Essay of myself in English 50 lines

Essay of myself in English 50 lines

Essay of myself in English 50 lines We frequently think and expound on others, whether family members, companions, or some other popular character. In such a case, we neglect to expound on ourselves. At first, we ought to realize that we are the main individual in our life. Thinking and expounding on ourselves is one of the significant things. In this article, look at some arrangement of ten lines that can provide you with a thought of what you can expound on yourself.

Essay of myself in English 50 lines
Essay of myself in English 50 lines

Essay of myself in English 50 lines

  1. I am Ahmad and I am from Karachi.
  2. My school name is ‘Karachi Public Boys School’.
  3. I read in class 10 and I am 17 years of age.
  4. Today I will educate you regarding myself.
  5. I will let you know what I like to do and what I do.
  6. I have heaps of companions and I love every one of them.
  7. I will educate you regarding them as well.


I, first of all, affection to share about my loved ones.

I’m the main youngster in the family.

Also, I live with my folks and granddad.

My granddad is my closest companion.

My mom is a housewife and my dad is a PC engineer.

He is dealing with some administration projects.

He is an extremely well known and celebrity in our space.

My mom is profoundly taught, however she wouldn’t work outside, on account of dealing with me.

From my young life, I am the dearest companion of my mother.

My mother tracks down every last bit of her satisfaction into me. She is truly focused.

She gets up promptly in the first part of the day and assists our servant with preparing food.

Indeed, even I love eating my mom prepared food.

That is the reason more often than not, she cooks for me.

All things considered, a day working, my father returns home evening, and afterward he invests all of his energy with us, the family.

He is an extremely carefree individual.

My dad never lashes out or never fly off the handle at somebody.

He is all around polite and individuals love him a great deal along these lines.

He helps destitute individuals a ton.

He is a social specialist as well.

My granddad is the most senior individual in our loved ones.

He is a truly shrewd and gifted individual.

At this age, he actually can walk and run.

He takes me to the morning walk consistently.

He shares loads of fascinating stories.

I’m finding out about history and English from him. He is a great educator.

The greater part of his time, he implores Allah.


My #1 game is Football since I can play that game all around well.

In my school group, I am the chief throughout the previous two years.

At the point when I was in class seven, I go very first opportunity to play for the school football crew.

And afterward, I never get out from that point.

I’m actually playing and working out positively for my great exhibition.

Last year, I scored two objectives and drove my group to bring home the between school title.

We salvage the prize following six years.

The entire was truly content with me. I got bunches of solicitations from school authority and neighborhood people groups.

Playing, however I likewise love watching football as well.

My #1 football crew is ‘Barcelona’ and my number one footballer is Lionel Messi.

I think he is the flat out best ever.


In my school, I have heaps of companions.

I love investing energy with them.

I’m a well disposed individual.

In any case, in the initially meet, you might think that I’m timid and contemplative.

In any case, in the event that you become a mate, I will be truly open with you.

The greater part of my companions are truly astounding in study and sports.

They like me and I like them as well.

My school is a famous school and it is doing astonishing as per yearly outcomes.


Planting is my leisure activity and I have a nursery before my home.

A cousin helped me a ton to make this.

I was propelled to see his nursery in his rooftop.

Furthermore, I thought, I have sufficient room before my home, for what reason shouldn’t I begin? I did and it turned into an adoration for me. Presently I invest loads of energy consistently there.


I love to share about myself. That is about me. Gratitude for perusing.