Unseen Passage For Class 5

Unseen passage for class 5
Unseen passage for class 5

This article contains 5 Unseen Passage with questions and answers especially recommended by CBSE. We also provide Notes and Lesson Plan. Our Study Rankers specially made them for better understanding. Students may read the unseen passage for class 5 with questions and answers pdf to practice concepts with NCERT Solutions and Extra Questions and Answers. We prepared these by keeping in mind the latest CBSE curriculum passage for class 5. Shine among your friends after scoring high in Quiz, MCQ, and Worksheet with unseen passage for class 5 with multiple choice questions.

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Tips For Solving Unseen Passage For Class 5 in English

  1. Read the passage quietly.
  2. You might read the questions before reading the passage.
  3. Make sure to read the complete sentences.
  4. Answer the given questions to the point.
  5. Revise your answers.

Practise Small Unseen Passage For Class 5 with questions and answers

Unseen Passage for Class 5: I

Fishing With Granpa Leon

Unseen Passage for Class 5 with mcq questions: Fishing With Granpa Leon
Unseen Passage for Class 5 with mcq questions

Ronan was beside himself with excitement. He was ten years old and his Grandpa Leon was finally going to take him fishing. Grandpa Leon claimed to bea fishing expert, practically a “professional angler.” He told Ronan that he’d caught giant marlin and huge tuna and that he had many adventurous stories to tell. He promised he’d supply all the fishing gear: rods, reels, hooks, bait, buckets, and plenty of food, too. All Ronan had to do was to be ready promptly at 6 am.

As it happened, it was good Grandpa Leon brought plenty of food because grandfather and grandson had plenty of time to eat it. The fish simply weren’t biting. “They’re napping,” he informed Ronan, knowingly.

No nibbles left plenty of time for Grandpa Leon’s elaborate fish stories. In fact, it was during one of those tall tales that Ronan suddenly felt a sharp tug on his line. “I’ve got something really huge!” he shouted.

“Hold tight, I’ll help,” Grandpa Leon replied, reaching over and grabbing the rod. Together, they tugged on the line that held what promised to be a colossal, prize-winning fish. Finally, they reeled in their catch—a tattered leather suitcase, heavy with sand.

“How about that, Ronan—the first suitcase of the day!” Grandpa Leon exclaimed, adding, “You can’t say it wasn’t a big catch!”

Now, answer the following questions to passage for class 5

Question : Which best describes what anglers do?

  1. Tell stories
  2. Draw angles.
  3. Supply food.
  4. They fish with rods and reels.

A) 4. They fish with rods and reels.

Question : Which best describes Grandpa Leon?

  1. He is confident and cheerful.
  2. Granpa is very famous.
  3. He is cranky and strict.
  4. Grandpa doesn’t like to joke around.

A) 1. He is confident and cheerful.

Question : Summarize the fishing experience, as seen through Ronan’s eyes.

A) The trip had many long boring stretches because the fish weren’t biting. But, Ronan was entertained by Grandpa Leon’s stories and he enjoyed making the first “catch.”

Question : What was surprising about Grandpa Leon’s reaction to catching a suitcase?

A) He acted as if the suitcase was a prized catch, he was not disappointed.

Unseen Passage for Class 5: II

Krishna’s Lesson

Unseen Passage for Class 5 Krishna's Lesson
Unseen Passage for Class 5th English

Though small and gentle, young Krishna had great wisdom bestowed upon him by Lord Vishnu. In those days, Krishna lived in Vrindavan. Each year, the people there made offerings to Indra, the fierce ruler of clouds and rain, hoping to soothe Indra’s temper. Krishna clearly recognised that Indra was neither generous nor sincere; he was selfish and arrogant, unworthy of respect.

To teach Indra a lesson, Krishna addressed the people. “Indra is a bully we need not serve. Instead, it makes more sense to worship Govardhan, our mountain that supports us. Let us honour kind Govardhan, who selflessly shares her lush forests and urges the clouds to shower us.” The people approved Krishna’s solution.

Indra flew into a mighty rage. “These farmers ignore me to worship a mountain on the advice of a child? I shall severely punish this insult,” he thundered. Indra ordered the clouds to send furious winds and driving rains to Vrindavan. The tempest terrified the people, who fearfully sought help from young Krishna.

Learn more about Lord Krishna

With supreme calm, grace, and power, Krishna lifted Govardhan into the air using only the little finger of his left hand. He steadfastly held the mountain like an umbrella, protecting Vrindavan for seven stormy days and nights.

Finally, Indra acknowledged his error. He halted the storm and deeply apologized to Krishna. Thus did humans learn not to give in to a disaster.

Now, answer the following questions to passage for class 5

Question : Which term best describes the personality of Indra?

  1. Generous
  2. Graceful
  3. Terrorizing
  4. Respectful

A) 3. Terrorizing

Question : According to the legend, Vrindavan is ________.

  1. A god
  2. A mountain
  3. A ruler
  4. A village

A) 4. A Village

Question :Why did it take Krishna’s help to convince the people to stop honoring Indra?

A) The people feared Indra. They hoped that their offerings would keep his temper under control. But when Krishna proposed a new plan, they were willing to try his solution.

Question : How does the legend make clear that Krishna was wise and honorable?

A) Krishna made the changes he suggested and protected the people during the storm until Indra gave in and apologized.

Unseen Passage for Class 5: III

Unseen Passage for Class 5 The Unlucky Lizard
Unseen Passage for Class 5 with mcq questions

The Unlucky Lizard

Ages back, Lizard and Frog both sat upright like dogs. Then came the day that things changed forever for Lizard. The pair were strolling along a dusty trail near their swamp. Around a bend, they noticed a lush green field with a clear blue pond. They hankered for a visit, but a sturdy wooden fence blocked the way.

