Prefix and suffix for class 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 In English Grammar


Prefix and Suffix for class 4-10 in English grammar, here we are going to tell you what prefix and suffix are and how is it used along with examples.

Prefix and Suffix Definition


‘Pre’ means ‘before’ and ‘fix’ means ‘to put something firmly in place’. So, as the term suggests, Prefix refers to part or group of alphabets which when added to the beginning of a word tends to change the word’s meaning.


A suffix refers to a part or group of alphabets which when added to the end of a word tends to change the word’s meaning.

Prefix and suffix
Prefix and suffix

List of some common Prefix and Suffix and their uses mentioned with Examples

Prefix words in English

Prefix MeaningExamples (Prefix+Word)
Ab-AwayAbnormal, Absent
Ambi-BothAmbivert, Ambiguous
Ante-BeforeAntedate, Anteroom
Anti-AgainstAntivirus, Antibiotics
Auto-SelfAutopilot, Autograph
Bio-LifeBiology, Biography
Bene-GoodBenefit, Benevolent
Circum-RoundCircumference, Circumscribe
Co-WithCo-exist, Cooperation
Counter-OpposingCounterfeit, Counterbalance
De-Opposite actionDestroy, Decentralization
Dec-TenDecade, Decimal
Dia-AcrossDiameter, Dialogue
Dis-Opposite ofDissatisfied, Disagree
Dys-AbnormalDysentery, Dyslexia
E-ElectronicEmail, E-commerce
Equi-EqualEquator, Equality
Ex-FormerEx-president, Exterminate
Extra-More than Extraordinary, Extracurricular
Fore-BeforeForemost, Forecast
Geo-EarthGeography, Geology
Homo-SameHomophobic, Homosexual
Hyper-OverHyperactive, Hyperspace
In-NotIncomplete, Inaccuracy
Inter-BetweenIntermediate, Interact
Intra-WithinIntraday, Intra-generational
Il-, Im-, In-, Ir-Not, opposite ofImpossible, Indistinct, Irrational, Illogical
Macro-LargeMacroeconomics, Macrobiotic
Mal-BadlyMalnutrition, Malpractice
Micro-SmallMicroscope, Microwave
Mid-MiddleMidpoint, Midfielder
Mis-Wrongly Mistake, Misrepresentation
Mono-OneMonopoly, Monotone
Multi-ManyMultigrain, Multicultural
Neo-A new and different form of something that existed in the pastNeoclassical, Neonatal
Non-Not, without Nonsense, Nonexistent
Oct-EightOctopus, Octagon
Out-More, to a great extentOutspoken, Outnumbered
Over-Too muchOverconfidence, Overthink
Ped-FootPedestrian, Pedometer
Poly-ManyPolygon, Polygamy
Post-AfterPostpone, Postmortem
Pre-BeforePrevent, Prefix
Pro-ForwardPromote, Proceed
Re-AgainRecall, Return
Semi-HalfSemicircle, Semi-final
Sub-UnderSubmerge, Submarine
Super-AboveSuperstar, Supernatural
Trans-AcrossTransport, Transact
Tri-ThreeTricycle, Triangle
Un-NotUnfinished, Unfortunate
Under-BelowUnderwater, Underline
Under-Insufficient Underemployed, Underdeveloped
Uni-OneUniverse, Uniform
Well-Useful, successful Well-known, Well-designed
List of commonly used prefixes along with examples

Suffix words in English

SuffixMeaningExamples (Root+Suffix)
-able, -ibleCapable ofReversible, Breakable
-al, -ialHaving to do withHerbal, Industrial
-antHaving an impactConsultant, Disinfectant
-anthropHumanMisanthrope, Philanthropist
-cyState of qualityDecency, Literacy
-edpast tense of verbturned, ruined, cooked, cleaned
–eePerson affected by somethingEmployee, Bailee
-enMade of, being madeGolden, Lighten
-erComparativeLater, Colder
-erA person whoActor, Performer
-estSuperlativeColdest, Hottest
-freeWithoutHassle-free, Debt-free
-fulFull ofCareful, Beautiful
-graphWriteParagraph, Autograph
-hoodCondition, stateChildhood, Adulthood
-ianRelated toLibrarian, Historian
-ic, -ticHaving to do withRealistic, Electric
-icsStudy ofElectronics, Genetics
-ifyGiving quality to somethingSimplify, Solidify
-ingPresent participlePlaying, Cooking
-ismBehavior or beliefHeroism, Liberalism
-istPerson who doesPhilanthropist, Activist
-tionAct or processAction, Reaction
-ityState ofInfinity, Insanity
-tiveAdjectiveNegative, Active
-ize, -iseBring about a condition or statemodernize/modernise, colonize/colonise
-lessWithoutLimitless, Clueless
-likeResemble anotherAlike, Child-like
-ly, -yIn a certain wayCarefully, Quietly
-mentAction, processAccomplishment, Development
-nessState of, qualityCarelessness, Thickness
-ocracyType of ruling bodyDemocracy, Bureaucracy
-ocratPerson rulingDemocrat, Autocrat
-ology, -ologicalStudy ofPsychology, Biological
-ousHavingReligious, Joyous
-proofProtected againstWaterproof, Smudge-proof
-shipState or experience of specific positionPartnership, Leadership
List of commonly used Suffixes along with examples

For more information related to prefix and suffix watch this video: Prefix and Suffix question solving tricks

Prefix and Suffix Practice Questions

Add a prefix to the base word given in brackets to correctly complete each sentence.

1) China is an _________ country. It has over a billion people. (populated)
2) Male students _________ female students in this class. (number)
3) It’s _________ to smoke in public places and expose people around to danger. (moral)
4) I looked over my essay and found a _______ word. (spelled)
5) To help keep the Earth clean we must __________ our plastic. (cycle)
6) Before you take off your shoes, you must ______ your shoelaces. (tie)
7) I went to the doctor because I had _________ in my belly. (comfort)
8) Radhika can swim ___________ for over 1 minute. (water)
9) My teammates were _______ after we lost the game. (happy)
10) My brother doesn’t have a job, he’s ____________ . (employed)

Add a suffix to the base word given in brackets to correctly complete each sentence.

1) I wore a _______ shirt to school for picture day. (color)
2) Puppies and kittens are very _______ animals. (play)
3) I treat all my friends in a ________ manner. (respect)
4) Be ______ ! A bus is coming. (care)
5) The best _______ for obesity is doing sport everyday. (treat)
6) An _________ person called me thrice last night. (anonym)
7) Don’t be _________ . Everything will be all right. (pessimist)
8) Could you ________ your instructions, please? (simple)
9) It is ________ to ride on your bike with a helmet on. (safe)
10) The lights on her house were __________ than ours. (bright)


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