Tenses for Class 3 exercise with answers, worksheets, pdf

Tenses for Class 3

StudyEquation presents to you Tenses for Class 3. It is a short article briefing you about what are tenses and importance of knowing them. It also comes with questions along with answers given at the end to provide students with an understanding of tenses and how to apply their usage in sentences.

Tenses for Class 3 is one of the important topics in English grammar as it lays a foundation for building concepts in further classes of the students. Students may read the Worksheets PDF to practice the concepts that have been covered in this page. Shine among your friends after scoring high in Quiz, MCQ, and Worksheet.

Tenses for Class 3
Tenses for Class 3

What are Tenses?

Tenses are the form which the verb takes to show the time of an action. It may be in the form of past, present or future.

Tenses for Class 3 types timeline

Types of Tenses

Past Tense

It is a tense expressing an action that has happened or a state that previously existed.

Present Tense

It is a tense expressing an action which is happening or a state that currently exists.

Future Tense

It is a tense expressing an action which has not yet happened or a state is currently does not yet exists.

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Tenses for Class 3 Exercises with Answers

Complete the sentences with simple future tense

  1. We _________ (miss) you when you move to another country.
  2. I __________ (win) the game.
  3. They ___________ (stay) outside this Sunday.
  4. The airplane to Delhi _________ (take) off in ten minutes.
  5. Jake __________ (drive) you to school tomorrow.
  6. She _______ (sleep) early today.
  7. Mrs Sharma _________ (not give) art lessons anymore.
  8. Don’t scold her. She _____________. (cry)
  9. We __________ (paint) our house next month.
  10. This weekend, my friend _________ (be) here.


(1)will miss,

(2)will win,

(3)will stay,

(4)will take,

(5)will drive,

(6)will sleep,

(7)will not give,

(8)will cry,

(9)will paint,

(10)will be

Tenses for class 3 Exercises practice

Transform the following sentences to simple past tense

  1. I write a letter.
  2. He cooks noodles.
  3. My dad crafts a boat.
  4. I pack my bags.
  5. I wave to my sister.
  6. Paul plays the piano at the concert.
  7. I will watch television in the morning.
  8. Saksham lives in Delhi.
  9. Your uncle will buy a new car.
  10. The girls dance well.


(1)I wrote a letter.

(2)He cooked noodles.

(3)My dad crafted a boat.

(4)I packed my bags.

(5)I waved to my sister.

(6)Paul played the piano at the concert.

(7)I watched television in the morning.

(8)Saksham lived in Delhi.

(9)Your uncle bought a new car.

(10)The girls danced well.

Tenses for class 3 Worksheets

Read the sentences carefully and tell what type of tense it is.

  1. I will eat my dinner and desert at night.
  2. John went to school last week.
  3. India is a very large country.
  4. The train already left an hour ago.
  5. He was playing games.
  6. The crowd screams loudly.
  7. Ryan bought a new car.
  8. Daniel will run across the field.
  9. He came from Paris yesterday.
  10. Kartik is listening to music.


(1)Future tense

(2)Past tense

(3)Present tense

(4)Past tense

(5)Past tense

(6)Present tense

(7)Past tense

(8)Future tense

(9)Past tense

(10)Present tense

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