“I’d sure love a swim in that sweet water,” said Frog longingly.

“I’d sure love to catch some fine insects there,” pined Lizard.

So the two approached the fence, which seemed to grow taller and more threatening with each step. To make things worse, the fence boards fit snugly together and were buried deep in the ground. They saw no possibility to clamber over nor dig under.

Frog and Lizard sat upright like dogs by that frustrating fence, pondering how to get to the other side. Then Frog spied a thin crevice near the ground. “I’m gonna squeeze myself through,” he announced. So he shoved and squirmed and wriggled until he popped out on the other side!

“Your turn, Lizard,” Frog hollered. So Lizard scuttled to the crack. He pressed and squashed and struggled to get through. He pushed so hard that a fence board tumbled and flattened him. After that, Lizard never again sat like a dog, but could only slither close to the ground. Frog and Lizard remained friends despite Lizards’ flatter appearance.

Now, answer the following questions to passage for class 5

Question : If you were to clamber over something, you would most likely be…

  1. Arguing.
  2. Climbing.
  3. Slithering
  4. Wondering.

A) 2. Climbing

Question : According to this folktale, what did Frog and Lizard share a hankering for?

  1. Making new friends
  2. Sitting upright as dogs can
  3. Having a refreshing swim
  4. Getting past a fence to a field and pond

A) 4. Getting past a fence to a field and pond

Question : Describe a situation when using the word longingly makes sense.

A) Longingly is used to describe how one might want something badly.

Question : What lesson do you think Lizard might have learned from this tale?

A) Lizard learned to never let a friend dare him to do something dangerous.

Unseen Passage for Class 5: IV

The Talent Show

Ms Spira, the music teacher, was nearly finished auditioning hopefuls for the upcoming talent show.

She announced to the two remaining candidates that there was just one spot left to fill, which caused Tameka and Kai to glance nervously at each other across the room. Tameka, a talented dancer, hoped to show off her technique and style in the show, while Kai, a gifted pianist, dreamed of becoming a professional musician and wanted this opportunity to perform. Though each hoped desperately to be selected, that seemed impossible now, with only two more try-outs for one opening.

Kai moved beside Tameka. “I know you’re an awesome dancer, and you know I’m great on the piano. Too bad we’ve got to battle each other,” he whispered.

Unseen Passage for Class 5 The Talent Show
Unseen Passage for 5th Class

“Oh, that’s kind to say, but one of us is simply going to be disappointed,” Tameka answered.

Kai asked, “What music are you dancing to?” Tameka replied that she planned to dance to the hit, “Sweet, Fleet Feet.” Kai originally planned to play a classical waltz by Frederic Chopin. But he also knew “Sweet, Fleet Feet” and could play it energetically, so he suggested something to Tameka that made her grin.

Then Ms Spira turned to Tameka and Kai to ask, “Who’s next?”

“Both of us—we’ve become a team!” they responded. The friends chattered as they went onto the stage. “May we please have a few moments to warm up?” Tameka politely asked.

Now, answer the following questions to passage for class 5

Question : Who is telling the story?

  1. Ms Spira
  2. Tameka
  3. Kai
  4. Narrator

A) 4. Narrator

Question: Two words that could describe everyone auditioning for the talent show are…

  1. Dancers and pianists.
  2. Hopefuls and candidates.
  3. Jugglers and musicians.
  4. Best friends and hopefuls.

A) 2. Hopefuls and candidates

Question : Why did Tameka ask Ms. Spira for a few moments to warm up?

A) Because Tameka wanted extra time to practice with Kai before the try-out.

Question : What inferences can you make about Kai based on his idea?

A) Kai is confident about his musical skills, hence, he switches to a different piece at the last minute. He also must have believed that teaming up with a talented dancer would increase their chances at the talent show.

Unseen Passage for Class 5: V

Unseen Passage for Class 5 with multiple choice questions: The Record Setter
Unseen Passage for Class 5 with multiple choice questions

The Record Setter

My brother, Alex, is generally considered to be a reliable, clever, thoughtful fellow. I say “generally” because of things like what he’s doing right now.

Picture this and you’ll understand. While I, Nate, sit here playing a video game and texting with half my friends—two perfectly normal things to be doing for amusement—what is he occupied with? Alex is standing over there, counting softly to himself 79, 80, 81, 82… while he repeatedly bats a rubber ball attached by an elastic string to a wooden paddle. This is nonsensical
behaviour, is it not?

You might think I’m being too hard on Alex, as
brothers sometimes can be to one another. On the contrary, I’m being lenient. You see, this time it’s paddleball batting, but the last time—and I refer to just a few weeks ago—the challenge was standing on his head for
as long as he could, with a timer set up on the rug. Of course, he had to read it upside down, but I suppose he got better at it day by day. Maybe he should’ve put the timer upside down, too.

Frankly, I’m getting a bit concerned. What if one of his goofy pals introduces him to alligator wrestling? Or what if he gets enticed to take up tightrope walking from skyscraper to skyscraper? I tell you, for Alex, these ideas are not too far-fetched!

Now, answer the following questions to passage for class 5

Question: To amuse himself, Nate likes to…

  1. Wrestle alligators.
  2. Play table tennis.
  3. Play video games.
  4. Praise his brother.

A) 3. Play video games

Question: Which is a synonym for lenient?

  1. Easygoing
  2. Critical
  3. Loving
  4. Harsh

A) 1. Easygoing

Question : How does Nate use exaggeration to get across his point about his brother’s behavior?

A) Alex does things that Nate finds strange. But, he has no intention of taking up alligator wrestling or tightrope walking.

Question : Imagine Alex describing Nate. How might the story be different?

A) Alex make fun of Nate because he wastes time on video games and texting with his friends.

Conclusion: Unseen Passage for Class 5

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