Evans Tries An O-Level Summary

Evans Tries an o level summary

You cannot escape a prison if you do not know you’re in one : Vemon Howard

This article consists Evans Tries An O-Level Summary Class 12 English Summary. This chapter is about a prisoner who escapes from his cell using a mastermind plan. The chapter ‘Evans Tries An O-LevelClass 12 English is written by the author Colin Dexter. Here you will find Evans Tries An O-Level questions and answers, with a small gist/explanation of the chapter.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Introduction

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary

The Governor of Oxford Prison called the Secretary of Examination Board on telephone sometime in early March. James Evans, one of his prisoners, wanted to appear for the O-Level German Examination which was to be held on June 8. A few discussions later discussed were about Evans’ nature, the examination room and the type of security they had to keep. Then, they agreed that one of the invigilators from St Mary Mags would come to the examination.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Preparations for the O-Level German examination

Evans started studying for the exam. He had been taking night classes for the O-Level German since last September. The governor also felt like Evans desired for some academic qualification in a high manner.

Evans had a nickname ‘Evans the Break’ which was given by the prison officers because earlier, he had escaped from the prison. He was deemed to be quite an intelligent man. His German teacher wished him good luck the day before the exam, but also told him that he had minimal chances to pass the exam. Evans, in reply answered that he might surprise them.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Cleaning up Evans

Two prison officers, Jackson and Stephens, reached the prison on the examination day at 8:30 am. Jackson was aware of Evans inventive styles, he, therefore, named him, ‘Little Einstein’. Both of them had a little rivalry. Evans was given a razor to clean up so that he could appear for the exam like any other formal person. After he was done shaving, Stephen took away his razor.

Jackson told Evans to also cut his hair as it grew to be red and white. But Evans considered it his lucky charm and thus he kept it the way it was. Afterwards, Evans and others hurried up as he had only half an hour left before the examination.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Entering of the invigilator

Meanwhile, Reverend Stuart McLeery came out of his flat. He carried with himself all the necessary items for the examination, such as a sealed question paper envelope, a yellow invigilation form, a special authentication card from the Examinations Board, a paper-knife, a Bible and ‘The Church Times’.

Stephens brought two chairs and placed them before the table near the cell door. Evans was annoyed because that particular cell door bugged him. But Jackson and the Governor believed that nobody could take a chance with a prisoner who already tried to run away so many times like Evans. The Governor was also going to listen to every conversation going on in the cell.

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Reverend Stuart McLeery then entered the prison and he took a look at Evans who was concentrating hard on elementary German grammar.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Arrangements for the examination

At 9:10 the receiver was switched on for the Governor. The Governor was confident in his arrangements. He made sure that Evans could not get away anyhow. He still did not want to take any chances. So, he asked the officer’s to check McLeery.

McLeery was checked by the the officers. They found a semi inflated rubber ring and were surprised. But, then they were informed that McLeery was suffering from piles and that rubber ring helped him to sit comfortably. The officers were satisfied after the checking and let him inside the cell.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Starting of the examination

McLeery then gave all the necessary information to the candidate regarding the name, centre number, etc. Stephen was inside the cell while McLeery was giving the information but Evans did not like this. The Governor thought it was unnecessary and told him to come out of the cell. Finally at 9:25 am the examination started.

At 9:40 am, a call went to the governor from the Assistant Secretary for modern languages. The Assistant Secretary for modern languages informed that the correction slip was not put in the examination package. Then Evans was told about the corrections on page three, line fifteen by the invigilator. At 9:50 am Evan had a request to put on a blanket around himself. He was granted this request. Stephens noticed this and he also agreed that the cells were quite a bit cold.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: The illusion

Three minutes before the finishing of the examination, Jackson called Stephens. He told him that the Governor wanted to speak to him. The Governor instructed Stephens that he should personally accompany McLeery to the main gate. Both of them went towards the main gate. Suddenly, Stephens felt that the invigilator grew visibly thinner. He also felt that the invigilator’s Scottish accent was more noticeable now.

He felt that he should have a look at Evans. There, he was surprised to see that a man with closely chopped hair also had blood. Stephens and Jackson thought it was McLeery who was hit by Evans and Evans escaped. But later on we will find out that this was not the case.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: Evans escapes

The wounded man who was thought to be McLeery told the prison authorities not to worry and asked them to catch Evans. He restlessly told the Governor about the photocopied sheet that had been superimposed over the last page where a plan was made for Evans to escape in German. He was also instructed to keep a Scottish accent but not overdo it. Detective Superintendent Carter swung into action as soon as he got the information. McLeery also told them that Evans went towards Elsfield Way, he went with Carter because only McLeery knew what happened.

The Governor scolded his officers. He also told them that he had not called them three minutes before the exam was about to be finished. The Governor looked at the photocopied slip and thought of Newbury. He ordered Jackson and Stephens to go to St Aldates Police Station to meet Chief Inspector Bell. The Governor appreciated Evans intelligence. He thought that leaving the question paper behind was the mistake that Evans made because he could now catch him.

They went to Newbury to catch Evans.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary: What actually happened?

Carter told the Governor that McLeery was left at the Radcliffe hospital. When he rang up the hospital no one named McLeery was there. The Governor then rushed to the flat of McLeery only to find him being held hostage there. Finally, everyone understood that McLeery was impersonated by Evans and he stayed in the prison himself.

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary

Evans Tries An O-Level Summary : Caught in the Act

Evans was now a free man as he escaped from the prison for the fourth time in a row. He regretted cutting his long hair but also felt fortunate that he did not have to take off his hat in the cell. He decided to relax at his hotel. But he was shocked to find the Governor in his hotel room. The Governor appreciated Evans trick and this time he promised to be even more careful.

