12 Best Tips To Score More Than 90% Marks In Board Exams

Best Tips To Score More Than 90% Marks
Best Tips To Score More Than 90% Marks

If you are a student and want to score 90% marks in your board exams, this article is for you. A majority of us are always concerned about scoring a high percentage in board examinations, and anything above 89.9% feels like an excellent percentage to achieve.

For many of us, board examinations can be a source of anxiety. Anyone’s brain would spin if they were under the constant strain of getting excellent grades. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Read these 12 tips to score more than 90% marks in board exams.

Tips to score more than 90% marks in board exams

A majority of us do not take the first nine months of our studies seriously enough. We begin our preparations barely three months before the board examinations. This method of preparation is fine only and only if you have attended each class attentively and taken your personal notes. So, you can spend these three months practicing questions and revising your notes. There is no shortcut to success. But there are some tips that can help you score more than 90% marks in board exams. I have divided this article into 6-6 tips. The first six tips are for the pre-preparation phase, and the rest of the tips are for the day you have to appear for the exam.

Before exams

1. Start preparing early to score more than 90% marks in board exams.

If you start studying now, you’ll be more prepared for your examinations, even if they’re months away. Starting early gives you more time to genuinely study the topic and comprehend it, rather than merely memorizing information for the purpose of passing the exam. 

Other than helping you score more than 90% marks in board exams, having this additional time will also allow you to genuinely enjoy your study sessions, as you will no longer be stressed about remembering everything but will instead be able to read and grasp the knowledge of the subject.

2. Manage your time by making a timetable

The ability to manage your time well is the most important component of board exam preparation. A timetable outlines what you need to study and how much time you need to devote to that subject. 

You won’t get many advantages from studying if you don’t have a schedule in place, and you’ll ultimately end up studying haphazardly, which will lead to a lot of confusion. Therefore, in order to make your preparation effective, you must first devise a study timetable that takes into account both your strong and weak areas of the syllabus and then adhere to that schedule.

3. Study textbooks

A lot of us chase huge reference books that we can’t even lift. We often underestimate the importance of our syllabus books (like NCERT and CBSE board books). For practicing, these syllabus books are the most effective tools available to you.

Reference books are useful for studying but only for those who intend to appear in competitive exams after completing their 10th or 12th boards. For those of you who are serious about scoring more than 90% marks in board exams, I recommend that you should study the textbooks.

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4. Quit social media to score more than 90% marks in board exams

How many of you are guilty of endlessly scrolling Instagram reels or YouTube shorts? Even if I open YouTube to search for a topic, I fall into the trap of those YouTube shorts. I am sure a lot of my readers will relate to this. 

So, if you have made your decision to score more than 90% in board exams, take a break from all of your social activities or quit social media sites. If you don’t spend this time studying hard, your future might be at risk. 

5. Don’t sacrifice your sleep

Try studying 30 to 40 minutes at a time, taking 10-minute rests in between. A few of us are more like owls and are good at studying late at night. Others are more like larks and are good better at concentrating in the morning.

Poor sleep impairs the brain’s capacity to store factual information. When you learn something new, sleeping after it is the most effective approach to retain the information. Sleeping aids in the formation of connections between new and old memories. While you’re sleeping, you could even come up with some innovative ideas. 

6. Solve sample papers and papers of previous years

Previous year’s papers are essential for scoring more than 90% in your board examinations. Spending your money on buying expensive and weighty reference books is a waste of time and money. The internet is the dominant medium today, allowing you to find anything, anywhere, at any time.

For students in the 10th grade, the past five years of board exam papers provide sufficient practice problems for the final board test. And for 12th-grade, papers from the previous ten years are enough to help you practice for the final exam.

Solving prior year’s question papers is similar to taking past board examinations. Read each question keenly and begin answering them as if you were sitting in the examination hall for a board exam. Suppose you get 90 or more marks on your very first question paper; that’s great. But, if you score less than that, look out for your mistakes and try solving the other paper.

During exams

1. Read the question paper and answer carefully

The first and most important thing you should do is attentively read and understand your question paper. You must first know what the question is asking and how many marks it carries before you begin composing your answer. The answer should be written in a manner that is appropriate and accurate.

To begin, make a list of the questions about which you are most sure. It is not necessary to write all of the answers in the same order as they appear on the question paper. First and foremost, jot down the answers for which you are confident in your ability to answer. This will assist you in gaining confidence while also allowing you to set aside enough time to think about the remaining questions.

2. Keep your answer sheet neat to score 90% marks

It is not a joke to score 90%! Even a single mark can make a significant difference in the percentage. Hence, take each and every element into consideration, including the neatness of your paper while appearing in your board exams.

