Journey by train essay for class 3,4,6,8,10 In English


Journey by train essay: The railway is one of the most innovative and practical modes of transportation. Therefore, it is essential to take a train trip once in a lifetime. The memories made on a train trip are valuable and must be treasured.

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Journey by train essay In 100 Words

We have to take the train every time we visit my maternal grandparents. Although we use the local train, the trip takes close to two hours. I saw a lot of merchants selling food and other products of everyday use while riding the train. My father occasionally gives me treats like chips or sweets from the street sellers.

My mother gave my grandmother a lovely scarf she purchased from a street seller on the train. I always try to request a window seat so that I may enjoy the view without becoming bored. I get exhausted on rocky bus rides. One of my preferred forms of transportation is perhaps the train since it is so comfortable.

Journey by train essay In 150 Words

There are numerous ways when train trips are distinctive. They are priceless for the memories they provide, the experiences had, and the lessons discovered. It is advisable to save happy recollections of train rides since they will undoubtedly make one smile in the future. Along with refreshments and spectacular scenery, trains provide fellow passengers who become friends. Nothing is more wonderful than a lovely couple of other travelers who travel with us, engage in conversation, and share our laughter.

Train travel is among the most amazing experiences we have ever had. It is exhilarating and jam-packed with adventure. It is a memory to treasure and an experience of a lifetime. There is no chance of being bored on a train ride, whether it is a short trip or an extended one. Every youngster enjoys using local trains because of their mystery. Traveling by train is fascinating and exhilarating.

The trip offers us essential things. First, the fellow travelers demonstrate how, while on the journey of our lives, we meet specific like-minded individuals who make the distance pleasant and travel with us. But, ultimately, we go alone because we lose them to the never-ending flow.

Journey by train essay In 200 Words

Train rides are a lot of fun, especially when traveling with pals. My voyage by rail from Delhi to Jaipur is among my favorite trips. We were all quite thrilled about the school trip. We had many plans for the vacation, and we were incredibly excited to have fun on the way.

By six in the morning, we had all arrived at the rail station, and the train had already begun to move. I sat at the window to see the scenery outside. The scenery of the lush fields, sluggish roads, and cottages was beautiful on the journey. Sitting next, my closest buddy and I talked while gazing out the window.

Breakfast would soon be ready. I adored the bread and cutlets that were given aboard the train. After a platter of bread and cutlets, we also had hot tomato soup. We all agreed that we would play antakshari after breakfast. Antakshari is always enjoyable to play in big groups. The participation of our professors increased the enjoyment. We continued to play antakshari for the rest of the voyage, and before we knew it, we had arrived. The experience was terrific. This train ride was much more enjoyable because I was with my buddies.

Journey by train essay
Journey by train essay

Journey by train summary

This narrative describes an incredible voyage taken by an Englishman named Phileas Fogg. Being a brutal perfectionist, he travels while caring more about the bet than the local sites he encounters. To acquire what he wants, he would do everything, including cheat and lie. Mr. Phileas Fogg and his French colleague Passepartout wager $20,000 that they can go around the globe in eighty days. They pass across some of India on their journey. At that time, the nation’s railways were being constructed. The train left Bombay at the appointed hour. Many people rode the train, including officers, government representatives, and businesspeople.

One of Mr. Fogg’s friends, Sir Francis Cromarty, was seated beside them. The railway traveled across bridges, the Salsette Island, mountains, jungles, woods, and Khandesh’s lush region. Passepartout found it hard to believe he was traveling through India aboard a train. At the sound of the train, tigers and snakes ran away. Elephants were standing, and mournful eyes were watching the railway. The train came to a standstill in Berhampur at half past twelve. The travelers gobbled breakfast. The train rolled into the Sutpour Mountain valleys at three in the morning.

At eight in the morning, the train halted fifteen kilometers beyond Roth. Others, like Phileas Fogg, were irritated. They were perplexed as to why the train had suddenly stopped in the middle of a forest. They inquired, and the conductor said that the railway line terminates at Kolby, located 50 miles outside Allahabad. From there, in Allahabad, the line resumes. Because they sold the tickets from Bombay to Calcutta without verifying the train lines, Sir Francis became angry. The passengers were required to arrange their transportation from Kolby to Allahabad.

As a ship was prepared to depart Calcutta for Hongkong on the 25th, Mr. Fogg, his attendant, and Sir. Francis made plans to go to Allahabad in time. They still had two days to get to Calcutta. Mr. Fogg and Sir Francis returned after thoroughly investigating the village but could not locate any form of transportation.

Passepartout, however, proposed that they might ride an Indian elephant instead. Mr. Fogg decided to hire it since it could move quickly for an extended period. Despite the excessive payment, the elephant’s owner declined Mr. Fogg’s excessive offer to employ it. So for 2,000 pounds, Mr. Fogg eventually bought the elephant. They were given the services of a young man as a guide. Passepartout climbed onto the saddle cloth between Mr. Fogg, Sir Francis, and the howdahs on each side. At nine o’clock, the driver mounted the elephant and left the hamlet towards Allahabad.


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Journey by train essay Quotes

Both children and adults enjoy train rides. However, kids find it simpler to write down their joyful experiences. Using the tips below, you may compose an essay for students in classes 1 and 2.

1. Traveling by train is always fun and thrilling.

2. It is among the most widely available forms of transportation due to its low cost.

3. Recently, I took the train to China.

4. We had the opportunity to interact with many new folks we met.

5. Fortunately, I was given a window seat, which was the cherry on top!

6. Green fields could be seen as the train drew closer to the suburbs.

7. It was an early train, so we could see folks working in the fields and kids heading to school.

8. After some time, hawkers with various wares started to enter the compartment.

9. Although the trip was brief, I had a great time.

10. I’ll always eagerly anticipate taking the next train.