100 examples of active and passive voice

100 examples of active and passive voice

100 examples of active and passive voice, here we are going to give you an overview of what are active and passive voices along with 100 examples of the same.

Active Voice

When the subject performs the action and the object receives it, it is said that the sentence is in an active voice. The format of the sentence in an active voice is in the form of Subject + Verb + Object. In such cases the subject (who is the Doer of a verb) comes first and the object (who is the receiver of the verb) comes at the end of a sentence.

Passive Voice

When the object receives the action performed by a subject , it is said that the sentence is in an active voice. The format of the sentence in a passive voice is in the form of Object + Verb + Subject, where the verb is said to be in the 3rd form*. In such cases the object (who is the receiver of a verb) comes first and the subject (who is the doer of a verb) comes at the end of a sentence.
A 3rd form of verb is a verb which is in its past participle form. It is used with have/has/had, helping or auxiliary verbs.

100 examples of active and passive voice

100 examples of active and passive voice

In the following examples we will discuss 100 examples of active and passive voice into two different sections.

  1. John was writing a letter.
    A letter was being written by John.
  2. Someone is following us.
    We are being followed by someone.
  3. They have told me nothing.
    I have been told nothing.
  4. They have taken a parcel each.
    A parcel each has been taken by them.
  5. Where were they playing the hockey match?
    Where was the hockey match being played?
  6. People make fun of him.
    He is made fun by the people.
  7. He did not buy the books.
    The books were not bought by him.
  8. The girls were digging a hole in the ground.
    A hole was being dug in the ground by the girls.
  9. Are they picking some flowers?
    Are some flowers being picked by them?
  10. The police are questioning Mr and Mrs Kapoor.
    Mr and Mrs Kapoor are being questioned by the police.
  11. I have made some cakes.
    Some cakes have been made by me.
  12. Darjeeling grows tea.
    Tea is grown in Darjeeling.
  13. The government has launched a massive tribal welfare programme in Uttar Pradesh.
    A massive tribal welfare programme has been launched by the government in Uttar Pradesh.
  14. You will receive the letter.
    The letter will be received by you.
  15. The minister had already informed her cabinet about her decisions.
    Her cabinet had already been informed about her decision by the minister.
  16. Has anybody answered your question?
    Has your question been answered?
  17. The government has not approved the new drug for sale.
    The new drug has not been approved for sale by the government.
  18. I bought a pen.
    A pen was bought by me.
  19. The gardener has watered the plants.
    The plants have been watered by the gardener.
  20. Kumar was cleaning the house.
    The house was being cleaned by Kumar.
  21. She looked after the child.
    The child was looked after by her.
  22. The hunter killed the lion.
    The lion was killed by the hunter.
  23. Sachin ate an apple.
    An apple was eaten by Sachin.
  24. Rahul cut the cake.
    The cake was cut by Rahul.
  25. Her manners pleased us very much.
    We were very much pleased with her manners.
  26. Birds build nests.
    Nests are built by birds.
  27. Is Ravi eating some fruits?
    Are some fruits been eaten by Ravi?
  28. They sang a song.
    A song was sung by them.
  29. She has not completed the work.
    The work has not been completed by her.
  30. Hens lay eggs.
    Eggs are laid by hens.
  31. This watch was given to me by my mother.
    My mother gave me this watch.
  32. Payal is asking a question.
    A question is being asked by Payal.
  33. The children ate it.
    It was eaten by the children.
  34. Alexander expected to conquer the world.
    It was expected by Alexander that he would conquer the world.
  35. He will start the meeting.
    The meeting will be started by him.
  36. The boys laughed at the joker.
    The joker was laughed at by the boys.
  37. We play football.
    Football is played by us.
  38. He had missed the last exam.
    The last exam had been missed by him.
  39. I looked at him.
    He was looked at by me.
  40. The sharks will attack the cage.
    The cage will be attacked by the sharks.
  41. She drives a car.
    A car is driven by her.
  42. We sent a message of congratulations to her.
    A message of congratulations was sent to her by us.
  43. Shall we help Moti?
    Will moti be helped by us?
  44. One should do one’s duty.
    One’s duty should be done by one.
  45. He did not call you.
    You were not being called by him.
  46. He buys a camera.
    A camera is bought by him.
  47. We shall finish the whole work by 12 pm.
    The whole work shall be finished by us by 12 pm.
  48. She drinks water.
    Water is drunk by her.
  49. We should not encourage indiscipline.
    Indiscipline should not be encouraged by us.
  50. I have done the work.
    The work has been done by me.
  51. India won the match.
    The match was won by India.
  52. We shall not have accepted the offer.
    The offer will not have been accepted by us.
  53. How did you finish the experiment?
    How was the experiment finished by you?
  54. I know him.
    He is known to me.
  55. Did you give him the books?
    Was he given the books by you?
  56. Water fills a tub.
    A tub is filled with water.
  57. She prepares dinner.
    The dinner is prepared by her.
  58. Juice fills the jar.
    The jar is filled with juice.
  59. Angela eats biscuits every morning.
    Biscuits are eaten by Angela every morning.
  60. You were driving a car.
    A car was being driven by you.
  61. Does she speak french?
    Is french spoken by her?
  62. The choir will sing the next hymn.
    The next hymn will be sung by the choir.
  63. Dogs catch cats.
    Cats are caught by dogs.
  64. We will celebrate her birthday.
    Her birthday will be celebrated by us.
  65. Sameer is playing guitar in his house.
    Guitar is being played by Sameer in his house.
  66. The chief minister has addressed the meeting.
    The meeting has been addressed by the chief minister.
  67. Kartik was teaching English.
    English was being taught by Kartik.
  68. Radhika had sent the message.
    The message had been sent by Radhika.
  69. Will you take the class?
    Will the class be taken by you?
  70. I will finish the job tomorrow.
    The job will be finished by me tomorrow.
  71. Dad drove us home.
    We were driven home by dad.
  72. He caught the ball.
    The ball was caught by him.
  73. James was making our costumes.
    Our costumes were being made by James.
  74. She was reading a book.
    The book was being read by her.
  75. The man had caught a fox.
    A fox had been caught by the man.
  76. Mehul had given a gift to Raj.
    A gift had been given to Raj by Mehul.
  77. Whom did you laugh at?
    Who was laughed at by you?
  78. Government should ban smoking.
    Smoking should be banned by the government.
  79. Are you not revising your lessons?
    Are your lessons not being revised by you?
  80. The army chief punished his subordinate.
    His subordinate by punished by the army chief.