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English Evans Tries an O-level

Q1. What kind of a person was Evans?

Roderick James Evans was a prison inmate. Due to his three prison breaks, the prison guards nicknamed him “Evans the Break.” He was currently incarcerated in an Oxford Prison solitary cell. He was a kind enough fellow who was skilled at impersonation; he was funny. He was harmless, but he suffered from kleptomania. It implied that he had the illness of unintentional theft. He was afflicted by this illness.

Q2. What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of the examination?

Evans’s alone cell was converted into an exam room by adding two small tables and two chairs to it. The invigilator Reverend Stuart McLeery was a clergyman from St. Mary Magdalene. A prison guard was to keep the cell secured from the outside and check on Evans through a peephole roughly every minute. All potential weapons, including razors, nail files, knives, and scissors, had been removed. A prison officer removed the paper knife after a thorough examination of the invigilator’s suitcase’s contents. During the inspection, the Governor was to listen in on the dialogue taking place in the cell. The cell was located in the D-Wing, which featured both an exterior and an interior strong gate. Both were tightly fastened. This probably is an explanation of the question “Justify the title “Evans Tries an O-Level,”” since he has been in hindsight, we feel that Evans is preparing for German O-level exam.

Q3. Will the exam now go as scheduled?

On Tuesday, June 8, at 9:15 a.m., the O-Level German exam with a two-hour time limit was supposed to start. But things got going a little late. At 9:20 a.m., Evans complained that the examination room was being interrupted by a prison guard named Stephens. Stephens was taken out of the cell on the Governor’s orders.
A rectification slip was dictated to the candidate at 9.40 in the morning. Evans complained of a bitter chill at 10.50 a.m. and demanded for a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Evans was notified by McLeery that there were only five minutes left at 11.20 a.m. Jackson called Stephens to the phone at 11.22 a.m. The Governor had logged on. McLeery was to be escorted to the main prison gates, and Stephens was to do so. The Governor had logged on. McLeery was to be escorted to the main prison gates, and Stephens was to do so. At 11.25 a.m., the test was finished. After McLeery had left the cell, the door had been secured to keep Evans inside. As a result, everything went according to plan throughout the exam.

Q4. Did the Governor and his staff finally heave a sigh of relief?

For the final time, the Governor heard the cell door clang. The test was completed. McLeery was escorted by Stephens to the main entrance. Under his long, black overcoat, he appeared to have lost weight and had a thicker Scots accent. Stephens was extremely pleased with the proceedings of the morning. In conclusion, the Governor and his staff were finally able to breathe easier. Their joy, however, didn’t last long. Stephens went back to Evans’ cell and discovered someone sprawled out in a chair. His closely cropped black beard, white clerical collar, and black clerical front were all stained with blood that was dripping from the front of his skull. Jackson was yelled for wildly by Stephens.

Q5. Will the injured McLeery be able to help the prison officers track Evans?

Although McLeery was injured, he was able to tell the location of Evans slowly and in fragments. He told the prison guards not to worry about the ambulance and to call the police. The German exam paper was on the table when he arrived. Jackson received his order to find the governor. He brought the Governor’s attention to the German text on the final photocopied page. On translation, a sentence caught his attention “From Elsfied Way drive to the Headington roundabout.” In Elsfield Way, there existed the Examination Board. The police showed up in the interim. Before the Governor could offer any further explanation, McLeery instructed the officer to go Elsfield Way. The Governor instructed Detective Superintendent Carter to tend to and shift the hurt McLeery.

Q6. Will the clues left behind on the question paper, put Evans back in prison again?

The escape strategy was written in the text on the final page of the German exam paper. It contained significant navigational hints. The guy had to travel from Elsfield Way to the Headington roundabout and then on to Newbury. After a while, Superintendent Carter called the Governor to let him know that McLeery had seen Evans leaving in a vehicle on Elsfield Way. They gave pursue at opce after successfully obtaining the car’s licence plate number.
When they arrived at the Examination offices, McLeery was feeling pretty weak, so they called Radcliffe to request ambulances. Ahead on Elsfield Way, they left McLeery. Injured McLeery, who had pretended to assist the police, vanished as a result, and Evans went missing. The other hints, including Index number 313; Center number 271; and “Golden Lion,” also had a profound significance. The Governor used an Ordnance Survey map of Oxfordshire as reference. He arrived at the centre of Chipping Norton thanks to the six-digit reference 313/271. In Chipping Norton’s Golden Lion, he discovered Evans.

Q7. Where did Evans go?

Evans, posing as the parson McLeery who had been hurt by the examinee Evans, escaped from the prison. In order to aid the police in locating Evans, he pretended to be their guide. McLeery (Evans in disguise) was groggy when the police car arrived at the Examination offices on Elsfield Way. He was left at the Radcliffe while an ambulance was dispatched. As planned, Evans boarded a vehicle. It contained clothes, water, soap, and a map. He washed his hair of the blood spots, peeled the fake beard, changed into a smart new outfit, and placed on the cap. He then took a car to the Golden Lion restaurant in the heart of Clipping Norton. The Governor of Oxford Prison found him in this hotel after analysing the hints in the German language on the German question paper

Conclusion: Evans Tries An O-Level Summary

Thus Evans was finally caught by the Governor’s wits. This article contained essential Evans Tries an O-Level NCERT solutions. We suggest you to browse through our various articles for acing your exams.