One word substitution for English language

One word substitution

One word substitution for English language – This post teaches us how we can use just one word instead of an entire sentence to convey a message. It is important to know these words as it enhances our vocabulary and writing skills as well.

one word substitution

One word substitution – Fields of studies

PhraseOne Word
Printing using a stone or a metal plate with a completely smooth surfaceLithography
Mapping of earth and its formationGeography
Art related to ornate, good handwritingCalligraphy
Scientific study of bodily diseasesPathology
Study of birdsOrnithology
Study of celestial bodiesAstronomy
Study of  collection of coins, tokens, paper money etc.Numismatics
Study of earth and rocksGeology
Study of election trendsPsephology
Study of flying aero planesAviation
Study of handwritingGraphology
Study of hereditary, genes and variation in living organismsGenetics
Study of human developmentAnthropology
Study of languagesPhilology
Study of living thingsBiology
Study of religionTheology
Study of science of insectsEntomology
Study of sound and sound wavesAcoustics
Study of the influence of planets and stars on human eventsAstrology
Study of the law of the flow of water and other liquidsHydraulics
Study of the relation between the organism and their environmentEcology
Study of various aspects of agingGerontology
The science of time orderChronology
Study of religionTheology
The science of human developmentAnthropology

One word substitution – Qualities

PhraseOne Word
One with unlimited powerAutocrat
One who walks on ropesFunambulist
An expert in writing by handChirographer
The doctor who attends to child deliveryObstetrician
The doctor who attends to corns in the feet and handsChiropodist
The doctor who deals with the female reproductive systemGynecologist
The doctor who specializes in root canal and nerve treatmentEndodontist
The doctor who straightens teethOrthodontist
The doctor who treats bone problemsOrthopedician
The doctor who treats eye diseasesOphthalmologist
The doctor who treats gumsPeridontist
The doctor who treats heart problemsCardiologist
The doctor who treats skin diseasesDermatologist
One who is all powerfulOmnipotent
One who is all knowingOmniscient
One who is present all overOmnipresent
One who can throw his voiceVentriloquist
One who talks while sleepingSomniloquist
One who takes part in dialogue or conversationInterlocutor
One who walks in sleepSomnambulist
One who walks at nightNoctambulist
One who is violently against established beliefs and traditionsIconoclast
One who turns his thoughts inwardsIntrovert
One who turns his thoughts outwardsExtrovert
One who is both inwards and outwards at timesAmbivert
One who demands strict conformity to rulesMartinet
One who believes in ruthless self-aggrandizementEgoist
One who doesn’t consume alcoholTeetotaler
One who exhibits courage or fearlessnessIntrepid
One who easily believes othersCredulous
One who is capable of using both handsAmbidextrous
One who knows a lot about good food and wineConnoisseur
One who is beyond reformIncorrigible
Well known for bad qualitiesNotorious
Perfectly, highly skilled reached the zenith of artConsummate
A shrewish loud-mouthed femaleVirago
One who is extravagantly romantic, chivalrous and impracticalQuixotic

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One word substitution – Likes and Dislikes

PhraseOne Word
One who is a boot licker, flattererSycophant
One who has keen interest in food and drinksGourmet
Love for mankindPhilanthropy
Someone who loves collecting booksBibliophile
One who loves and admires the BritishAnglophile
One who loves without seriousnessPhilanderer
Fondness towards womenPhilogyny
One who loves menAndrophile
One who loves wisdom (hence pursues it)Philosopher
One who hates menMisandrist
Madness or obsession with malesAndromania
One who hates womenMisogynist
One who hates mankindMisanthropist
One who loves his countryPatriot
Excessive love for one’s countrySuper patriotism
One who hates marriageMisogamist
One who loves to speakLoquacious
Strong, deep dislikeAntipathy
Simultaneously affected by similar feelingsSympathy
Mentally identifying oneself with other person or a thingEmpathy
Something or someone makes you feel deep sadness or pityPathetic

One word substitution – Religion and family

PhraseOne Word
Related to marriageMatrimony
One who believes in the presence of GodTheist
One who doesn’t believe in the presence of GodAtheist
One who believes in the theory of only one GodMonotheist
One who believes in many GodsPolytheist
One who believes that God is union of all forces of the universePantheist
Religious madnessTheomania
Battle among the GodsTheomachy
Practicing only one marriage (having only one wife)Monogamy
Practicing two marriages (having two wives)Bigamy
Practice of several marriages (having many wives)Polygamy
Self-fertilization especially in plantsAutogamy
Marriage within one’s own tribeEndogamy
Marriage outside one’s tribeExogamy
Having several husbandsPolyandry
People who have both male and female sexual organsHermaphrodite
An inheritance from fatherPatrimony
A name framed after father’s namePatronymic
A father-like figurePatriarch

