Essay on Bear 10 lines, Few lines for class 1,2,4,7 in English

essay on bear

Essay on Bear large animals that mostly eat meat and fish. The Bears have large bodies, stocky legs, a long snout, shaggy hair, Paws with claws and a short tail. Bears have large brains and are one the most intelligent mammals. In this article, we will read about the bear:

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Short Essay on Bear:

The Bears are the mammals belonging to the category of “Carnivora”, which also include wolves, lions, tigers, leopards, and other 280 species. Bears have a presence all across the globe, including even in Antarctica. The Scientific family name of the bear is”Ursidae”. Bears are known for their exceptional intelligence, remarkable memory and excellent navigation skills. Unlike other mammals, bears are not very social and prefer to live alone.

Many species of Bears exist worldwide, including Polar bears, Pizzly and Cave Bears, etc. The lifespan of a Bear varies from species to species. The giant panda can live up to 20 years. However, the black bear has a lifespan of 30 to 34 years. Bears are considered to be susceptible and emotional animals. In today’s world, bears face constant threats from humans on their lives because of two reasons- encroachment of wild habitats for farming and illegal trade of body parts like fur and meats after hunting.

Long Essay on Bear:

A Bear is a gigantic animal with a big foot. The Bears have heavy,long fur and stubby tails. The skeleton is massive. The limbs are strong and furnished with powerful claws for digging and fighting. The Bears had a shuffling gait. Its walk is plantigrade; that is, the sole of its foot is placed upon the ground, leaving a footprint much like that of a human.

Bears are generally slow-moving animals yet can break into a lumbering gallop. The black bear can run at a speed of up to 40 km an hour. The Big brown bear has a peculiar pacing gait. The first two legs of one side are raised and forward together, and then the two legs of the opposite side. The brown bear will sometimes gallop for about 2 km. Straight up a steep slope without stopping to rest.

Bear let so-called bear trees know their presence. Often such trees stand conspicuously beside a bear trail. They are marked by smooth patches where a bear has rubbed itself or jagged wounds where the bear clawed at the bark. Strands of hair adhere to the bark and stick to the sap that oozes from the claw marks. Sometimes bears strip the bark from trees and scrape off the pulp that covers the wood, leaving tooth marks where the pulp has been removed.

Feeding signs also reveal the presence of bears. Ground Squirrel burrows that have been dug up and the anti-hills that have been scooped out show where a bear has fed and what it has preyed on. Overturned, smashed logs and rolled-over locks indicate that a bear has been searching for ants and beetles.

A patch of uprooted vegetation may mean a bear has dug for roots. Bee trees are ripped apart for their honey and bee brood contents. Since bears cover leftover potions of food with debris, the discovery of such a cache signifies that a bear is active in the vicinity.

Essay on Bear 10 Lines:

  1. The Bears are one of the most innovative and intelligent mammals on this earth. This heavily weighted animal belongs to the family of Ursidae. The Bears use their intelligence power to camouflage and catch their prey.
  2. Lifespan of bears may vary from species to species. A giant panda can live up to 20 years. However, the black bear has a life span of 30-34 years. The female bear gives birth to 1-4 cubs, and the surviving cubs would remain with the mother for 2-4 years.
  3. Bears prefer to live a solitary life instead of a family life. Polar bears are the largest bear species and have a perfect sense of smell.
  4. The different species of bears can be found in both the southern and northern hemispheres. The male bear is larger than the female bear.
  5. Bears are omnivorous except for the polar bear, which is mainly a carnivore and the giant panda as a herbivore. Black, Brown, Andean, Panda, Sloth, Asiatic, Sun, and polar bears are the different types of beer worldwide.
  6. Bear is an animal with thick hair covering its whole body. A heavy body with wide legs, elongated snout, small rounded ears, thick coats, and short tail are the body features of an ordinary bear.
  7. The polar bears have extra fat to keep them warm from the chilling cold.
  8. Bear lives in mountains and forests, and the polar bears live in the cold arctic. A male bear is called boar, and a female is known as a sow. The baby bear is known as a cub.
  9. The bear uses their curved claws in walking, running, digging, climbing, fighting and killing.
  10. Bears are facing the threat of extinction because of a lack of food and habitat.
essay on bear
essay on bear 

Essay on Bear few Lines:

  1. 1. The Bears are considered to be very emotional animals. Cubs will start crying if they are separated from their mother bears. The Bears care for the family a lot, and the mother bear can risk their life to save the cubs from danger.
  2. 2. Bears hibernate during winter. Bears at higher altitudes get into hibernation with reduced heart rates and metabolism due to food scarcity.
  3. 3. Except for humans and tigers, which usually attack only bear cubs, bears don’t have a threat from any natural predator. In some Mythology, like Korean and Chinese, the bear is worshipped as a symbol of a god.
  4. 4. Bears communicate through large vocal sounds like groans, roars, growls or barks. Six bear species are the most vulnerable and endangered species to the international union of conservation of nature. A bear’s life span is between 25-50 ears depending upon different species.
  5. 5. Bears are dying due to hepatitis and many other infections because their bodies are susceptible to many parasites and pathogens. Bears are hunted and poached for their meat, fur, and entertainment in the circus.

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