Importance of Newspaper in A Student’s Life

Importance of newspaper

A Newspaper is a printed publication (usually issued daily or weekly) consisting of folded unstapled sheets and containing news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence. The importance of the newspaper is manifolds.

Reading newspapers on daily basis is really important for students. This induces high general knowledge, critical understandings of students. It increases the stock of words in them. As students are the future of a country, they should be aware of the incidents going on in our nation.

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What is A Newspaper?

  • A newspaper is a publication printed on paper.
  • It is issued regularly (once a day or once a week).
  • It gives information and opinions about current events and news.
  • Newspapers are easily accessible.
  • Newspapers have many topics. They include:
    • political events, 
    • crime, 
    • business, 
    • sports,
    • weather,
    • comics,
    • other entertainment (crosswords and horoscopes).
Importance of newspaper
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History of Newspaper

Importance of newspaper
  • In Renaissance Europe, handwritten newsletters circulated privately among merchants, passing along information about everything from wars and economic conditions to social customs and human interest features.
  • The first true newspapers arrived after Johannes Gutenberg introduced his movable type printing press to the European world around 1440.
  • The first true newspaper in English was the London Gazette of 1666.
  • First Spanish Gaceta de Madrid was published in 1661.
  • The first newspaper in France was published in 1631, La Gazette (originally published as GaƦtte de France)
  • The first newspaper in Portugal, A Gazeta da Restauracao was published in 1641 in Lisbon.
  • James Hicky in January 1780 published the first newspaper in India.
  • The size of that four-page newspaper was 12″x8″.
  • Hicky’s Bengal Gazette or the Calcutta General Advertiser was the first English-language newspaper, and the first printed newspaper, to be published in the Indian sub-continent.
    • It was a weekly newspaper and was founded on January 29, in Calcutta, the capital Of British India.
    • The paper ceased publication on March 23, 1782.
  • The newspaper soon became very famous not only among the British soldiers posted in India but it also inspired the Indians to write newspapers of their own.

Many newspapers emerged under distinguished and fearless journalists. These newspapers were not established as profit-making business ventures but were seen as rendering national and public service.

In independent India, the newspaper press has continued to serve as a watchdog over government. It offers articles on the news that further enlighten readers about various events and their impact. It thus creates political and social awareness and knowledge accumulation.

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Importance of Newspaper in Our Daily Life

Newspapers have created a positive impact on society:

  • It helps people become aware of current affairs.
  • Newspapers provide people with every detail.
  • It is the finest link you can find between the government and its people.
  • Newspapers also have articles that tackle social issues, cultures, arts, and more.
    • It conveys the public opinion to the people on important issues.
    • It helps people review the government and ministers well.
  • Newspapers help us become informed citizens.
  • We stay updated with technological advancements, government policies, research studies, and more.
  • People get great employment opportunities from newspapers.

Importance of Newspaper in A Student’s Life

Importance of newspaper

Improve Reading Skills

  • Reading the newspaper loud and clear enhances a student’s reading skills.

Enhance Knowledge

  • Reading newspapers regularly helps in enhancing general knowledge.
  • It also provides knowledge about current affairs.

Strengthen Vocabulary

  • Reading the newspaper regularly develop a good vocabulary.
  • Good vocabulary helps them in their academics and in different competitions.

Improve Grammar

  • Reading the newspaper regularly develops a greater understanding of the use of punctuations.
  • It aids in enhancing the skill of structuring sentences properly.
  • Therefore, it helps in enhancing their writing skills.

Prepare for Competitive Examination

  • Reading newspapers regularly helps in preparing the students for different competitive examinations.
  • Some of these exams include Civil Services, SSC, IAS exams, etc.

Benefits Of Reading Newspaper

A newspaper is a treasure of information that increases our knowledge every day. Let us learn about some of these benefits:

Strengthens Reading & Writing Skills.

  • Reading a newspaper improves the writing & reading skills of an individual.
  • It is because many difficult words come while reading an article.
  • It increases the vocabulary.

Provides Entertainment & Sports News.

  • One can get all information about the list of players, which game is going on currently, players ranking, who won, the winners and the competitors, etc.
  • It also includes economic condition of a country, games & sports, trade, commerce & entertainment.

A Good Source of General Knowledge.

  • Students get course-related information through newspapers.
  • They help students to prepare for competitions, contests & quiz shows. 

Transparency of Politics.

  • One can be updated about what is going on across the globe while sitting at a corner of the house.
  • The newspaper carries information about politics and allows people to have critical thinking.
  • They link the people to its democratic government.

Trains One to Become A Good Speaker.

  • Students become good orators by reading debates, speeches & discussions published in a newspaper.
  • It increases one’s level of confidence.

Conclusion: Importance of Newspaper

Newspapers carry a lot of importance to humans. It develops our reading habits and makes us more fluent. It has comic strips and cartoons for entertainment. A good newspaper helps in making the citizens aware. Newspapers offer numerous benefits to students.

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