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One word substitution – Forms of governments

PhraseOne Word
Government by one person (royal)Monarchy
Government by two agenciesDiarchy
Government by a few powerful peopleOligarchy
Government by military classStratocracy
Government by divine guidanceTheocracy
Government by departments of stateBureaucracy
Government by nobilityAristocracy
Government by wealthyPlutocracy
Government by the peopleDemocracy
A system of governing a country suggesting a father-child relationPaternalism
Government by one absolutelyAutocracy
Absence of governmentAnarchy
A system ruled or controlled by menPatriarchy
The rule or control of motherMatriarchy
Self-rule or controlAutonomy

One word substitution – Death and obsessions

PhraseOne Word
The killing of one’s husbandMariticide
The killing of parentsParricide
The killing of a whole raceGenocide
The killing of a new born childInfanticide
The killing of a kingRegicide
The killing of a human beingHomicide
The killing of oneselfSuicide
The killing of a fatherPatricide
The killing of a motherMatricide
The killing of one’s brotherFratricide
The killing of one’s sisterSororicide
The killing of one’s wifeUxoricide
Morbid compulsion to keep on consuming alcoholDipsomania
Morbid compulsion to stealKleptomania
Morbid compulsion to steal booksBibliokleptomania
Morbid compulsion to start a firePyromania
Morbid delusion of power, importance or godlinessMegalomania
Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a womanNymphomania
Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a manSatyromania
Person with one-track mindMonomania
Compulsion to tell liesMythomania
Madness with obsession with somethingMania

One word substitution – Speech and written work

PhraseOne Word
Book containing all the published work of an authorOmnibus
A written message from far off placeTelegraph
Informal, less grammatically rigid languageColloquial
Talking around, a method of talking indirectlyCircumlocution
Generous, forgiving talkMagniloquent
Expressive in the use of wordsEloquent
High sounding pompous speech or writingGrandiloquent
A signature of a celebrity (signature of oneself)Autograph
Walk before hand or an introductory statementPreamble
Writing of one’s life storyBiography
Writing of one’s own life storyAutobiography
Written by lightPhotograph
Few words packed with meaning, conciseLaconic
A speech to oneself, aloneSoliloquy

One word substitution – Events and places

PhraseOne Word
A place for sun to enter where one can sunbathSolarium
A glass container in which fish and other water animals can be keptAquarium
A place for feet or speaker’s platformPodium
The part of a theatre where people who are watching and listening sitAuditorium
An optical device for projecting various celestial images and effects    Planetarium
An establishment for the treatment of the chronically illSanatorium
A place where objects are exhibitedMuseum
Trees whose leaves fall every autumnDeciduous
That which falls upon, befalls, happensIncident
That which falls to someone or somethingAccident
That which falls on the western countriesOccidental
The school or college one attendsAlma Mater
A self-moving vehicleAutomobile
A machine that functions by itselfAutomatic
A baby carriagePerambulator
A carriage for sick peopleAmbulance

Eating habits

PhraseOne Word
Living on allOmnivorous
Living on fruitsFrugivorous
One who eat only fruitsFruitarian
One who eats no animal fleshVegetarian
One who feeds on human fleshCannibal
One who enjoys food with a sensual pleasureGourmand
One whose eating habit is repulsiveGlutton
Living on fleshCarnivorous
Living on grassHerbivorous
Living on fishPiscivorous
One who eats all kinds of foodOmnivorous

Time and direction

PhraseOne Word
A backward look or a view into the pastRetrospect
A forward look or a view into futureProspect
Examine one’s motives or look inwardsIntrospect
To examine carefullyInspect
A doubtful look or examination of one’s motivesSuspect
Careful, cautious watch on surroundingsCircumspect
To walk aimlesslyAmble
When two things befall togetherCoincident
A thing occurring again and again for a long timeChronic
Someone or something out of timeAnachronism
To send out of one’s native countryExpatriate
To walk around a place especially in a ritual fashionCircumambulate
A highly accurate timepieceChronometer
Make to happen at the same timeSynchronize
An instrument which records short intervals of timeChronograph
Capable of moving in all directionsOmnidirectional


Therefore through this post we have learnt one word substitution for English language which will help us write and speak better English.