8 Best Brain games that will improve your decision making power

8 Best Brain games that will improve your decision making power
8 Best Brain games that will improve your decision making power

Do you find yourself standing on the crossways, not knowing which road to take? Or do you see yourself lagging and the world moving far ahead from you? All of this because you took a wrong decision or you took too long to make a decision? Think carefully, because your next move could be your last. The world is moving too fast, isn’t it?

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Well, playing strategy games can come to your rescue. These games ask you to think, evaluate, and only then make the next move. They provoke your emotional tension and the fear of failure to make decisions. Strategy games or brain games increase your cognitive power as well as emotional quotient. These two factors help you make strong and quick decisions. 

Who can say no to games that are fun and can benefit you on an intellectual level? So, here is a list of 8 brain games that will enhance your decision-making skills.  

The following games will defiantly help you to improve your decision-making power

1. Sudoku 

If you are into reading newspapers daily, you must have come across sudoku. Sudoku requires you to think strategically and play by keeping all your focus in one place, it helps to increase concentration as well as improve your decision-making power. You are required to place numbers in the grid. You have to have logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a lot of concentration. Sudoku benefits you in a way that helps you to make decisions without hesitation and confusion. 

2. Chess

Everyone will tell you to play chess if you are looking forward to sharpening your decision-making skills. Chess is meant to be a challenging game. You have to be ready with strategies, logic, and plans. This game is not only about your moves. It asks you to keep an eye on the opponent’s moves as well. You have to mold yourself according to their moves and in a way that ensures your victory. 

3. Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles test your vocabulary skills. You should know science, culture, history, technology, name it! Crossword puzzles are known to be exercises that challenge and increase your cognitive power. These puzzles, when played daily, can keep your brain engaged and help it work smoothly. One puzzle a day can help you develop analyzing power. This analysis power can help you make the right decisions without delay. 

8 brain games to improve your memory

4. Video games

Boys will be the happiest to read this! All of us know video games as time-consuming games. First and foremost, these games must be played at a limit because there is always a chance of straining your brain. Secondly, it turns out that video games actually help you to make spontaneous decisions. What do you do in these games? Go on a mission, defend your castle, plan an assault, and the list goes on. These games ask you to make quick decisions and form a strong strategy. Well, that is what you want to acquire in real life, right? 

5. Poker

Poker is one of the most famous card games in India. While playing poker, you face conditions where you have to actively work your brain to play it. Poker benefits you by keeping your coordination in place and helps you stay very alert. You have to keep your mind awake while playing this. One wrong move and your game is gone. Poker players know there will be many losing hands at some point in time so they play very carefully and have the habit of analyzing the situation. Poker will really help you to boost up your decision-making skills. 

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6. Jenga game

For increasing your brainpower, Jenga is one of the best games. It consists of a tower made from 54 wooden blocks. You are required to take out one block from a complete part of the tower and place it on the topmost incomplete part of it. The player has to assess the correct block to be taken out. It requires good observation and evaluating power. This game surely sounds like the one to help you with your decision-making skills, doesn’t it?

7. Luminosity 

The best part about this game is that it has a huge variety of games, so you will never get bored. It has games to improve your reflexes, memory retention, quick decisions, and problem-solving skills. It aims to improve your cognitive power with basic and easy to understand games. You will exercise your mind with the help of these games which in turn will help you to boost your decision-making power. 

8. Elevate

It is a mobile game that offers 35+ games to increase your mental thinking. The game aims towards the betterment of the performance quotient. These games are easy yet very effective when played regularly. You’ll be surprised to see a good increase in your math skills, processing speed, improved memory, etc. When this happens, you will automatically think straight, clear, and fast which will allow you to make decisions without thinking for hours. 

There is so much on the plate. So much that you have to learn, so much that you have to achieve. You better have quick decision-making power to do so! What is better than improving yourself in a fun way? These are just a few counted games among uncountable games that increase your decision-making power. Find the activities and games that suit you best and go for becoming the best version of yourself!