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Essay on Internet

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Essay on Internet
Internet, where the whole world is in one place


The Internet is a boon to all of us humans and a wonderful invention of man, that enabled us to communicate with other sectors of the world and get us out of the limits of countries. In a world where we can communicate with our friends that are in different nations. Now that we know how much the internet is valuable to us. Let us read and know more about the internet.

Below are given Essays on Internet in 150,200,300,400

Essay on Internet in 150 Words

The Internet is a technology that has been widely used presently. the internet is an invention of high-end science and modern technology. Through this network, we can connect with other people from around the world easily. Also, we can send big and small messages and information faster than ever. It is an online form of networking where just using a mere device such as a smartphone we reach the whole world. 

As we are living in the world of the internet where from cooking to shopping, from teaching to having access to all sorts of services, which we can’t get access to due to the location or other problems, that too on our doorstep. This is how the internet has made everything as easy as clicking a button through this software and websites that we get on these three letters that are WWW ( Acronym World Wide Web). We have been so blessed by such a technology which is free to use and open 24×7 with no restrictions, yet get us all sorts of information that we wanted just by a click.

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Essay on Internet in 200 Words

As we all know that the internet is a very large network, and any information stored on the Internet can be accessed from anywhere in the world and it’s access is universal via telecommunications lines. It is such a boon to us that it has been an essential part of our life.It means we can say that without it we face lots of problems in our daily lives.

Through the internet, we have got solutions to every second problem, whether it’s finding a good home to purchase or in deciding what gift to give to your loved ones on family occasions. Internet has covered it all on a one single platform. The moment, internet has invented and came into our lives, our world has changed to a great extent in positive ways, however it has in negative ways too. 

The Internet has become highly advantageous for students, businessmen, government agencies, and research organizations who desire to get useful information pertaining to the main aim of sectors respectively. Students can search any needed information for their study, businessmen can deal with their business matters from one place, government agencies can do their work in proper time, and research organizations can do more research. With the help of the internet, these sectors can research and work with excellence.

This was Essay on Internet in 200 words, below is give essay on internet in 300 words

Essay on Internet in 300 Words

The Internet is merely a word but this word has got all the world inside it. We can say that it’s a  way to link up with all the people around the world. The Internet brings us a lot of conveniences; nowadays people are very much dependent on the internet. 

The Internet is a valuable source of a lot of information. Students can spend a few minutes on the internet to read their relevant study materials. 

We learn about daily updates and current events through the internet, which is available to us instantly. Communication has become faster and easier as a result of the internet’s convenience. Video calls are an intriguing method of communicating over the internet. The corporate world relies on the internet for file sharing, data transfer, and internal and external communication.

Some see it as a wonderful gift, while others see it as a threat, because the internet, like everything else in the world, has benefits and drawbacks. As we have seen the positive aspects of the internet, we must also acknowledge its negative aspects. For example, many people abuse the internet by posting unacceptable information or data, such as pornography, while others may use it for fraud or theft.

Although the internet can help you with anything, it has certain limitations. First, it does not have a physical appearance. Secondly, it does not have emotions and thirdly, it can’t send you to a place where you can’t go (physically). Second thing, lately, everyone, from small children to elderly adults, is addicted to the internet. As a result, determining an appropriate age for internet use is difficult. However, according to studies, using the internet from a young age can cause problems in the child, so internet use by small children should be limited or prohibited.”

Essay on Internet
Essay on Internet

Now that we have read Essay on Internet in 300 words. Below is given the Essay on Internet in 400 words

Essay on Internet in 400 Words

The Internet has become an important and pleasant formation that someone has created for its use. We can get news and information from the internet, as well as watch videos, and movies, and listen to music. We can also communicate by sending messages, and talking online with friends, and there are numerous other uses that anyone can think of.

It has managed to bring info to our doorstep, and with a single click of a net, we can enter the data virtual world. Today, the internet has become so common that it is instantly accessible throughout the entire world. With the introduction of cell phones and 4G technology, we no longer require even a PC to gain access to the internet. It is a terrific electronic passage that gives quick access to worldwide news and data. 

Data, records, archives, and different assets are promptly accessible on the web, containing a colossal measure of data. The technology of the internet has provided human living and working habits. It has reduced man effort and time, which is very beneficial to all in terms of gaining knowledge as well as increasing income with less input. It is capable of providing information quickly at the door. 

The internet is essentially a network of networks that connects various computers to handle from one location. The internet has now spread its effects to every nook and cranny of the globe. A telephone line, a computer, and a modem are required to connect to the internet. At the moment, with the help of the internet, a student sitting in India can access US university classes. He only needs to be admitted to the online course and connected to a reliable internet connection. A full degree can also be obtained online. Because of it, education has become simple and inexpensive.

