Fire and Ice Summary in English by Robert Frost

fire and ice summary in english by robert frost
fire and ice summary in english by robert frost

Fire And Ice Introduction. Summary with questions and answers and MCQ. This poem is about the side of fire and ice inside people and the explanation of the poem will show you why the poet sees the world will end by these two. The poem ‘Fire and Ice‘ is written by the poet Robert Frost. Here you will find questions and answers,fire and ice conclusion,fire and ice summary pdf, mcqs with a small gist/explanation of the chapter.

Fire and Ice Summary: Fire And Ice Introduction

The poem ‘Fire and Ice’ is written by the poet Robert Frost. He explains us how he thinks the world might end by two things – fire and ice. He has given fire and ice two different human emotions. Fire has been compared to desire and greed to do more and compete unhealthily. On the other hand hatred and lack of sympathy is said to be portrayed by ice.

Here we are going to give you a summary and fire and ice introduction of the poem to understand it deeper and you will also learn the Figure of Speech used in here. We have also given questions and answers together with FAQ’s of the poem.

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First Stanza : Fire and Ice Summary

Some say the world will end in fire 

Some say in ice. 

From what I’ve tasted of desire 

I hold with those who favour fire. 

Explanation: Fire And Ice Introduction

Fire and Ice Summary : Fire

These four lines from the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ by Robert Frost make us question how our beautiful world might end eventually. 

We know that everything ends and so someday our world might end too. These above lines give us two possibilities. One is ‘fire’ and the other is ‘ice’. Here these two, fire and ice, can be taken in two different ways. Let us understand about fire first. 

Fire and Ice Summary : Fire inside people that is, desire to achieve things.
Fire inside people that is, desire to achieve things.

The first possibility is fire. Our core of Earth might someday become so hot that the heat might reach the mantle and crust. So, the heat will be so hot that the temperature will be like fire burning. Also there might be a lot of volcano eruptions that the lava will swipe away all forms on Earth. So, is one way of the fire ending the world. 

In another way of the fire ending the world, the poet Robert Frost is comparing the fire with the people’s desire. He wants to tell us here that the world will end with people competing for resources and eliminating out the weak ones who does not have any desire to compete with others or no ‘fire’ in their hearts. So, this way only the strong ones will survive and after some time they will also have wars between them for resources because of their selfish desires and that will be the doomsday for the life forms on Earth as they will end up everything.

The poet says in the last line that he supports people who want to see the world end in fire. It is his own personal opinion.

Second Stanza : Fire and Ice Summary

But if it had to perish twice, 

I think I know enough of hate 

To say that for destruction ice Is also great 

And would suffice.


Fire and Ice Summary : Ice

These four lines from the second stanza of the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ by Robert Frost tell us another way of ending the world, that is, by ice. Just like the first four lines, these lines also have two meanings. 

The poet says that if the world had to end twice, once if it ends by fire and again the world builds itself. The next time it might be ended by ice. He says that ice can also destroy the world. Ice has great capability to do that.

The end by ice can be of two types. One is literal and the other is metaphoric. 

In the literal way, the world’s temperature might cool down so much that the world will witness an ‘Ice Age’ and the people will freeze to death. This is very dangerous and has the ability to end the world because some scientists say that this ‘Ice Age’ already happened billions or millions of years ago already. 

The other way to end the world with ice is hatred. Metaphorically ice or being cold as ice is a way to say that a person is full of hatred or emotionally cut off. The poet, Robert Frost says that he knows enough hatred or he has seen enough hatred that can end the world. The destruction of ice is thus great because with hatred a lot of wars will take place, people will lack sympathy, no one will help anyone and then it will be our doomsday. 

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Fire and Ice Summary : Fire and Ice Conclusion

Fire and Ice poem tells us that world is full of desire and hatred which is a deadly combination and it can end our world. Desire and hatred together can lead to wars, killing of people, lack of sympathy and human emotions. Thus the poet says that the people will end the world with ‘Fire and Ice’.


1. For Frost, what do ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ stand for?

Ans. ‘Fire‘ stands for emotions such as fury, cruelty, lust, greed, conflict and avarice.

Ice‘ stands for emotions such as intolerance, indifference, hatred, coldness, insensitivity and rigidity.

2. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem? How does it help in bringing out the contrasting ideas in the poem?

Ans. Rhyme scheme of the poem ‘Fire and Ice‘ by Robert Frost is ABA ABC BCB.

It helps in bringing out the contrasting ideas in the poem in a lot of ways. For example in the first and third line both are of ‘A’ scheme so fire is contrasted with desire.


1. What figure of speech is used in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’?

Ans. Personification is used in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’. Fire is contrasted with desire, greed and selfishness. Ice is compared to hatred and insensitivity. Fire and Ice are given human emotions and so the poem is said to have used poetic device ‘Personification’.

Personification is described as, ‘Literary device which gives the projection of human characteristics onto inanimate objects or animals’. The poet uses this literary device to give us a powerful imagination and let us understand the poem better.

2. Which side does the poet favour?

Ans. The poet favours fire.

3. What is the meaning of ‘suffice’?

Ans. Suffice means to be enough.

4. What do Fire and Ice represent in Fire and Ice?
Ans. According to the poet, fire depicts human wants while ice represents human hatred.

5. What is the theme of the poem fire?

Ans. In terms of human emotions, the element ‘fire’ represents passions, wants, and love. Passions and desires unchecked can lead to the end of the planet. Both of these feelings have been felt by the poet.