The Last Lesson – Class 12 English Flamingo Summary with Extra Questions

The Last Lesson Class 12 English
The Last Lesson Class 12 English

The Last Lesson – CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 1 Summary and a detailed description of the story and the meanings of the difficult words. Also, the summary is followed by a description of the lesson. All tests and Answers to Questions are provided after the course, The Last Lesson – CBSE questions have also been solved by us.

The Last Lesson Class 12 English Flamingo Summary

Given below is the summary of the chapter– “The Last Lesson”. This summary is followed by a detailed explanation and Questions and Answers.

Brief Summary of the Chapter

The narration of this story is by a French boy, Franz. Franz is a lazy boy. However, in spite of his laziness, Franz likes to play and is of a sensitive nature. Furthermore, Franz hates his teacher M. Hamel in his school and has no interest in studying French.

An order has come from Berlin after taking over the districts of Alsace and Lorraine in France that the German language rather than the French should be taught in the schools there. Furthermore, it is the school French teacher M. Hamel’s last day.  This teacher has been working there for forty years. Moreover, the teacher has feelings of patriotism. He is also full of nostalgia and grief.  The village men also attend his ‘last lesson’ so as to honor and respect him.  The village is regretting and sad that they didn’t learn their mother tongue in their childhood.

Franz receives a big shock when he learns that this is his last lesson in French.  He is shocked because he does not know French. Furthermore, on learning about the last lesson, a sudden interest arises in him for learning French. Moreover, he pays careful attention and learns everything taught on this last day.

Instantly, he develops a liking for the teacher M. Hamel. His feelings of hatred for him suddenly came to an end. Moreover, Franz develops respect for the hard work and sincerity of his teacher.  Franz is sad and ashamed of being unable to recite his lesson.

Hamel explains that they are all at fault for lacking eagerness to learn. Furthermore, he also includes himself in this fault. He blames himself for his lack of sincerity in teaching them.

There is a reflection of his patriotism in his praise for the French language. He says that the French language is the most logical and beautiful language in the world. It seems that M. Hamel got emotional on this occasion. Furthermore, he asks the class to guard their language. He says that being close to one’s language is a way to escape the clutches of slavery.  This language will assist them in attaining freedom from the Germans.  The people realize the significance of their mother tongue. Moreover, they feel the reason for their defeat is illiteracy.

Franz feels that it is impossible to remove one’s language from a person. This is because it is something that is natural to a person. This means that no matter how hard the opposition may try, they will fail to remove one’s language.

Conclusion of the Last Lesson Summary

The Last Lesson summary reflects on the importance of one’s language for any race and why it is crucial to safeguard it.

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The Last Lesson Important Extra Question Answers 

In this section, we will let you know some of the important questions and answers that might help you in the exam.

1. What was Franz expected to be prepared for school that day? 

Franz hoped that he would be ready to give to the contestants. M Hamel was his French teacher. He had announced that he would question the participants about the class, but Bad Franz did not even know the first word about him.

2. What did Franz notice that was unusual about the school that day? 

Usually, when school started, there was a big commotion, which could be heard on the street. But all this was still as quiet as Sunday morning.  Nor was there any opening or closing of the desk and his classmates were already in their places.

3. What had been put up on the bulletin board? 

Order from Berlin was written on the bulletin board. The order was that from the next day only German schools would be taught in Alsace and Lorraine and new teachers would join the school from the next day.

4. How did Franz’s feelings about M. Hamel and school change?

Franz was astonished to hear the announcement that Hamel announced that they would give him his last French as the order arrived from Berlin, only to teach German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine.  

5. What a thunderclap these words were to me!” What were the words that shocked and surprised the narrator? 

M Hamel announced that there was an order from Berlin to stop schooling French and it was his last French lesson that seemed to be a rumble to Franz. He will no longer learn his native tongue French.

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