International Youth Day 2022 Essay, Speech, Activities, Theme in English

 International Youth Day 2022 Essay, Speech, Activities, Theme in English

 International Youth Day 2022 is observed every year on August 12. It’s a global awareness day that encourages young people to contribute positively to their communities and countries by celebrating youngsters worldwide. 

International Youth Day 2022 Essay

Every year on August 12, the worldwide community observes International Youth Day raises awareness of youth concerns and recognizes young people’s potential as collaborators in today’s global society.

To accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensure that no one is left behind, action must be taken across all generations, according to the goal of International Youth Day 2022. Additionally, it will increase awareness of several obstacles to intergenerational solidarity, including ageism, which affects young and older adults and negatively influences society.

This day honors the vital role that young people, including men and women, play in bringing about the change necessary to address global concerns and promote sustainable development. In addition, it offers a chance to spread awareness of young people worldwide’s difficulties and issues.

Workshops, performances, conferences, cultural events, seminars, and meetings with representatives of national and local governments and youth organizations take place worldwide on International Youth Day.

International Youth Day provides cause for remembering the wise thoughts of exceptional people who share their childhood recollections and discuss the joy of being young. Your mind, skills, and creativity contribute to your life, and the lives of the people you care about are the fountain of youth. Youth is happy because it can recognise brilliance. Anyone who retains their capacity to appreciate beauty never ages. Since youth is bombastic.

International Youth Day 2022 Speech

All of you, good morning, and kindly take a seat.

 Youth is full of life, hunger for knowledge, and a desire to succeed in all they do. I believe that seeing all of you stunning people here today energizes me. Because of the positive energy, you all radiate, I never grow old. I know and have studied a lot more than you, but even so, I often question if the younger generation is brighter than, the older one when I see how talented they are.

I know that each of you was born in the high-tech era when mobile phones and ipads predominated over traditional dolls and vehicles as your toys. We took classes to learn how to operate the things you first played with when you were a little child. Previously, you were utilizing inventions made by my generation; today, it is up to your generation to improve upon those ideas and come up with something original.

I observe a lack of dedicated effort among young people nowadays, perhaps because things were provided to you without allowing you to earn them. You might not be able to develop something of your own in the future if you don’t study the processes behind all the creations around you. Another essential component of those entire optimistic future scenarios is education.

You are all aware that the more you work at your studies, the better your results will be, but I want to point out that getting more knowledge doesn’t just lead to better grades; it also gets you into a class. A class that would be hard to pass without receiving high grades and attending one of the nation’s most respectable, respected universities.

I hope today has given you pause to consider how you want to live in the future and what you need to do to earn a living. I wish you all the best in the future and hope that my nation’s future will be even better than the present.

 International Youth Day 2022
 International Youth Day 2022


International Youth Day 2022 Activities 

Numerous seminars, performances, cultural activities, and discussions are held at International youth day, inviting youth groups from around the world to participate. In addition, on this day, various educational radio programs, conversations, and round tables are held between adults and kids so that they may share ideas and take the first step toward CHANGE.

International Youth Day 2022 Speech for school

Good morning to everybody.

Respected Principal, professors, my senior sisters and brothers, and loving friends.

I want to thank everyone for granting me the chance to share a message on this International Youth Day.

We are all gathering to celebrate International Youth Day, August 12. International Youth Day is observed annually on August 12 to honor the contributions made by young people worldwide to improving society at large. Additionally, it hopes to encourage students to take a more active role in protecting their country and improving their neighborhoods.

“Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages” is this year’s International Youth Day celebration theme. The young population is seen as being crucial to a nation’s growth. Therefore, a nation’s growth is dependent on its young.

The young have the power to change society and make improvements. The younger generation needs to be highly responsible and abstain from drug use. Our civilization can end poverty by empowering young people.

The government should prioritize giving young people access to all facilities so they may show forth their talents and improve the nation.

The world is now dealing with several severe issues, including war, poverty, and global warming. Only young people, who represent the world’s future, can overcome these dangers. As a youth, we must cooperate to raise the standard of living.

Let’s make a united vow to work together to promote our nation on this International Youth Day.

That’s all I have to say. Thanks a lot.

International Youth Day 2022 Theme

“The inaugural Youth Day was observed in 1999 following UNGA approval of a resolution endorsing the recommendation developed by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in Lisbon. Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation For Human And Planetary Health” is the theme of International Youth Day 2022, focusing on the problem and emphasizing that no endeavor could be effective without youth involvement. All of the world’s leaders can succeed in their goals with the help of young people.

The primary goal of last year’s International Youth Day was to emphasize the needs of young people and their involvement by making local, national, and international institutions inclusive of maximizing the youth’s potential to serve their countries.

This year will highlight the problems that young people worldwide are dealing with. For example, half of the juvenile population lacks essential reading and math skills, and childhood poverty is still a societal problem. International Youth Day was therefore established to increase awareness of both local and global concerns.

To expand their possibilities, young people must take the initiative to act. However, the youth encounter difficulties and challenges, and International youth day is urgently needed to overcome these.


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1. What day is celebrated as International Youth Day?

Answer. August 12 is recognized as International Youth Day across the world.

Q2. Who was the inventor of International Youth Day?

Answer. The United Nations adopted a resolution in 1999 that established International Youth Day.

Q3. What will the 2022 International Youth Day’s topic be?

Answer. In 2022, “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages” will be the topic of International Youth Day.