing can be used for washing, cleaning, and gardening purposes.
Other methods of conservation of water, reducing pollution of water, and fair use of water should be taken care of. It is imperative to undo the damage which has already been done.

A report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that one out of every five people in the world does not have access to proper drinking water. Hence it is very much necessary and advisable that water resources be saved and conserved for future sustainable uses.

Sample 3 (Short essay)

Earth is the only planet in the solar system which has extensive water resources. 71% of the earth’s surface area is occupied by water. For this reason, it is known as the Blue Planet. The only reason why life persists on Earth is because of the presence of both freshwater and seawater in it. Water is very essential for survival of the human race. Of the 71% of water, only a small portion is available for drinking. Thus it is crucial to saving water. Water should be conserved because the supply is less; the requirement is increasing with the increasing population. The quantity is limited, whereas the demand is unlimited. For the community to not outrun the amount of water available, water must be used very carefully. Saving water is very my=uch needed to save life on Earth.

Sample 4 (Short essay)

Water is very essential for our life. It is a part of our life, we cannot imagine a world without water. Water makes life possible on earth .

Water is helpful in many ways

•By its presence in the atmosphere it absorbs the Sun’s heat.
•The rain water scours the hills and carries the sediments into rivers, valleys etc.
• Water plays an important role in transporting various minerals from root to developing buds and leaves in plants.
•Percolating water into rock crusts takes part in the formation of mineral deposits.
•In Polar Regions, water in the form of the caps influences climatic and geographical changes.
• Water helps to digest food.

Water is our life and should not waste it. We usually see people wasting water, they do not understand the importance of water and thin wastes it. People open taps and leave it and otherwise, they do not tighten the taps.
Water is wasted on agricultural region also, as water taps are connected to pipes and are left .
In this way, we are decreasing the level of water. And also due to water pollution we pollute the drinking water which makes it unsuitable for drinking.

We must take some steps to reduce water pollution and be aware to not waste water any more.

Save water
Save life


All living organisms whether it is human, animals, or plants. Everyone is completely depending on fresh and potable water. Thus, essay on save water save a life is an insight into some of the unknown and important benefits of water for human beings.

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