Invitation Format class 12 with Examples

Invitation format
Invitation format

Invitation Format class 12 with Examples is specially recommended by CBSE. In this post, you will learn the basics of Invitation Format and how to score top marks in Invitation Format. Here, we’ll highlight the format and tips for writing a Invitation Format. For your better understanding, this post will provide you with many examples to correlate and analyze. Exercise your writing skills by the topics of given Invitation Format.

We also provide invitation formats such as invitation format for birthday, formal invitation letter format, invitation reply format and informal invitation format. Our Study Rankers specially made them for better understanding. Students may read the PDF to practice concepts with NCERT Solutions and Extra Questions and Answers. We prepared these by keeping in mind the latest CBSE curriculum. Shine among your friends after scoring high in Invitation Format.

Invitation Format

Invitation Format : Introduction

  • An invitation is a written request to someone inviting to attend a social function.
  • An invitation is written in brief.
  • Invitations are for events like, birthdays, death, marriage, engagements, etc.
  • Invitations are of two types: Formal and Informal invitations.

Invitation Format

Below is given the Formal Invitation Format.

Card Format

St. Mary’s Public School, BangaloreName/Designation of the host with venue.
is very happy to inaugurate itsOccasion/Event
Science Club
We hereby invite all students, teachers and staff members on the occasion. You will be glad to know that Dr. Jagesh Kumar Tiwari, the Senior Scientist in crop improvement division, has promised to grace the occasion.Details of event
Please be seated by 10:00 AM on Wednesday, 12 November, 20XX in the auditorium.Date and time
Secretary, Science ClubContact details of the host (if required add a phone number)

Letter Format

St. Mary’s Public School,
Sender’s address
12th March, 20XXDate
Mr A. Sharma
District Magistrate
Civil Lines
Receiver’s name and address
Subject Invitation for Annual Sports DaySubject
Respected Sir,Salutation
It is is a matter of great pride that our school is celebrating its 31st annual sports day on 30th September 20XX from 10:30 AM at the school play ground.
We shall consider it a great favour if you could grace the occasion by presiding over the function as the Chief Guest and give away the prizes.
Soliciting a line in reply or an email at [email protected].
Date, Time and Venue
Yours faithfully Subscription
St. Mary’s Public School
Sender’s name and designation

Below is given the Informal Invitation Format.

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Informal Format

CR Park
New Delhi
Sender’s Address
13th September, 20XXDate
Dear Pooja,Salutation
Finally, my dream of opening an exclusive restaurant for parties has come true!
Well, I have named it ‘Good Food’ and do you know who is coming for the inauguration? Alia herself!
The inauguration is on Sunday, 29th September, at 5 PM. The restaurant is located next to the Yosana Services. Do come.Date, time and venue
Yours affectionately Subscription
PriyaSender’s Name

Invitation Format : Reply Format

The Formal Reply Format is given below.

Invitation Format

Formal Reply

Below are the two types of formal replies.

Accepting the Invitation: Formal Format

Mr Rohit KumarSender of the reply
has a lot of pleasure in accepting the kind invitation ofAccepting the invitation
Mrs & Mr BK RaiHosts
to the marriage of their daughter RiyaOccasion
on 10th September, 20XX at 7:30 PMDate and time

Declining the Invitation: Formal Format

Mr Rohit KumarSender of the reply
sincerely thanks Express gratitude
Mrs & Mr BK RaiHosts
for their kind invitation to the marriage of their daughter Riya on 10th September, 20XX at 7:30 PM,Date and Time
but regrets his inability to attend because of a prior engagement.Decline the invitation with appropriate reasoning
He wishes Riya a beautiful and healthy life.

Informal Reply

The Informal Reply Format is given below.

Accepting the invitation: Informal Format

Greater Kailash
Road No. 3,
New Delhi
Sender’s address
15th September, 20XXDate
Dear Priya,Salutation
Thanks a lot for your invitation to your exclusive restaurant. I am really stumped! I am very proud of your achievement! Express gratitude
Anyway it is a really exciting occasion and I will definitely join you. I will be there at 5 PM sharp.Accept the invitation
Yours affectionatelySubscription
PoojaSender’s Name

Declining the invitation: Informal Format

Greater Kailash
Road No. 3,
New Delhi
Sender’s address
15th September, 20XXDate
Dear Priya,Salutation
Dear Priya,
Thanks a lot for your invitation to your exclusive restaurant.
Express gratitude
I would have loved to join you, but my mother is not keeping well and needs my constant care and attention.
Oh! I really feel bad for missing the event. But, I am very proud of you!
Decline the invitation with proper reasoning.
Your affectionatelySubscription
PoojaSender’s Name

Invitation Format : Marking Scheme

Format1 Mark
Content2 Marks
Expression1 Mark
Total4 Marks
Invitation Format

Write Invitation in a box, always!


Q. Write an invitation inviting your friend to your birthday.


CR Park
New Delhi
13th September, 20XX
Dear Pooja,
Finally, it is September! It is my birthday on 20th of September! Hope you have not forgotten. So I am throwing a party at the ‘Good Food’ restaurant near Yosana services.
The party is on my birthday that is on Tuesday, 20th of September. The party starts from 5 PM. Do come.
Yours affectionately

Practice Yourself

Q. Invite your friend and your friend’s family to Diwali celebrations at your house.

Q. Decline an invitation of your neighbour’s son’s marriage.

Q. You are the cultural secretary of your school. Invite other school’s students to your school’s Annual Cultural Celebrations.

Q. Draft a reply accepting an invitation to your friend’s birthday party.