Women’s equality day 2022 Activities, Events Ideas, Theme in English

Women's equality day

Every year, on 26 August, we celebrate Women’s equality day to honor and appreciate the accomplishments of women. The day’s primary goal is to increase awareness of topics like gender equality, reproductive rights, violence, and the mistreatment of women. IWD is being commemorated this year on March 8. “Gender equality now for a sustainable tomorrow” is the UN’s 2022 International Women’s Day theme. IWD essentially aids in raising awareness of and promoting the challenges that women confront.

Women's equality day
Women’s equality day

Women’s equality day 2022 Activities

Women’s Equality Day is about inspiring and encouraging women and celebrating how far they have come to overcome oppression and all difficulties. Common traditions include showing thanks to significant female figures in one’s life, patronizing locally owned companies managed by women, and celebrating femininity with your girl squad and particular females.

 In addition, prominent women are featured as special guests on many live and virtual platforms.

Thank the ladies in your life.

We all rely on dedicated women, whether they are mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, or companions. So today, take a moment to express your gratitude for the hard work—both physical and emotional—they put in for others.

Support businesses run by women

Funds are raised for organizations and charities that support women’s empowerment. Make use of your financial power to support female entrepreneurs. On the Small Business Administration website or by contacting your neighborhood chamber of commerce, you may locate lists of women-owned businesses.

Sign up to vote

For decades, women and their supporters battled for the right to vote. To help recognize their efforts, ensure you are a registered voter in your community.

Women’s equality day 2022 Events Ideas

1. Take a stand for women’s rights everywhere

You may donate to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Muslim Hands, and other urgent groups in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have recently seized control and women’s rights are being threatened. Additionally, you may add your name to a Change.org petition requesting that President Biden and Congress uphold women’s rights when negotiating with the Taliban. Finally, you may donate money to numerous local groups in Haiti to help there as well. The recent earthquake may have had a disproportionately negative impact on Haiti’s vulnerable women.

2. Include males and those who identify in ways other than strictly gendered ones in the discussion and celebration.

Most activities and efforts for International Women’s Day are frequently geared toward women. But individuals of all gender identities must participate in the discussions and become equal champions for gender equity.

Make sure to ask and motivate your male friends or coworkers to participate in your International Women’s Day activities so that you can promote gender equality together. And make sure your coworkers and friends who identify as non-binary or with gender diversity are invited into the discussion on how we can advance equality for individuals with all gender identities.

3. Speak up for gender equality at work.

In 2022, the COVID-19 issue has caused women to face new workplace problems. Companies must foster inclusive workplace cultures to guarantee that women continue to make strides toward gender equality. Examine your company’s policies on this International Women’s Day and encourage your business executives to ensure that women are given fair and equitable treatment at work.

4. Organize a concert or exhibition of female artists’ work.

Showcase the artistic accomplishments of creative women at a concert, art exhibit, or literary reading to honor them. Think of many suggestions for entertaining women’s social events, including women artists. Even better, you may organize the artwork you’re exhibiting around a topic that complements your activities or the objectives of International Women’s Day.

5. Participate in a fun workshop with kids.

Keep children engaged at family-friendly or suited for school events with activities catered to their age group. Even though we have an excellent blueprint for marketing events to today’s parents, it will be up to you to wow the kids once they arrive. Read novels that encourage girl power to young children, play a topical game like bingo that is themed on prominent women in science or literature, or keep things interactive. Give children the chance to discuss their knowledge of International Women’s Day and any instances of gender discrimination they may have encountered.

Women’s equality day 2022 Theme 

According to the UN, this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme is “Gender equality now for a sustainable tomorrow,” according to the UN. UN Women will honor the contributions of women and girls worldwide who are leading the charge on adaptation to climate change mitigation and response during March to create a more sustainable future for all.

Women’s equality day 2022 How to celebrate 

1. storytelling workshops

One of the most outstanding programs for Women’s Day is a storytelling workshop since it gives women an opportunity to share their stories throughout Women’s History Month. This two-hour, fully-facilitated virtual session teaches participants how to create powerful tales using exclusive frameworks. Participants will design their works after the host explains the techniques and walks them through the format. Story sharing, feedback, and group discussion mark the event’s conclusion. Storytelling workshops foster development and experimentation in a secure environment, boosting self-assurance and fostering connections among coworkers.

2. Support girl power

As a manager or leader, you must consider improving the lives of young women in the neighborhood. By fostering more and more possibilities for women, you can demonstrate your support for women’s rights this August. Here are some strategies for empowering women:

  • Create a program for internships targeted at women.
  • Invite female students from middle and high schools to see you at work.
  • Speak out for Stem careers with a Girl Scout unit.
  • Give your top female employees who desire to pursue further education college scholarships.

3. Support organizations that promote women’s education

Even if the festival is named for “women,” we don’t ignore the young girls and women following us. They must be equipped to advocate for change since they are our future. Businesses should “contribute to programs for girls and women’s education through mentoring, volunteering, or contribution,” says Madison.

4. presents for female coworkers

Giving gifts to female workers is one way to thank them. Distribute the gifts at coworkers’ desks if you work in a typical office setting. Send your teammates packages if your squad is spread out.

Here are some excellent International Women’s Day presents for workers:

  • Desk art
  • Books
  • plants gardens
  • Customized stationery
  • Calendars and schedulers
  • holders for business cards
  • Messenger bags or laptop bags
  • blankets, hats, hoodies, or t-shirts
  • bottles of water or cups of coffee
  • complementary meals, desserts, or snacks

Choose a women-owned company to provide the gifts from for an even more meaningful gesture.

It would help if you refrained from stereotypically “girly” presents like jewelry, cosmetics, or body care goods that are entirely pink. Gifts like chocolates, champagne, and flowers are a little more acceptable. Gendered presents should be avoided since they perpetuate stereotypes and deliver the wrong message.

Additionally, you are not required to give only female employees gifts. However, to celebrate the occasion, you might provide a memento of appreciation to each employee.

5. Party for Women’s Day

One way to honor International Women’s Day is to have a party. Set out an hour or two for coworkers to get together, digitally or in person, and engage in enjoyable activities.

Here are some suggestions for women’s day parties:

  • Make presentations and thank the company’s female employees.
  • Make a playlist with notable female musicians.
  • Play charades, quizzes, and other activities like scavenger hunts.
  • Here is a collection of raffle ideas for work. Hold raffles and award prizes.
  • Organize a crafting event where team members make cards to gift to critical ladies in their life.

Women’s equality day 2022 FAQ :

Q1. When was Women’s Equality Day first observed?

Answer. To honor the 19th Amendment, the U.S. Congress declared August 26 as Women’s Equality Day in 1973.

Q2. What are your plans for Women’s Equality Day at the office?

Answer. Giving cards to the women in your company, taking time to recognize their hard work, and hosting a ladies’ night happy hour are all appropriate ways to observe Women’s Equality Day at work.

Q3. Why did Congress enact the 19th Amendment?

Answer. The women’s suffrage movement put much effort and attention into getting the 19th Amendment approved by Congress.