The Internet has a relatively cheaper and faster method, catering to everyone’s varied needs just with a click of a button on an application or website. Like if someone wants food but they don’t have time to go to the restaurant and at the same time wants food at the time they enter their home. They can simply swiggy it without any hassle. Their food will be delivered at home or if they want to send someone food, but they are in another city. Then they can just enter their address and food will be delivered to them.

Essay on Internet
Essay on Internet

Here we end with a 400 Essay on internet let’s read further where will discuss advantage and disadvantage of internet. Below Essay on Internet is given with It’s advantages and disadvantages.

Essay on Internet Advantages and Disadvantages

We have already read about what is internet and how we can use it. How has relatively made our difficult task easier and we all know that internet is a place where whole diverse world compiled. It unites people it’s a stockpile of information. It is just like any Genie which completes all your wishes in an as reasonable way as possible without you doing any hustle for any information or maybe learning to cook different recipes or having difficulties at studying.

In today’s era, we don’t even need to stand in a long line for withdrawing cash, we don’t even need cash as online banking made it easier. I believe that the internet has tons of benefits when it comes to facilities and services. But there is nothing in the world that exists without having to have any shortcomings even medicines also have side effects on consuming. So here below are some boons and some drawbacks to internet below.

Advantages Of Internet – Essay on Internet

• The information that we obtain is one of the most significant benefits that the internet provides. The Internet is a stockpile of virtual information treasures. On the internet, you can find information on any topic under the sun. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are available to you via the internet. There is an enormous amount of information available on the internet for almost every subject known to man, ranging from government law and services, trade fairs and conferences, market information, new ideas, and technical support, to name a few.

Forums or chat boxes on several sites at the bottom, enable people all around the world to talk over and share their thoughts and information with others located at different places all over the world. Whether this information is the latest news happenings in the world or information about your favourite celebrity, everything is available at your fingertips.

Learning is made easier and simpler, now several applications are modified in such a way that the children or students can learn a topic such as a trigonometry easier and faster using animated explanations as we humans learn better when we see. Presently these apps also have a one teacher-student session apart from group sessions, where a child can ask those queries to the teacher on this app, that he may become shy to ask in his school classes or tuition classes for a number of reasons.

Entertainment can be another popular reason why many people prefer to surf the internet. Through the internet, we can watch several movies or series without going to a cinema or theatre to experience such an experience. Applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or even YouTube can get you tons of movies.

Nowadays the concept of short videos is also popular in the entertainment sector. Apps like Tiktok or maybe Instagram that have recently launched have Reels come under the part of 15-second videos. Where people all around the world record or film themselves making food, dancing, or singing and rapping or maybe doing the popular trend chores on the songs or just do fashion transformations of changing clothes at the drop of music beat.

• Internet these days is advantageous in the terms of businesses, nowadays business owners don’t need to do any hustle in promoting their business, they got a varied software and of course social media. Just like the food industry has evolved so well that even mithai shop owners have their custom websites and software to manage orders or funds easily everything is now in the hands of AI which is also a miracle invention of the internet and a human mind.

Disadvantage Of Internet – Essay on Internet

• The internet is a wonderful tool for many people, but it can have serious drawbacks. According to many sources, the internet causes addiction in some form or another because it can provide instant gratification. This means that users do not have to put in a lot of effort to achieve success and satisfaction just by a mere click. Nowadays most of teenagers, adults and even elderly and infants are in tangled in this internet trap. Internet has become such an addiction presently that people don’t even eat without watching videos on phone.

• Nowadays, with people communicating and uniting with other people is surely a boon. But it also includes bullying currently over the internet. The Internet has become a site for cyberbullying, harassment through the social media which is effecting people mental health, people are more prone to get humiliated for what they love as other person may not have the same interests.

• In today’s society, the Internet can be considered a huge benefit. However, there are numerous drawbacks. The most serious issue is spam. Spam bombards our email inboxes and social media accounts, making it difficult to distinguish between real and fake notifications. The biggest flaw is that it in turn diverts our focus from what we are finding, which results in missing deadlines, if any, for submission of any assignment or application forms for enrolling in the courses we want.

• Another major problem on the internet is criminal hacking or maybe the social media app you are using is leaking or stealing your personal information on social media websites and other sites that list your data are responsible for many cases of fraudulent activity. This can be cautious for us as in today’s world we can’t trust anybody.

For making money or marketing purposes also, usually, app developers are also into leaking people’s data. It is known that these app developers tend to sell the informati on to unknown parties which in turn proves to be dangerous for people as they don’t care about which type of party they are selling data to, making people’s lives at risk.


Internet is best invention of all here we learn from others, teach others what we already know , communicate with others our feelings and thoughts, promote, sell our product and purchase things according to our needs and wants. Everything we got on internet. What a wonderful thing our civilisation got.

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