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 Essay on my house :The home may be defined as a structure created by humans for habitation and shelter. They perform their fundamental duties in the home. In essence, a house is built for a family. With the love and care of the family members, a place becomes a complete home. A home is a location where one may feel comfortable, secure, and at ease.

 Essay on my house In 150 Words

Defined, a house is a building made by people for occupancy and shelter. In these places, they carry out their essential responsibilities. A house is essentially created for a family. A house is transformed into an entire home with the love and affection of the family members. A comfortable setting in which one can feel relaxed, secure, and convenient.

We are still a single family today. There are 13 people in our family in all. Still, for us, that is a sizable structure. Ten bedrooms with associated bathrooms are available. The home is situated close to a little river. And I see lovely natural scenery when I get to my west-facing veranda.

I’m at ease here; this is my happy spot. Yet, I constantly miss my family and wish to return home no matter where I am. And while we have a particular fondness for our house, I am aware that this is how everyone is.

Essay on my house In 200 Words

Our home is where we reside. This is a fundamental need for every person. Therefore, we construct our homes following our requirements. The materials needed to build the dwellings include wooden, concrete, mortar, iron, and bricks.

I am fortunate to own a home in Gorakhpur’s Adarsh neighborhood. Because we are a middle-class family, my house is small. My grandma, my father, my mother, my three sisters, and I all live in my beloved home.

We have a large veranda, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a little grass out for gardening and other uses. We also have two bedrooms. Once a year, my father makes sure to maintain and clean the house. In front of my home is an empty plot home to a variety of plants and trees.

I am privileged to live in the Adarsh neighborhood of Gorakhpur. My family and I live in a modest house because we are middle-class. We have a sizable veranda, a family room, a kitchen, a restroom, and a little patch of grass outside for planting and other activities. We have two bedrooms as well. My dad makes sure to keep and clean the house once a year. A vacant area home to a wide variety of trees and shrubs is in front of my house.

 Essay on my house
 Essay on my house

Essay on my house In 300 Words

The most enjoyable years of our lives are spent at the house where we were both born and raised. We all appreciate and enjoy living in our homes. Today, I’ll go into great depth regarding my home. I’ll describe how our home seems and how we live there.

I reside in a tiny Indian village close to Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Due to its natural beauty, my town is among the most beautiful locations here. My father likes to stay among the residents of this town and has never meant to leave.

In the village, we reside in a vast, old house. Since my four uncles and I share a family, because he is the oldest son of his father, my father has complete control over everything. Therefore, we share this house with my aunts and uncles and their children.

Our family is sizable. Our house was constructed over 50 years ago. My grandfather used marble and stone to build it. Among the most beautiful places in the community is this one. There are about 20 rooms in the two-story structure.

I enjoy living here. Before the home is a big garden. The house looks nice since my father tends to paint it every year.

The upkeep of the house requires significant financial outlays. However, I believe this home to be a safe environment for me, and I always feel greatly comforted when I’m there.


Everyone enjoys living in their house as I do. No matter how your house is set up, everyone adores it. Considering that it is where we were born and where our family resides.

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Essay on my house 10 lines

1. Tiny village is where my house is situated.

2. In my home, there are five members.

3. My home has six rooms in it.

4. In my home, there are two bathrooms.

5. In my home, I have a lovely study space.

6. My home is green in hue.

7. A lovely garden surrounds my home.

8. The area surrounding my house is home to a wide variety of trees.

9. My favorite spot in my home is the balcony.

10. My home is very special to me.

Short essay on my house

The significant gift God has given me in my life is my home, where I was born. Rajasthan’s Nawalgarh city is where I live. Nawalgarh’s Shivaji Colony is where I live. My grandpa built our home. Therefore, it is ancient. In my home, my entire family resides together. In terms of family members, there are my grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, uncle, aunt, myself, and my brother and sister. Everyone in my family adores me a lot. My grandfather and I go for walks together every day in the evening. He brings me to a neighboring garden and tells me tales about his earlier years.

The most attractive structure close by in our community is our home. And I enjoy hearing how much others value our home. Most visitors to our home are grateful for us and adore the style and color of our home. There are six rooms, including a kitchen, a family room, and a small library. My mother prepares our meals in the kitchen at my home every day. A temple is also located in my house, where my grandma often performs acts of worship.

 A boundary wall surrounds our home. The visitors have a separate, sizable area set aside in our home where they may sit and remain whenever they visit.

In the front yard of our home, there is a little garden with a variety of flowers and fruit trees. In addition, we have two substantial trees in our garden: a mango tree and a neem tree. We have a swing on the Neem tree, and my brother, sister, and I swing there every day for fun.

5 paragraph Essay on my house

House is more than simply a structure. We reside there as a family in that location. It is the source of all of our enjoyment. We live under the same roof and experience the same pleasures, delights, and disappointments. For everyone, this is the most serene location on earth.

I reside with my parents, siblings, and grandparents at my ancestral house. My grandpa put a lot of effort into building this home. It has a patio, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and four rooms. I’m in awe of how lovely my home is. It is even more delightful because of the retro feelings. The patio at my house has a tiny garden that belonged to my grandparents.

Additionally, it features two trees. Pomegranate and henna trees, respectively, may be found there. They give us shade and delicious fruits.

Because it was built many years ago, my home has exceptionally high ceilings. It has retro switchboards, which provide it with a very distinctive appearance. Four roads intersect in front of my house. No other place is connected to it. There are four entrances on either side of my home.

This blessing has come to us thanks to my parent’s hard work. Unfortunately, in today’s environment, many individuals are always whining about the stuff they lack. A bungalow is what the homeowner desires. Whoever owns a cottage yearns for a castle. The person who resides in a palace wants an island. This vicious circle continues. However, we will be happy if we focus on those who are beneath us as opposed to someone above us.

When my friends visit, they frequently take several photos. Even my family adores the home’s decor, combining modern and historical design. My house is distinctive in our neighborhood because of its brown and beige coloring.

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