Calamity Class Guide

Calamity Class Guide
Calamity Class Guide

In the world of Terraria, venturing beyond the Moon Lord battle opens up a treasure trove of possibilities, especially when it comes to Calamity Mod weapons and accessories. This is your opportunity to explore different classes and discover the one that aligns best with your playstyle. Welcome to the Calamity Class Guide, where we delve into the intricacies of various classes and their top-tier post-Moon Lord gear.

Melee Mayhem

The melee class stands as the paragon of durability and raw power within Calamity. High defense and formidable damage output characterize this class, although the caveat is the limited attack range, necessitating extra caution when facing bosses and formidable foes. For those who favor melee combat, here are some of the most coveted post-Moon Lord weapons:

  • The Exo Mechs: These three formidable weapons present the ultimate challenge for melee aficionados. Acquiring them is a demanding feat, but the reward is unquestionably worth the effort.
  • The Zenith: Crafted from the True Excalibur and the True Night’s Edge, the Zenith is a true titan among weapons, essential for melee players who dare to tackle the game’s most formidable adversaries.
  • The Astrum Deus: For versatile melee combat, look no further than the Astrum Deus spear, crafted from the Astrum Aureus and the Astrum Deus Soul. Its efficacy against flying adversaries is particularly noteworthy.

Summoning the Horde

The summoner class provides a unique gameplay experience, allowing you to summon potent minions to engage your enemies on your behalf. Summoner players relish a relatively safe vantage point, as their minions bear the brunt of the battle. Here are some post-Moon Lord summoner weapons of note:

  • The Celestial Elixir: This weapon calls forth a miniature Celestial Pillar that hovers alongside you, relentlessly firing lasers at your adversaries. It stands as one of the most potent summoner weapons in the game.
  • The Staff of the Cryomancer: For summoners seeking versatility, this staff summons a cryomancer minion that lobs ice projectiles at your foes. It’s a superb all-around choice for summoner players.
  • The Stardust Guardian: This staff conjures a stardust guardian minion that not only shields you from harm but also launches attacks against your enemies. An ideal defensive option for summoner enthusiasts.

Ranged Precision

The ranger class offers devastating long-range capabilities, with an arsenal of bows, guns, and rockets at your disposal. Some of the top post-Moon Lord ranger weapons include:

  • The Chaotic Greatbow: This formidable bow fires explosive arrows upon impact, solidifying its place as one of the game’s most potent ranger weapons.
  • The Cosmilite Cannon: A high-rate-of-fire gun that emits powerful lasers, dealing significant damage in rapid succession.
  • The Betrayer’s Nightmares: This rocket launcher launches homing projectiles that expertly track and eliminate multiple foes in one shot.

Mastering Magic

The mage class is a harbinger of destruction from a distance, wielding a diverse range of spells such as fireballs, lightning bolts, and ice shards. Key post-Moon Lord mage weapons encompass:

  • The Last Prism: Unleashing a devastating beam of light that fragments upon striking an enemy, the Last Prism is among the most formidable mage weapons in the game.
  • The Nebula Blaze: Emitting nebula projectiles that obliterate enemies in their path, this staff boasts a high rate of fire, making it a premier choice for mage players.
  • The Empyrean Tide: Summoning a vortex of water, the Empyrean Tide damages enemies along its path. This versatile staff is a formidable asset for mage enthusiasts.

Stealthy Rogue

The rogue class combines elements of both melee and ranged combat, offering a unique hybrid approach. Rogue players wield various weapons, including daggers, throwing knives, and guns. Here are some of the top post-Moon Lord rogue weapons:

  • The Celestial Chakram: This weapon hurls a spinning chakra that wreaks havoc on enemies in its path, solidifying its place as one of the most potent rogue weapons in the game.
  • The Stellaris: Firing a beam of stellar energy, this gun boasts a high rate of fire, dealing substantial damage in quick succession.
  • The Crystalline Shard: This weapon lobs crystal shards that deal substantial damage, particularly against enemies susceptible to critical strikes, thanks to its high critical strike chance.

Calamity Class Guide: Setup

Before fully embracing your chosen Calamity Mod class, take into account some essential factors to optimize your performance:

  • Armor: Each class offers unique armor sets, delivering substantial bonuses to damage, defense, and other vital stats.
  • Accessories: A variety of accessories prove advantageous for all classes, but some are tailored explicitly to certain class preferences.

With this Calamity Class Guide and the right setup, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the most formidable foes Terraria has to offer, post-Moon Lord. Happy adventuring!