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Examples of Active and Passive Voice with Tenses

  1. He plays basket ball. (Present tense)
    Basket ball is played by him.
  2. Kunal was singing a song. (Past Continuous tense)
    A song was being sung by Kunal.
  3. They will inform you about it. (Future tense)
    You will be informed about it by them.
  4. I have watched this episode. (Present perfect tense)
    This episode has been watched by me.
  5. How much does she love her brother? (Present tense)
    How much is her brother loved by her?
  6. I did not do it, trust me. (Past tense)
    It was not done by me, trust me.
  7. I have been asking you since morning.(Present perfect continuous tense)
    You have been being asked by me since morning.
  8. He will be opening the door at that moment. (Future continuous tense)
    The door will be being opened at that moment by him.
  9. She had been reading that novel for months. (Past perfect continuous tense)
    That novel had been being read by her for months.
  10. She will have been watching cartoons since morning when you reach there. (Future perfect continuous tense)
    Cartoons will have been being watched by her since morning when you reach there.
  11. Shrishti is playing the guitar. (Present continuous tense)
    A guitar is being played by Shrishti.
  12. The farmer is tilling the field. (Present continuous tense)
    The field is being tilled by the farmer.
  13. The postman was delivering the letters. (Past continuous tense)
    The letters were being delivered by the postman.
  14. Boys were singing songs. (Past continuous tense)
    Songs were being sung by boys.
  15. They had won the game. (Past perfect tense)
    The game had been won by them.
  16. He had collected coins. (Past perfect tense)
    Coins had been collected by him.
  17. The contractor will have constructed the dam before rainy season. (Future perfect tense)
    The dam will have been constructed by the contractor before rainy season.
  18. They will have won the match.(Future perfect tense)
    The match will have been won by them.
  19. I have bought a car. (Present perfect tense)
    A car has been bought by me.
  20. Have you broken the mirror? (Present perfect tense)
    Has the mirror been broken by you?

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