Birth Class 11 Summary

Birth class 11

Birth class 11 English summary: We have been listening to the fact that Doctors have always been considered next to god and why not,’, its because of them that we are living a carefree and happy life. The story basically is about how doctors and medical practitioners always go to any extent to save their patients.The theme of birth class 11 narrates centre on the efforts made by medical professionals to treat their patients.In summary of birth the main character, Andrew, is handling a complicated medical birth case.

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Theme Of Birth Class 11

The birth class 11 summary is story of effort and hard work they put in any operation or treatment is just something anyone cannot even imagine. Be it any complicated case coming their way their priority is to save their patient from danger. Let us talk about the protagonist of this story: Dr. Andrew Manson. He got a critical case of a delivery where the mother went unconscious after her delivery and the child that came out was stillborn.

What makes him to be called as a real doctor is even looking at the horrible situation he did not leave the place instead went for a special treatment to cure the child and the mother at any cost. He believed in himself and did not let go of the child. His high hopes on himself made him to conquer the worst situations of the time.

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birth class 11 summary
birth class 11 summary

Birth class 11 summary:

Birth class 11 English summary: The story starts with a fresh doctor Andrew Manson, who has recently passed out from a medical school who was indulged in an argument with his girlfriend Christine, a school teacher. His mood turns low and he becomes quite upset after this while returning towards his home. As soon as he reaches his home he notices a man named Joe Morgan who was in a profession of with a heavy and strong personality who was in his middle age.

He was seen waiting anxiously and persistently for the doctor. It was going to be his first child as his wife was in labor for the first time after 20 years of their marriage hence a doctor was mandatorily required for the situation. As soon as he reached Joe’s house he saw his wife in labor pain. All the other members present their eagerly were waiting for the birth of the child. In spite of being the father of the child he wasn’t ready to enter his own house because he was nervous as hell and couldn’t bear to see the pain in the room.

Her wife was given the dose of anasthaesia, to keep her unconscious for time being. After the delivery took place something unusual happened which shocked out the hell out of everybody. The child wasn’t and was born still. The doctor even couldn’t even make sense for someone to what just happened . Soon after this Andrew could see Susan getting unconscious and losing her senses. He stopped caring about the child for few minutes , treated her, brought her back to normal and then was about to switch towards the child but noticing no motion in the child’s body the midwife took the child, wrapped it in the plastic and kept it under the bed which was quite shameful and questionable act of hers.

This wasn’t acceptable to the doctor and he immediately took out the child and started applying all his knowledge from the book, his instincts but nothing could bring back the child to normal. He went numb and felt hopeless even after fifteen minutes of the treatment but then all of a sudden there was something that strike his mind . It was the special respiration method used in such cases which he witnessed during a few of the treatments being held. And yes this marked the happy ending of the story. Everyone was overjoyed seeing this. Most importantly Andrew felt he achieved something great and honorable bringing back happiness into everybody’s lives. Birth class 11 English summary Birth class 11 English summary Birth class 11 English summary Birth class 11 English summary

Birth class 11 summary in short: summary of birth

Birth class 11 English summary: The summary of birth story revolves around the protagonist, Andrew Manson: a fresh doctor who recently passed out from a medical school. He gets into an argument with his girlfriend , Christine who is a school teacher and upsets himself. While he returns home to Bryngower, he notices a man standing relentlessly outside his house because his wife was in labor pain and they were expecting their first child. As soon as he enters Joe’s house he sees Mrs. Morgan’s mother and a midwife present there.

After he completed the surgery he went blank and saw the stillborn child but he did not stop there and applied all his bookish language, his instincts but failed again. He then remembered about the special respiration method and used it as soon as possible saving the newborn’s life and bringing him back to a healthy and normal child. The mother mother who was also laying unconscious also came back to her senses. Everything turned to normal and the doctor too was overjoyed and satisfied with this art of his.

Birth class 11 Author:

The author of the lesson “birth” Archibald Joseph Cronin was born on July, 1896 in Dunbartonshire, Scotland.


When he entered the University in 1914 to study medicine, his studies were interrupted by World War 1. It was only then when he served as a surgeon sub-lieutenant in the British Navy. He received his M.B. and Ch.B. in the year 1919 and then he took a job on a passenger line as a ship’s surgeon.

After having an experience of the jobs he took positions in several hospital. In 1925 he received his MD degree from the University of Glasgow gradually after which he moved to London to begin a medical practice. But soon in 1930 he was forced to take leave because he was diagnosed with ulcer and also advised to take six months complete rest on milk diet.


He had a wife named Agnes Mary whom he married to in 1921 and moved to South Wales.

