Advertisement Writing Format, Examples, Sample Advertisement For Class 10,11,12 in English

Advertisement Writing

Advertisement Writing A promotional message that uses an eye-catching graphic to draw attention to various goods, services, or offers is known as advertising. Typically, they are paid press releases. The standard format and word limit for advertisements are 50 words. Advertisements can be placed on various media platforms, including print, broadcast, outdoor, newspapers, magazines, and internet media.

Advertisement Writing Format

Advertisement types:

1. Classified advertisement

2.Commercial/ display advertisement

A strong strategy for promoting goods and services is advertising. It is intended to capture the interest of a specific audience. Print or digital media can transmit advertising into the public domain. For example, newspapers, journals, and magazines publish advertisements designed for print media.

Classified advertisements:

These are published under several headings, including “position unoccupied,” “situation desired property for sale,” “marriage,” “lost & found,” etc. These are compact, inexpensive, and extremely short. Short sentences and words are used throughout, and the writing style is straightforward and clear. Prepositions are rarely used, and articles or conjunctions are avoided. A contact number, address, or both must be included in every advertising. Written in classified ads are not whole sentences.

Advertisement Writing
Advertisement Writing

Commercial or display advertisements:

These are written to promote or sell a product. They could be any size or color and include several drawings, sketches, and other images. It is possible to make them attractive by using various fonts. However, these take up more room and are thus more expensive to print in newspapers.

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Advertisement Writing Sample Advertisement 

Characteristics of Classified Advertisement Writing

1. The word count for classified authoring is 50.

2. Classified advertisements can include writing for to-let, lost and found, buying and selling, lodging, tours, and travels.

3. There are contact details like phone numbers or addresses.

4. Place the item in a box.


Gandhi Nagar, Delhi, Flat No. 11 is FOR SALE. Two bedrooms on the ground floor with connected bathrooms, parking nearby, a park view, a great location, pleasant neighbors, water and power provided around-the-clock, low maintenance costs, and fair pricing. To learn more, call Mahendra or Harshita at 98100XXXXX.

The following are crucial points to keep in mind while creating a classified advertisement for homes for rent, including written advertisement examples:

  1. Specify if the house is brand-new or old when describing it.
  2. The numbers of rooms, levels, and further details
  3. Specify if you are independent or just available for hire.
  4. Type of Tenant: Employee, Single, Couple, Family, etc.
  5. the address of the home
  6. Contact information

Aspects of Writing for Commercial Advertisement

1. elegant with phrases or Include catchy words and illustrations or photographs.

 2. Detail-oriented and written clearly and precisely.

3. Special discounts, contact information, and special offers are offered.

Tours & Travel

Only 3 Days and 4 Nights Stay at X 214000 Per Individual

Travel, breakfast, lunch, supper, hotel lodging, laundry, and sightseeing are all included. Experience Kanyakumari’s freshness and leisurely discover its culture with First Class Service. Contact Venus Travel at 9968XXXXXX,  Patel Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

When writing commercial commercials, the following ideas should be kept in mind:

  1. Make your headline appealing.
  2. Make the offers bold.
  3. Use metaphors or alliteration.
  4. name, contact information, and other information
  5. In a box, place the advertising.

Advertisement Writing Examples

1. Classified Advertisement Examples

Q1. The Sunshine Global School, Varanasi, Principal need a receptionist for her institution. Create a good advertisement for the receptionist position in a national newspaper’s classified section that is around 50 words long and includes all the information on the experience and qualifications needed.


Unoccupied Situation

The Sunshine Global School is looking for a competent receptionist with strong interpersonal abilities. Should have a minimum of two years of experience and be computer-literate. A degree is a must. Negotiable pay. Send your application to the principal of Sunshine Global School in Varanasi within a week, along with a detailed bio and the necessary documents.

Q2. For the past three days, your 5-year-old younger sister has been missing. Create a 50-word maximum ad for the missing people section of a neighborhood newspaper. As Chetan, you are. Call us at 9000000075. Compound Delhi


Disappeared Person

The general public is now alerted to the three-day-old disappearance of a 5-year-old kid from Central Park in Connaught Place. The kid has a light complexion, reacts to the name “Sonu,” and is dressed in a pink shirt and plaid skirts. Please call Chetan at 9000000075 if you know anything about his location. Fifty thousand in cash will be awarded to the finder.

2. Commercial Advertisement

Q1.Write a letter to the residents of your colony asking for money to help the sufferers of the recent flooding. The appeal will be published in a national daily’s classified sections. You are Rajni, a class 12 head girl at Riverdale  School in Assam.



Everyone knows that Assam’s Karimganj and Dhubri experience the most significant flood damage each year. Therefore, we must raise money for the impacted families. Everyone is urged to give generously. By 12 October 20XX, your collection should be delivered to the undersigned.


Head girl

Class 12

Riverdale School


Q2.5. The Hindustan Times is launching a monthly publication called “Environment Buzz.” To achieve this, create an advertisement.

Advertisement Writing FAQ : 

Q1. What is the format of advertisement writing?

Answer: Classified Advertisements: You may find advertising in the newspaper and magazine sections. It is more space-efficient, has fewer columns of categories, and costs less money. Essential characteristics of classified ads include:

  1. Written with concise words and sentences.
  2. To the point, clear, and straightforward.
  3. Comprehensive, but must also contain vital information.
  4. Use commas to separate all pertinent information into topics.
  5. At the top, clearly define the category. Examples include “For Sale,” “To Let,” “Situations Wanted,” “Brides,” “Bridegrooms,” “Lost And Found,” “Missing,” “Travels & Tour,” “Sad Demise,” etc.
  6. Provide your name, contact information, and phone number.
  7. Place the object in a box.

 Commercial Advertisement: Although occasionally a group of display adverts may show on a page without any articles, it often occurs next to editorial material (articles). It is intended for industrial use.

It offers more excellent room and a pleasing appearance. Its clear and appealing general organization, contact information, and issued by are enhanced by catchy slogans, offers, colorful language, and varied font sizes or shapes.

Q2.How do I make a short advertisement?

Answer :

  1.  Specify your target market.
  2. Describe your ideal customer.
  3. Describe how your product is related to your target consumer.
  4. Then, make a plan of action.
  5. Create a catchy, concise tagline
  6. Find a method to relate what you’re advertising to what customers want.
  7. Ensure that all necessary details are provided.

Q3.What is the use of advertisement writing?

Answer: An advertisement is a specific type of public notice that asks for or offers services, buys and sells real estate, products, and other items, or informs the public about people or animals that are missing. It simply helps us communicate with a broader audience, allowing us to display our products and help us find lost people.

Q4. how to write an advertisement for students

Answer: Students must thoroughly comprehend an advertisement’s fundamental structure before they can effectively build their advertising and use numerous persuasive strategies. Although the sequence in which these appear changes from advertisement to advertisement, we’ll examine the essential structural components and aspects of ads. 

  • Brand Name
  • Audience
  • The Image
  • Logo
  • Call to Action
  • The Offer
  • Headline
  • Slogan
  • Body Copy