Formal Letter Writing in English for Class 5 Topics, Samples, Format

Formal Letter Writing In English For Class 5
Formal Letter Writing In English For Class 5

This article includes formal letter writing in English for class 5. Letter writing forms an integral part of basic human communication; thus every individual should be proficient in writing letters as per industry standards.

What is Letter Writing?

Formal Letter Writing In English For Class 5

Letters, regarded as one of the oldest means of communication, is essentially a piece of writing that provides specific information. Letters generally convey communicating thoughts, ideas, or messages to one another. Letters have a goal and a target readership. These are written in a conversational tone with an easy writing style. Depending on the goal, letters can be either personal or business-related. To know more about letters, you may click here.

Types of Letter Writing

The two basic sorts of letters are: Formal Letter and Informal Letter

Formal Letter

The language in formal letters is clear and concise. They are composed in an organised, formal tone. This group includes all formal letters and applications. In formal letters, the author does not have a personal relationship with the reader or addressee. The letter’s objective is formal.

Informal Letter

Informal letters are sent to friends, family members, and acquaintances on a personal or social basis. In this instance, the letter’s author is acquainted with the addressee. Such a letter’s objective is to convey information.

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Formal Letter Writing In English For Class 5 Topics

There are umpteen topics for writing formal letters. One should keep in mind the proper format for writing a formal letter. Some of the topics include

  • Application to the Principal for sick leave
  • Application to the Principal requiring permission for special events
  • Application to an Editor to draw necessary attention to the problems in your society
  • Application to your local committee head for document verification
  • Application to the local police station against miscreants in your society
  • Application to the Electricity Board for your household electricity complaints.

Formal Letter Writing in English for Class 5 Format

When writing a letter, keep in mind the following rules:
Sender’s Address: The person writing the letter is the sender. The sender’s address must be first in a letter. The recipient will be made aware of the letter, giving him the opportunity to respond if he chooses. The sender’s address is the first part to be written in a formal letter

Address of the recipient: The person to whom the letter is written is the recipient. If the recipient’s address is not provided, the mail cannot be delivered. Additionally, it provides information on the recipient of the letter.

• Date: Since date is a crucial component, it must be mentioned after the recipient’s address.

Subject: The theme of the letter must be stated after the date.

Greeting: The words that are used to express a salutation or greeting. It depends on who is receiving the letter.

Body: This section contains the information or message that has to be communicated.

Subscription: Letters must be signed off politely with phrases like “with love,” “sincerely,” “yours truly,” etc.

Signature: The sender’s name is spelled out. The initial name is typically written.

We will be showing you some examples of formal letter writing In English for class 5 for readers to know about the format.

Formal Letter Writing in English for Class 5 Samples

Write a letter asking for a leave of absence due to your brother’s wedding to your principal.

The principal,
St. Xaviers School,
20th June, 2022.

Subject: Application for school leave

I wish to inform you that my elder brother is getting married on the 25th of June, 2022, and therefore I would not be able to attend school from 25th June for 3 consecutive days. I humbly beg your pardon for the same.
I’ll be grateful if you could kindly grant me your permission for my absence.

Yours obediently,
Vikas Sahayak, Class 5-C

Write a letter asking your principal to add your name to the list to this year’s school trip.

The principal,
St. Xaviers School,
June 25, 2020

Subject: Application for school trip

With due respect, I would like to request you to add my name for this year’s school trip to Bhopal and make necessary arrangements for the same. I have also received my parents’ permission for this trip.
I hereby attach the authorized letter from my parents. I request you to provide me with the list of travel-related items.

Thank you,
Yours obediently,
Ashneer Gupta, Class 5-A,
Roll Number 24

Write a letter of request for a fee waiver to your school’s Principal.

The Principal,
St. Xaviers School,
June 27, 2020

Subject: Application for fee concession

I would like to formally introduce myself as a student in St. Xaviers School’s 5th grade. Currently, my family’s financial situation is dire. The monthly salary of my father is Rs. 7,800. He is responsible for providing for a family of three and is unable to pay my school fees. But as a bright and hardworking student, I have a strong desire to complete my education.

Therefore, I would like to request you to accept my plea for a full fee concession.

Yours obediently,
Abhishek Tripathi, Class 5-B

Write a letter requesting the cleanup of street sewers to the mayor of the municipality that oversees your colony.

The Mayor/ South
Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Kolkata, West Bengal
1st July, 2022

Subject: Application for cleaning of sewers

I, Debolina Banerjee, would like to draw your attention towards South Kolkata residents, where the majority of the streets in our neighbourhood are facing the problem of frequent water discharge from sewers. The pungent smell is making it difficult for us to live. The authorities have been neglecting this issue for a long time.

It is our humble request to you to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Debolina Banerjee,
South Kolkata

Conclusion : Formal Letter Writing In English for Class 5

Letter Writing is an essential tool even in today’s technologically advanced society. This article provides a valuable insight to students to learn and practise their letter writing skills.