How does it work?

Studyequation is a platform for those who always desire to increase their knowledge, these people can be anyone, like they can be teacher who looking for some extra knowledge to or it can be a student or their parents. Overall, this site is for everyone who wants to learn.

Our team do it’s best to provide useful content for our readers but we think it’s not enough, knowledge can’t be provided by few people and that’s why we started this publisher program. Using this Publisher program everyone can share their knowledge and get rewarded for the same.

How To Register as A Publisher?

If you have a good grasp on any subject and want to share with the world than congratulation, this is for you. Just Create a publisher account by submitting your details at Registration Form.

Hurray you are now you have a publisher account at Studyequation.

What’s Next?

Creating account is not enough for a good publisher, you have to login with your details at Login page. Once you login with your details you will be redirected to a WordPress dashboard. where you can write your articles and share it with the world.

In any case you never used WordPress before and even don’t know about it then no need to worry, we created a special video for you where you can learn all this stuff. Links for these videos are:

  • What is WordPress and how to write article in WordPress – Hindi Audio
  • What is WordPress and how to write article in WordPress – English Audio

How To Submit Article?

WOW! You completed your first article, but you don’t know how to submit it? Let me explain you this. There is a Publish button at right hand side which look like following image.

Just hit at this button and your article will go under review. Once it is in review process you have to wait for 24 hours. If your article follows all policies and contain enough knowledge than our team will publish your article on Studyequation.

What about earning?

Well, we know money is biggest motivation and that’s why we created an AI based system which auto detect your article and credit points accordingly. Points will be credited on few criteria which include spelling mistakes, number of words in article etc.

Once your credit points reach threshold amount you can generate a redeem request. After converting points into Indian Rupees, it will be credited in your provide account.

Note: Conversion rate of Credit Point to INR is not fixed. It may vary time to time.

Summary of How does it work?

In short, you have to create a publisher account and with help of login details open publisher dashboard, where you can write your articles and send them for review. Once your article is accepted it will be published on Studyequation site and Credit Points will credited for your article. In any case your article gets rejected than edit that article properly and submit again for review process.

Still Didn’t get it?

In any case we missed something or you didn’t understand the concept, we created a video for you where you can learn How Does It Work.

Youtube Video Integrated IN Page