Diary entry format

Diary Entry Format
Diary Entry Format

Diary entry format and writing for class 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 CBSE – Generally, keeping one is a very healthy habit. In addition, one can still verify details, look back, recall incidents, find an outlet and record one’s life in this way effectively. Some individuals also call their diaries and treat them as an imaginary friend, too.Since this informal writing allows students to reflect on what they have learnt, a diary entry for class 9 will be of great assistance to both students and instructors in writing.

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Guidelines for writing a diary – Diary entry format

  1. Mention the date and time – Pick a corner and keep it for mentioning the dates of your diary entry. You may not write every day. Some people are also specific about time and place as well.
  2. You may also give a suitable heading – Usually, there’s a reason why you reached out to make a diary entry so this can be mentioned in the heading.
  3. Freely express yourself in any style or tone – Since its a personal possession, You can maintain it in any way you like. It is good to express yourself completely.
  4. Try and give as many details as possible – You must also be honest and pen down your feelings with details so that you can find solutions to a problem or analyze the day well.
  5. Signature at the end – It is good to sign at the bottom but it is optional as it is your format of diary entry.

Example – Diary entry format

Diary entry format

Conclusion – Diary entry format

Diary entry format and writing for class 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 CBSE – A private possession is a personal publication. This format of diary entry, in other words, is usually only for you and not for public reading, so you can write freely. Healthy habits that you can inculcate when writing your diary entry are what we are simply stating here.Diary entry for class 9 assist students in structuring and articulating their ideas.

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Questions and Answers – Diary entry format

Question 1:

You recently visited the 24th Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund, Faridabad. It was Mini India assembled at one place. Using the hints, make a diary entry of what you saw and experienced there.


New Delhi
20th March, 20XX
Monday, 8:00 pm

Dear Diary,
The Crafts Mela at Suraj Kund was much more impressive and grand than what I had imagined. This year the ‘Theme State’ was Rajasthan. The whole campus was painted with the visuals of Ranthambore, Chittor, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. All the awarded artisans from different states had set up their workshops and stalls there. Many countries, more particularly Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan gave it an international look. Bangles, jewelry decoration pieces, wall-hangings, purses, shoes, sarees, garments and cosmetics found thousands of buyers. Every evening there were cultural shows at the ‘Chaupal’ and the ‘Rangmanch’. The ‘Food Court’ provided all kinds of delicacies for food-lovers. Basically, it was India in all its colours, tastes and sounds scattered on the Aravalli hills.


Question 2:

You paid a visit to an ‘Old Home’ with other N.S.S. Volunteers. Using the hints given below together with your own ideas, make a diary entry of what you saw and experienced there.


10th March, 20XX
Monday, 4:00 pm

Dear Diary,
With the disintegration of the joint family system, the old people find themselves deserted and alone. It is unfortunate that in the evening of their lives, they are not looked after by their children. The concept of ‘Old homes’ is for such old people. I made it a point to visit the ‘Old Home’ at Bhiwadi. The Home is situated at a peaceful place. The building is simple but spacious and clean. It seems to be an ideal place for the senior citizens.
A doctor visits the Home daily to check up the senior citizens. There is a permanent nurse employed to look after and give them medicine on time. The home has a good library and several means of recreation All the inmates showered their parental love by insisting on having lunch with us. What a satisfying and rewarding visit it was to meet our grandparents!


Question 3:

While going home you came across many children on the roads at crossroads with begging bowls in their hands. Your are shocked and disgusted at this unflattering picture of a country which boasts of being a major economy in the world. Record your experience in your diary.
20th April, 20XX
Sunday, 6:00 pm

Dear Diary,
They say that India is emerging as a major economy in the world. But it is more true that India has the largest army of poor people, paupers and beggars. Hence, millions of people in India are condemned to begging. I am shocked to see hundreds of shabby looking people in rags shouting in woeful tones, “Baba, give me something for God’s sake”. No country can become great if its children are condemned to lead such miserable lives. If millions of children live in such inhuman conditions, dirt and poverty, it is a matter of shame for the government and the civilized society of India.

Every child must have a constitutional right to get proper food, clothes and education. It is true that begging has also become a lucrative profession for some bad characters. They kidnap small children and raise them to beggars. The other side of the story is also true. Millions of hands in this country don’t get any jobs to earn a living. They resort to begging.


Question 4:

Indian weddings are matchless in grandeur, glamour and luxury. They are matchless in wastage, extravagance and vulgar display of money and wealth. Record your experience of such marriages in your diary.
New Delhi
20th June, 20XX
Sunday, 7:00 pm

Dear Diary,
They say that Indian weddings are matchless in glory, grandeur and glamour. In comparison, weddings in Europe and America pale into insignificance. The other side of the story is that Indian marriages are matchless in wastage, extravagance and vulgar display of money and wealth. Recently I happened to attend one such big marriage.

A township of stalls serving hundreds of dishes, drinks and sweets had come up on the sprawling lawns of a five star hotel. The ceremony lasted till midnight. Even by a conservative estimate it was a show worth in crores. Surely this amount would have been sufficient to feed all the beggars and orphans of the city for months. It speaks volumes of disparity that has become the main feature of Indian society. A small minority grabs all the riches and wealth of the nation. The extravagance and vulgar display in Indian marriages are at the cost of the starving millions.