You will only be evaluated on the basis of your answer sheet, and therefore, everything associated with it matters. Answer the questions in neat handwriting and write in a manner so that the words are distinct and easy to understand. 

Underline the points in your answers which you think are important and, in the case of mathematics, create boxes around the solution in order to make your answer sheet look neat and clean. 

3. Time management is essential to score 90% marks in board exams

One of the most important factors impacting grades is effective time management. Every student is familiar with the concept of time management, but only a small number of them take it seriously while appearing in board examinations.

Answer the questions as per the marks it carries, don’t elongate your answers that contain less time. If you waste your time on writing long answers for questions that carry fewer marks, you’ll have very little time left to answer the ones that have a lot of weightages. Time management while preparing for exams is equally important as managing time while appearing for your exams. The more you manage your time wisely, the higher the chances of scoring more than 90% marks.

4. Come back to tough questions

While answering the questions, you should avoid becoming hooked on the questions you can’t solve. We often blank out under nervousness and hence can’t frame the answers in our minds. If you are unable to recollect the answer to a question after a few minutes of reading it, you should ignore the question and move on to the next one. 

There are times when you only know part of the answer to a question. You can write down what you know and go on to the next question in the sequence. You may come back to that question later, as soon as you have finished with the rest of the questions. 

5. Don’t hurry

You have spent a whole year preparing for the board exam, and if you hurry to submit your paper, you will waste all your hard work. Don’t rush out of the examination hall after finishing your exam; instead, wait until the very last second of the exam.

Cross-check your answers on your answer sheet again and again and again. If you think you have answered everything correctly without even revising it, you are wrong. Identify and correct any silly mistakes you’ve made. Also, include minor design elements to make your response sheet more visually appealing. Read over each and every one of your answers, and if you find any of them uninteresting, don’t be afraid to make them more engaging.

6. Keep a positive attitude

A combination of positivity and hard work is required to achieve anything. The right kind of attitude is essential during studying as well as when appearing in board exams.

It is easier to concentrate and remember what you have learned when you have a positive attitude since it keeps your mind open and your body calm. Assure yourself that you are well prepared for the exam and you can do it. Leave the rest to your brain, and it won’t disappoint you.

Why are the 10th and 12th grades so special?

This is that one question we always have in the back of our minds. Every chapter, topic, and class contribute significantly to the development of a person as an individual. When it comes to one’s life, as already mentioned, every standard has its own distinct significance; yet, have you ever wondered why the 10th and 12th grades are so special?

The tenth grade is the period of one’s life during which one experiences dramatic hormonal and psychological changes, which symbolizes the onset of maturity. We tend to develop and become more mature. 

Among the most distinctive characteristics of the 10th-grade board examinations is that they are the first nationalized external examination for you. So, the 10th board results are pretty much the most significant thing that can happen to you at that age.

Speaking about 12th grade, it is that age of your life that acts as a stepping stone for your professional career. Personally speaking, the majority of concepts that I was taught in 12th grade proved to be beneficial in my engineering degree. 11th and 12th grade are basically the trailer for the professional path that you will opt for after 12th.

Do class 10 board marks matter?

The results of the 10th board examination are taken into consideration throughout the admission processes in various universities in case you want to pursue a degree immediately after the 10th class. They are also a crucial component of your portfolio and serve as an indication of academic accomplishment.

Many top colleges and universities allocate separate points to your class 10th grades and place a significant emphasis on these grades when deciding whether or not to grant you admission. Hence, Class 10 is a career-shaping experience and a game-changer.

Having successfully completed and passed the class 10 board examinations, you will notice that your anxiety about taking more competitive exams will begin to fade. You will learn how to manage your time effectively, multitask, and perform at your highest level under pressure.

Do class 12 board marks matter?

From 2022-23, all 45 central institutions in the nation will conduct a Common University Entrance Test, and applicants to all of the Central Universities will be admitted based on their performance in this entrance exam. Your results in the class 12 board examinations will not be taken into consideration. To appear in CUET, all you need to do is pass your board examinations. 

But don’t let this fool you since the entrance will obviously be based on topics covered in class 12. Hence, if you score well in class 12 boards, it is obvious that you don’t need to burn the midnight oil to prepare for CUET, as you will already be well versed with your syllabus.

Conclusion- How to Score 90% Marks in Board Exams

Getting 90% in your board exams is no joke; you have to put in a lot of effort, and I mean a LOT of effort. You must adhere to each and every suggestion listed above with complete dedication and passion. And I am confident that if you follow these suggestions, you will be able to earn a higher score than you expected.