Tenses for Class 10 Exercises with answers, worksheets, pdf

Tenses for Class 10

Tenses for Class 10: Tenses are rules which tell us when has a work been completed and how much is it completed. The significance of English grammar tenses is highlighted by the fact that each tense describes the relationship between two or more time periods or the precise moment that an event occurred. They can be utilized to give the same verbs new interpretations, which aids the listener in understanding the significance of your story.

Tenses for Class 10 is one of the important topics in English grammar as this topic also holds weightage in many competitive exams.Students may read the Worksheets PDF to practice the concepts that have been covered in this page.

Tenses for Class 10

Types of tenses

Tenses are classified into past, present and future which are further divided into simple tense, continuous tense, perfect tense and perfect continuous tense.

Simple Tense

Simple tense, also known as indefinite tense, as the name suggests, in contrast to the other tenses, describe actions without indicating whether they are finished or still in progress. This means that these tenses are indefinite with respect to their completeness or continuity.

Continuous Tense

An action that is, was, or will be in process at a specific time is shown using the continuous tense. With the word ‘be’ and the ‘-ing’ form of the verb, the continuous tense is created.

Perfect Tense

It is a kind of tense which tells us whether an action has been completed in the past, present or will be completed in future.

Perfect Continuous Tense

An action that is, was, or will be in process at a specific time is shown using the continuous tense. With the word “be” and the -ing form of the verb, the continuous tense is created.

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Tenses for class 10 Exercises with answers

Choose the correct form of verb that is provided in the brackets to fill in the blanks : 

1. Radhika will __________ dancing for 5 months. (have not been/ have been not/ not have been)

2. It _________ cold in Delhi. (were/ are/ is))

3. I will go to school tomorrow if I _______ better. (feel/ felt/ feeling)

4. He ___________ the dress since morning.(have been finding/ was finding/ has been finding)

5. I am sorry the phone is not available any longer. It ________ to my friend. (had sold/ has been sold/ has sold)

6. If I ________ money now, I will not face any difficulties in future. (save/ saved/ had saved)

7. If everything _________ well, I will plan for a trip without any delay. (goes/ went/ go)

8. Although the police ________ every precaution, the robber managed to escape. (takes/ had taken/ has taken)

9. Ashley __________ a book about India last year but I don’t know whether she has finished it yet. (wrote/ had written/ was writing)

10. We are good friends. We _________ each other for a long time. (have known/ have been knowing/ knew)

Answers :

1. not have been

2. is

3. feel

4. has been finding

5. has been sold

6. save

7. goes

8. had taken

9. was writing

10. have known

Tenses for class 10 Exercises practice

Choose the correct form of the verb given in the bracket to complete the sentence correctly. 

1. By next month, he _______ (sell) all his books.

2. The soup ________ (taste) good.

3. Rahul_____ (want) to be an engineer.

4. If I knew her address, I _______ (tell) you.

5. He ______ (be) here next Saturday.

6. We _______ (finish) our dinner half an hour ago.

7. I wouldn’t do that if I _______ (be) you.

8. She ______ (suffer) from cold since Monday.

9. Don’t disturb me, I ______ (do) my homework.

10. The train _____ before we reach the station. (Leave)

Tenses for class 10 Worksheets

Read the sentences carefully and tell what type of tense it is.

1. While I was doing my work, my friend was cooking food.

2. When I turn forty, I will have been playing guitar for twenty-two years.

3. I worked till 12 am and then I went to bed.

4. The baby has been crying all morning.

5. This paper appears twice weekly.

6. I shall go to Delhi tomorrow.

7. Shrishti had been walking 5km a day before she broke her leg.

8. I will be writing the letter tomorrow.

9. She has been unconscious since 3 o’clock.

10. Look, the sun is rising over the hills.

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