Children’s day speech in English

Children's day speech in english

Children’s day speech in English – The mid of November is a very special occasion for us. Every year we celebrate 14th November as Children’s day. We celebrate it because it’s the birthday of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. His bond and fondness with children are legendary. In this chapter we will highlight how a teacher and a principal can make a children’s day speech. It also contains an introduction on how Indians celebrate children’s day and the importance of children’s day speech.

Children's day speech in English


In schools and institutions, it is a day of fun, most of the schools organize several entertainment programs and exciting competitions for the children. However, the day is incomplete without a reflection of the ideas and values that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru lived by.

He has come from a very fortunate background but it did not affect his attitude. Also, his family wealth was enough to have him a place of honor in British India. Still, he chose to be at the side of Mahatma Gandhi and become an important part of the freedom struggle.

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Moreover, he dedicated himself completely for the cause of the nation, from the Civil disobedience movement to Satyagraha. From jail terms to negotiating the terms of our independence he was there. He has shown us a path that can help us to reclaim our rightful position as leaders of the world.

Children’s day speech in English – For teachers and principal

Good morning to our respected principal and teachers.

Let me thank you for your amazing contributions for our entertainment purpose on children’s day. You have made our day the most special. We know how difficult it is to manage other work and prepare for your performances, yet you did it all effortlessly.

Children’s day is celebrated on 14th November every year to pay respect to our first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born on 14th November and he was very fond of children.  After he died in the year 1964, children’s day has been celebrated every year on his birthday.

He wanted the children to have the right to be educated as he thought that the children would become the future of the country. He founded many institutions for the education of children and introduced free meals for children who were poor. The free meals would urge the parents to send their children to school and that would save their children’s cost for food. Further, he compared children with buds of flowers. The children used to call him “Chacha Nehru”. He also worked for the welfare of the children apart from making India, independent.

NGOs and other organizations and the children’s ward in hospitals celebrate children’s day to make the children feel special. NGOs celebrate children’s day by inviting some celebrities like movie stars or other celebrities to entertain the children on children’s day.

The children are given attractive gifts, cards and red roses and sweets to make them happy. Red roses are given to them because Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru loved red roses. The children are taken out for excursions or taken to places which they admire. For one day they are given freedom to do whatever they like, to eat whatever they love and taken to places they love.

Some people have parties for children’s day also; some influential people give parties on children’s day at their houses or flats and invite children from the other flats or their neighbourhood. Children’s day is celebrated mostly in schools; the events are organized mostly by the teachers and principals. The teachers and principals remain very busy with important works in schools, but they take out time for their performance preparation for children’s day.

The teachers and principals prepare for multiple performances. Some teachers are good singers, some are good dancers, some of them recite poems very well and others present beautiful speeches. The children always prepare for performances throughout the year for the teacher’s entertainment purpose, and the teachers have been grateful and they take the responsibility every year to prepare for a special performance on children’s day.

Today, the children of our country are fighting for basic healthcare and education. On this occasion, I would like to put forward some alarming data. In the Asian continent, India is the leading country when it comes to the employment of child labor.

Moreover, around 33 million children are working in various industries which are about the firth of child labor working worldwide. Also, many of these children are working in hazardous industries such as bangle making, matchbox making, precious stone cutting, etc.

By not making an effort to stop child labor and by not making primary education available to each child we are entrusting their future and our own into darkness. When each one of us makes a concrete effort towards this evil, only then we can make our country successful and great just like Nehruji, Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders had envisioned.

To sum it up, I extend my warmest greetings and wishes you all a Happy Children’s Day. In addition, let’s celebrate this day with joy and fully appreciate the gift of childhood that has been given to us. However, let us also remember the great responsibility that is ours towards this society and a better India. Thank you for being such wonderful students and for striving to do your best in academics and in all other activities. We are proud of you. Happy Children’s day once again.

Thank you.

Basic points to remember – Children’s day speech in English

  1. Children’s Day is celebrated throughout India on 14th November every year, on Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday.
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru was very fond of children, and all the children used to call him “Chacha Nehru”.
  3. On this day, all the children are given gifts, they are treated with their favourite food, and taken to their favourite places.
  4. The schools celebrate children’s day in where teachers perform for the students and give them gifts, sweets or chocolates.
  5. NGOs and other similar organizations entertain the children present there. Some of them even invite influential people.
  6. All the places where kids are present, those kids are treated well with gifts and food packets.
  7. As Jawaharlal Nehru loved children, he raised the importance of children’s education very well.
  8. Children’s day is celebrated on the 14th of November across the whole country of India. He raised much awareness for the better condition of children in the country.
  9. Jawaharlal Nehru identified the children as the future of the country India. He was fond of red roses and compared the children as flower buds, who will bloom beautifully.
  10. Some underprivileged children are suffering in this day and age as well so we must help them and be grateful that we have good childhood memories.