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Birth class 11 Writer:

The author or writer of the lesson “birth” Archibald Joseph Cronin who was a Scottish novelist, dramatist and non-fiction writer.

Birth class 11 questions and answers:

1. Who was Andrew Manson?

Ans: Andrew Manson was a fresh doctor who had recently passed out from a medical school.

2. Why was Andrew’s mood pissed off that evening?

Ans: Andrew’s mood was pissed off that evening because he had he had a fight with his girlfriend Christine, whom he loved dearly.

3. Who was Joe Morgan?

Ans: Joe Morgan was a driller in Blaenelly, a mining town.

4. Who was Christine?

Ans: Christine was a school teacher and also the girlfriend of Andrew Manson.

5. Why was Joe Morgan waiting for Andrew Manson?

Ans: He was was waiting for his because his wife was in labor pain and expecting her first delivery.

6. Describe the appearance of Joe Morgan in the story?

Ans: A middle aged man with a strong and heavy personality.

7. Why did Joe refused to get inside his own house at the time of his wife’s delivery?

Ans: He wasn’t ready to get inside his house because he was tensed as hell. His face was showing clear signs of strain.

8. What was the reaction of Andrew at the time of delivery when things weren’t going

Ans: Andrew looked a bit feverish and pale, lacking his confidence and his body.

9. What was the time when Andrew reached Bryngower?

Ans: It was midnight when he reached Bryngower.

10. What was the location of Joe Morgan?

Ans: Number 12, Blaina Terrance

11. How has Mrs. Morgan mother’s been described to in in the story?

Ans: Mrs. Morgan has been described as a vibe and grey-haired lady who was in her seventies.

12. Under whose supervision was Andrew practicing medicine?
Ans: He was practicing medicine under Mr. Page.

Ans: He was practicing medicine under Mr. Page.

13. How did Joe’s bedroom looked like?

Ans: It was in a mess and looked dirty.

14. Who was it that Andrew was thinking about even when he was at Joe’s house?

Ans: Andrew was thinking about failed marriages.

15. Who was the other person apart from Mrs. Morgan’s mother to take care of Susan?

Ans: Midwife

16. Andrew remembered something about Samaritan. What was it?

Ans: He remembered about the special kind of treatment he witnessed.

17. What special treatment Andrew give to the child?

Ans: The hot and cold water treatment.

18. How did Andrew feel after 15 minutes of crucial treatment?

Ans: Andrew felt hopeless after the 15 minutes of the treatment.

19. What is being referred to as a ‘miracle’ by the author?

Ans: When the stillborn child got life in himself.

20. Where did the midwife hid the child after it was born?

Ans: She hid the child under the bed.

21. After how many years of marriage were the couple blessed with a child?

Ans: After 20 years of their marriage.

22. What happened to Susan after the child was delivered?

Ans: Susan got unconscious and wasn’t in her senses.

23. What different did Andrew did to save the child?

Ans: He used a special method of respiration to treat the child.

Birth class 11 extra questions and answers:

1. What was the place Christine had fought with Andrew?

Ans: Cardiff Station

2. Why is the title named ‘birth’?

Ans: The title is named birth because the condition of both the mother and the child were crucial. The doctor who was operating the delivery saved the mother’s like first and then the child’s life. Not to forget the effort put by the doctor when everything was going wrong he still chose to put things right at any cost. Hence, the child which was born still got life in himself because of the special

3. What did Susan Morgan’s mother offered the doctor and why?

Ans: Susan Morgan’s mother offered him some tea to keep him busy thinking that he would run away from doing the delivery of her daughter.

4. For how many years were Mr. and Morgan had been married?

Ans: They had been married for about 20 years but had no child.

5. Why was this operation critical and full of complications?

Ans: Because Susan was going for delivery after so long and that too her delivery was before time.

6. What was the stage in which Susan Morgan was in?

Ans: In the last stage.

7. Why was Mr. Morgan restless and in tension?

Ans: Because his wife’s delivery was going to be before time and also this was going to be their first child after 20 years of their marriage so maybe he was scared of the complications that could have been arose.

8. Where has been the story taken from?

Ans: The story is an extract from the ‘The Citadel’.

9. How did Andrew’s practice come into existence?

Ans: Because earlier he had seen such cases of delivery.

10. What was the special therapy that was used by Andrew?

Ans: The hot and cold water therapy.

11. Where was Andrew’s mind tossing when he was in Joe’s house?

Ans: Andrew was still thinking about his fight with his girlfriend Christine, which made him give a second thought about the failed marriages in the society as he was imagining his future with her.

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