Question 5:

Taking help from the information given below from format of diary entry, make a formula of diary entry describing how you caught a thief red-handed one night.

New Delhi
14th August, 20XX
Tuesday, 9:30 pm

Dear Diary,
It was a pleasant August evening. Generally, the whole family dine together. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then watched, a TV serial for an hour. Then, I retired to my bedroom and soon fell asleep. Around midnight, my sleep was disturbed. I heard some movement and commotion. Who could be at this odd hour? I stood up and switched on the light. My movements woke up my parents, too. We were surprised to see the cupboards open and things lying on the floor in a mess.

My parents were worried. But there was one consolation. The cash and jewelry were safe. The search for the thief began. My uncles and cousins also joined us. All that toil and trouble didn’t bring any result. Suddenly, I noticed some movement behind a curtain in the living room. And Lo! The thief was hiding there. All of us pounced on him. Before he could react, he was tied down. The police was informed and he was arrested on the spot. Good luck indeed! Thank God, everybody was safe and sound. There was no loss except for a few hours of our sweet sleep.


Question 6:

Taking help from the information given below make a diary entry describing how you became a perfect swimmer.

New Delhi
10th May, 20XX
Monday, 8:30 pm

Dear Diary,
Misfortunes never follow a calendar. They come uninvited. I was sitting at the deeper side of the NDMC swimming pool. A strong and sturdy boy came. He mocked me by saying, “Hey skinny!” Before I could react, the muscular rascal pushed me into the pool. I found myself at the bottom. The depth of the pool was not less than nine feet. I didn’t know how to swim. I struggled to come up. My arms and legs were totally paralysed. I felt suffocated. I thought that my end was near. Later on, when I came to senses, I found myself vomiting at the other end of the pool.

I pledged myself to become a perfect swimmer. I employed a professional trainer. He was a hard taskmaster and made me sweat three hours for weeks. He taught me inhaling, exhaling and diving into the pool. My hard labour and my trainer’s professional coaching were rewarded. I participated in a swimming competition organised by a local club. And the most unexpected happened. I led the rest by a comfortable margin. My dream had come true. I had become a perfect swimmer.


Question 7:

You spent a week with your friend in his village ‘Kovlam’, near the famous beach of the same name. Taking help from the information given below and inventing your own details, make a diary entry of what you saw and experienced in ‘God’s Own Country’.

New Delhi
10th March, 20XX
Friday, 8:00 pm

Dear Diary,
They say that Kerala is God’s Own Country. And rightly so. If any place can match Kashmir’s beauty and greenery, it is Kerala. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to visit Kerala. So I accepted the invitation of my friend Suresh Nambiar to spend a week at his village Kovlam. The place is about 20 miles away from Thiruvanathapuram. Kovlam is known for its world famous beach. It is basically a fishermen’s village. The whole place is wrapped in greenery.

Coconuts and palm trees stand over the sprawling green paddy fields. We used to spend a lot of time fishing in a nearby pond. We often enjoyed a boat ride in the canal. What is Kerala without the surf and the sea? So we would spend hours either strolling or taking a sea-bath or lying on the golden beach. Kerala is rich in tea, coffee, rubber plantations and spices. I was lucky to enjoy the fascinating Kathakali dance. But the thing that I can never forget in my life was the Ayurvedic oil massage in one of the local health resorts. It was really a memorable stay.


Question 8:

Taking help from the information format of diary entry make a diary entry describing the horrible experience that you had when your shoes and the main bag were stolen during a railway journey.

New Delhi
5th April, 20XX
Friday, 7:00 pm

Dear Diary,
Life is so unpredictable. I was in high spirits when I boarded the Rajdhani Express from Bhopal to Delhi. After all, I got admission in Delhi College of Engineering, a prestigious institute of Delhi. I relished the compliments and good wishes that I received from my parents and friends who came to see me off. I found my seat in the compartment. It was quite comfortable and near the window. The journey was nice and so were my co-passengers. I had a nice sleep.

When I got up in the morning, the train was near Delhi. I got up to wear my shoes. They were not there. I looked for them under the seats but they were missing. And O Lord! Where was my main bag? It was missing too. Certainly they were stolen. All my documents and cash were in the bag. I lost my wits. But then an idea came into my mind. I rang one of my relatives in Delhi and informed him of the miserable situation I was in. To my great relief, a gentleman was present at the platform with the pair of shoes and my bag. It seems that he was a good angel who was sent to save me from an unexpected humiliation and embarrassment.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the format or formula of diary entry ?

  • The diary writing format in English is extremely straightforward. Simply write the date, day, and hour, and then begin with the text.

2.Do we write name in diary entry?

  • No, we are not required to write our names at the end of the diary entry.

3. How do diary entries start?

  • When people have something they want to write down or ponder about, most individuals turn to their journal. Anything that occurred that day, a dream you had, plans for the future, an occasion, an idea, or a powerful feeling might be this.