Paragraph On Sun In English For Students

Paragraph on sun in English for students

Paragraph on Sun for student’s of different classes especially recommended by CBSE. We also provide Notes and Lesson Plan. Our Study Rankers specially made them for better understanding. Students may read the PDF to practice concepts with NCERT Solutions and Extra Questions and Answers. We prepared these by keeping in mind the latest CBSE curriculum. Shine among your friends after scoring high in Quiz, MCQ, and Worksheet.

How To Write A Paragraph?

  • STEP I – Pen down your thoughts and ideas about the relating topic.
  • STEP II – Start forming sentences. Begin with a main sentence, support it with some complimentary points and conclude it.
  • STEP III – Write the conclusion of the paragraph within 1-2 lines.
  • STEP IV – Go through your paragraph and edit if any mistakes are found.

PRECAUTION: Always Remember To Stick Within The Given Word Limit.

Paragraph Writing

A Paragraph consists of 10-15 lines. According to the class of a student, paragraphs have different word limits. At lower classes, it might begin with one small paragraph and increase up to 3 paragraphs for higher classes. Here is a general word limit for different classes with max. marks:

  • Class 1 & 2 – 50-80 words – 3 Marks
  • Class 3 & 4 – 100-120 words – 5 Marks
  • Standard 5 & 6 – 150-200 words – 5 Marks
  • Class 7 & 8 – 200-300 words – 8 Marks

(Usually, after 8 class, paragraph writing is deducted from syllabus and other writing skills are added.)

Different Paragraphs On Sun

50-80 Words



The Sun is the smallest star in the space. It is the star of our solar system. It rises in the east and sets in the west. We get sunlight from Sun which is rich in Vitamin D. The earth goes around the sun. It is very much essential for living beings as it gives us energy. We use sunlight to dry out clothes.



The Sun is a big ball of fire which gives us sunlight, heat and energy. Plants make their food with the help of sunlight. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The sun comes up early in the morning and sets down in evening. If there is no sun it will be dark everywhere.

100-120 Words



The sun is a star which is at the center of the Solar system, it is the nearest star to earth. It is a sphere of hot gases. Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air called atmosphere which protects us from harmful rays of sun. Sun is the most important source of energy on Earth. It is the source of light and heat. Without sun, life on earth would not be possible. Green plants would not be able to produce food without the sun.


Paragraph On Sun
Paragraph On The Sun

Sun is the star in our our solar system. It is the source of heat and light on our planet. It rises in the eat and sets in the west. All the planets revolve around the sun. People in India consider the sun as a god. Sunrise and sunset are beautiful scene. The harmful rays emitted by the sun are known as UV rays. It can cause pain if one looks at the sun directly with naked eyes. Hence, Sun is important but it is also harmful.

150-200 Words


Paragraph On Sun
The Sun

Sun is the smallest star in the universe. It comprises of hydrogen and helium gases as the main component. the sun is necessary for sustaining life on planet earth. Solar energy helps in growing vegetation and plants on the earth need it’s light for photosynthesis. It gives off energy as light. The Sun is about a hundred times as wide as the Earth. The sun can also be used as a source of solar energy.

The sun has cultural and mythological value in many countries. All the planets revolve around the sun in their orbits. Sun has it’s own gravitational force which keeps the planets around it. Sun emits harmful UV rays which can cause skin diseases and eye problems. Earth has ozone layer in it’s atmosphere which prevent the UV rays to enter the earth’s surface.


Paragraph On Sun

The Sun is the star made of gases like hydrogen and helium. It is hot and has fire because of the reactions which take place on it’s surface. The planets revolve around the Sun because of the gravitational force of the Sun, thus forming the solar system. Sun provides us with sunlight and solar energy. We can use solar energy to produce eleçtricity. Sun is crucial for the survival of life on earth. In many cultures around the world, sun is treated as God.

Everyone prefers a bright sunny day as it allows us to participate in any outdoor activity like a long drive or excursion. As the earth rotates, one hemisphere is exposed to sun leading to day while the other experiences night and hence the phenomenon of day and night occurs. Although, sun has various advantages,it also has drawback of UV rays which can harm us.

200-300 Words


Paragraph On Sun
Sun – A Life Source

The Sun is defined as a gaseous star wich is present at the centre of the Solar System. All the other planets of the Solar System revolve around Sun in their orbits because of the attractive force of Sun. The sun supplies Earth with energy that comes in as heat and light and we transform this energy in different ways to create electricity. Sun’s energy is formed in it’s core and it travels out to Earth and the rest of the solar system.

If the sun didn’t exist, the process of photosynthesis would not take place, oxygen would not be created, and life would not have been able to persist. Sunlight helps the plants produce oxygen and help in creating fossil fuels. The importance of the sun is both positive- gain renewable resources, such as creating wind power, dams and solar energy and negative- the sun produces different Ultraviolet Radiations (UV rays), climate changes and damaging of the ozone, and harmful effects on humans (sunburn, eye damage, and damaging of the skin: skin cancer and premature aging)

The sun gives so much to Earth. Life cannot persist without it. The scientists say that in another 5 billion years, we will loose our brilliant star, Sun.


Paragraph On Sun
Sun – The Dwarf Star

The sun is the largest star in the solar system but the smallest star in the universe. It is found at the center and the planets revolve around the sun. It has a spherical shape. The Sun is very far away from the earth and it is not possible to land on the sun due to its very high temperatures. Scientists have said the sun is about four and a half billion years old. It glows due to the hot gas contained within it,these are hydrogen and helium. It is four hundred thousand times brighter than the full moon. This is the reason as to why it is easy to look at the moon with our naked eyes but it is difficult to look directly at the sun.

The sun provides solar energy that can provide electricity through solar cells. The sun’s energy is also used to grow crops. It also warms up the earth. Without the sun, the earth could be a cold planet that would not have been able to support life. The sun’s energy aids the water cycle by evaporating the rain and surface water to form clouds which then form rain. Even in our day-to-day life, we use sunlight to dry clothes.

The sun is the most important feature of the solar system. The sun leads to survival of life to exist on earth due to its numerous benefits. We hope to grow in our scientific technology to overcome it’s various negative effects like climate changes and damaging of the ozone, and harmful effects on humans (sunburn, eye damage, and damaging of the skin: skin cancer and premature aging).


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